Pergamano Show – Parchment Class starts tomorrow!

Pergamano Show – Parchment Class starts tomorrow!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I’ve packed my little Pergamano bag, and I’m all set and ready to get in the groove with anybody who wants to get to grips with parchment craft!

We’re off up to the new Create & Craft TV Channel tomorrow very early, to start what will be the first lesson in a series of 6. We’re taking it from the top too, from the beginning. So many new parchers have joined us during the last 3 months, now is the perfect time to take the Groovi-Parchment bus right back to the depot – and revisit those basic skillsets which underpin the whole art of parchment. We’ve sold many hundreds of Groovi Parchment Starter Kits since February, so that, my friends is what I’m talking about!! Let’s get good at it!

Tomorrow, at 11am and 3pm I shall be using this excellent little collection of plates and going back to embossing and whitework.

These are known as PTC plates. PTC stands for Parchment Trading Cards or Coins. Of course they actually make beautiful, bite-size little card toppers, and are brilliant for practicing techniques because they are so rinky dink. But there is also a very neat community, art-friend/penfriend concept behind it too.

We borrowed the idea from ATC’s = Artist Trading Cards, which have been around for decades. Artists make miniature artworks (standard ATC size is 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches), on the back they state how many they have made of that set, when they made them and who they are. They swop them at arty meets, at clubs, they send them to each other. They come in little fitted bags for protection.

Here is the ATC backplate stampset, which is just what you need for the parchment art too. Complete with cut to ATC size card and protective bags.

Josie Davidson heads up the PTC Swap drive at Clarity. It’s a formidable little creative community movement! Here’s a message from Josie, explaining just how it works:

Before the end of the month I put a post on the facebook Page Groovi Worldwide saying what the Theme for the following month is.  I ask if anyone would like to join in and I need to know which country they live in.

If they live in the UK then I also need to know if they want to post to the UK only or UK/overseas.  I also have a regular list of swappers who are automatically added to the swap every month, they must tell me that they want adding to this list.  I also give them a date (usually around a week later) that I will post the swap partners.  They then contact each other via messenger to swap addresses as we don’t want them putting contact details on Facebook. 

They then make their PTC following the theme – either 3.5inch x 2.5 inch or a 2.5 inch circle. They write on the back saying who made it, what the theme is and the month/year.  Some people make a card to send with their swap or they can just send the PTC, it’s entirely up to them. There is a rule that if anyone hasn’t sent their swap 3 times then I will remove them from future swaps. This is reliant on people letting me know me that they haven’t had a swap from someone.

How many members For April there were 60 people swapping. We have seasoned parchers and complete beginners.  It really doesn’t matter what level of parching you are at. Everybody is welcome.

UK/Worldwide At the present moment we have 3 Australia, 3 Canada, 1 Spain, 1 France and 1 Finland and the rest are UK

Previous Themes: Hearts, Christmas, New Year, Black & White, Teatime, Wings, Floral, Lace, every so often I do Free Choice so that artists can decide what they want to make.  The April theme is Blue & Yellow in support of Ukraine.
Once artists have received their swap they should let their partner know, and they then post a picture on Groovi Worldwide.
I use the ATC stamp on the back of my swap and pop it in the little cello bags, as they protect the work. This is good practice.

I also love the PTC Groovi plates becasue they incluse a whole little alphabet – for customising, and little plaques for Made by…. , Created by… etc. ideal.

Here are a few samples showing off the PTC plates. They really are ideal for both beginners and experts alike. You can apply all the skills and techniques you learn as you learn, but you can make lovely art right from day 1.

Karen Jackson
Sheila Bradley
Maggie Byford
Glynis Whitehead
Chris Walker
Linda Page
Josie Davidson
Carole Panksztelo
Jane Telford

Well, I hope you are motivated and ready to do this thing! Trust me. If I can do it, YOU can do it. I intend to take it slowly and relax into it. Maybe you can craftalong with me too. You can’t rush parchment!

See you tomorrow! Oh. And if you were thinking you already know it all, there’s no harm in going back to the depot and catching the No. 1 Groovi Bus again. You never know – you may learn something new….and practice is always good for ya!

Stay safe.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

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13 thoughts on “Pergamano Show – Parchment Class starts tomorrow!

  1. I bought a plate at a Groovi class and wasn’t sure what to do with it so I’ll be watching with interest. I’m sure they’ll be a sell out so early on in the day as usual. You never know I may pluck up courage to join a swap soon. Good luck Barb xx

  2. I’m looking forward to these lessons as I purchased the Groovi Go starter kit and I must admit have not really used it that much! So hopefully back to the beginning will be a very good place to start! Can’t join the swaps because Im not on Facebook.
    Safe trip Barbara.
    Take care, keep safe everyone

  3. Hi Barbara I fell off the Groovi bus. Looks like it is a good time for me to get back on. Thank you for all you give us. Safe travels for tomorrow. Take care. Hugs xxx

  4. I love the PTC swaps, it’s so lovely to see what other Groovers come up with. I haven’t got the plates, but can see how useful they are. The stamp and cello bags are a must to keep the PTCs safe and clean and to identify the maker and theme etc.
    Looking forward to the Pergamano shows tomorrow. I hope you’ll have a presenter who will allow you to demonstrate without too many interruptions. XxX

  5. Fabulous samples ! I haven’t done my PTC for this month but have received one! Been busy doing Easter cards but can now move on to it. Been crafting with my 5 year old great-niece today, I’m so generous letting her use my Pergapens and Clarity brushes! Got some old stamps out today chicks and rabbits for Easter. She certainly knows her own mind for what she wants where on a card – forgot to take some photo of her creations which she took home – she even did one for Malachi – her boyfriend ! Looking forward to the shows. X

  6. I think going back to the start is ideal for everyone. I have been parching for 22 years but always watch the shows. It never does any harm to recap and there are always new ideas and tips to add tothe experience.
    I am not on YouTube so unable to do the swaps but they do make convenient sized toppers.
    I agree with Helen and hope you have a presenter who lets you do your thing without too much interference.
    Safe journey tomorrow.

  7. I stopped doing groovi a while back but still have all the gear. Might get back in the groove and start over.

  8. I love doing the PTC swap each month, I have them on display for a few months then add them to my folder. Its becoming quite a collection.
    For those not on Facebook – both Groups, ClarityWorldwide & Groovi Worldwide, are now private groups which means no one outside the groups can see your posts. Perhaps someone who knows a bit more about FB could help but I have just set my information so only I or my friends can see it. Just a thought so others can join in.
    I have put the shows on to record but hopefully will be able to watch as well.
    Safe journey tomorrow

  9. I have got the three trading card plates and I did buy the alphabet one (but can’t find it). I do not have either of the coin ones. Hopefully I will be able to manage something tomorrow with what I have. I fell off the groovi tuesday train but want to give it another try.

  10. Great! It’s so good to go back to basics once and a while. So GET GROOVING everybody. And have fun.
    Good luck with the show Barbara and Paul.

  11. Wonderful … I love watching older shows as they reignite my enthusiasm. I sometimes feel I can’t cope with the recent stuff when I see what others create; going back to basics will help my foggy brain feel capable again I am sure. Will be watching and recording. Just hope I can find the plates in amongst the hundreds. Thank you Barb.🌼

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