It’s Craft Awards Time again!

It’s Craft Awards Time again!

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I was notified today that the doors have opened for your Craft Award Nominations. If you think that the good ship Clarity deserves recognition in the shape of an award, then it would be brilliant if you could nominate us (and then vote for us if we get nominated). There are loads of different categories!

Here’s the link: NOMINATION LINK

It’s been a busy day at work! We’re reigniting some plans which were shelved – put on ice – back when Lockdown happened over 2 years ago. It’s funny how we forget which track we were on, which tune we were humming. At the time so much of it was really important, and all consuming. Now, two years later, so much has happened in the interim, that the perspective is completely different. We really have changed shape. It’s almost like coming out of a deep sleep. Very strange. The thing is, if we’re going to keep going, we have to wake up! And we are.

First there‘s the Factory Shop. When we moved to the new premises, we fully intended to open a little shop at Clarity Towers, a factory outlet. We laid the carpets, we bought the shelving and racking, we even painted it and put new lighting in! Two years on, it’s like the Marie Celeste. Boxes of designer paper and parchment stacked high, and very little else. So that’s the first thing we’re tackling! A destination place for our customers and friends.

Then we had planned on a room where we could hold regular little workshops and classes for Groovi, Pergamano, Mixed Media, Gel Press art, Stamping etc. The Boardroom – next to the shop – was the perfect place. Now it’s piled high with stock ready to be assembled for a TV show. That’s what happens. You see a space -and you fill it..So that needs sorting too.

One thing at a time, one room at a time – that’s the only way to tackle this mammoth project! It looks pretty insurmountable from where I’m standing right now. But this too shall pass. It will be fine. I reckon the little classes will be popular, as will the shop. I reckon people will make a day of it, and come from farther afield too. Who remembers The Craft Barn in Lingfield back in the 90’s? Maggie Wright owned it. She was a powerhouse of a businesswoman. And what a little Mecca that was! People came from all over the world to visit that little craftshop! And whilst I’m not expecting that kind of draw, I am hopeful. We will trial a smaller shop at the front of the building for starters, and take it from there. If it proves popular, we have room for expansion.

That’s it, isn’t it. In these volatile and challenging times, we do have to box clever and keep it trim. Tell you what though. This isn‘t the first time times have been tough – and it sure as hell won’t be the last.

According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.

On another note, I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with like-minded folks in the SHAC at 10 this morning! Here’s the video if you missed it…

And finally, don’t forget to join me tomorrow evening at 7pm on Facebook Live, for a little craftalong using a new 5-part stencil. Here’s the link to find what we will be using HERE.

There’s been some good to come out of the past 2 years too. The SHAC SHAC is one of the sweeter things in my life nowadays.

Stay Safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “It’s Craft Awards Time again!

  1. It sounds like a great idea -just where is it? Bea and I remember the Craft Barn very well. We made many trips there, mainly when we lived in South London, and did workshops as well. I still have a black Zig pen I bought there and it still works!! Is Maggie still around? I remember her saying she brought rubber stamps to the UK. I think I still have one of her books too. Happy crafting days.

  2. Ok, will get nominating ! Missed the Shac as it was lunch club and potato peeling today. The ‘clients’ were glad to be back as we had to miss one because of Covid amongst us volunteers (not me thankfully) so they went off happy having seen each other again. One of my sale orders in on the way too – hurrah! All sounds exciting at Clarity towers – know what you mean a space and filling it ! X

  3. You have quite a task ahead sorting out those rooms but how satisfying when it all comes together. Wish we could travel to see the shop but those days are gone for us now.
    Will be nominating and voting for all things Clarityand hope you get lots of awards.
    One day at a time -bit by bit – it will all come together.
    Hugs. 🍒

  4. Lots of exciting ventures going forward.
    Nominations in.
    Look forward to visiting the shop when you are open.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the SHAC SHAC this morning too and totally agree with you Barbara that it has been a wonderful POSITIVE outcome from the darkness we have all been embroiled in.
    Thank you Barbara and all at Clarity Towers

  5. I doubt very much that we will be able to visit your little shop but I wish you well. It is a little too far for a shopping trip. We are coming along to the Open Days, trying to fit in all I can whilst we are able. Sounds like a lot of sorting to be done now I would so enjoy that job. Love a good sort out. Will go and check out Craft awards now. x

  6. Voting all done. The shop will do well I’m sure but my days of long journeys have come to an end. Wish I had got into crafting when I was younger. So glad that I have the ability to shop on line and to meet up with like minded people in the Shac. Hope you win a lot of awards.xx

  7. Will definitely be nominating xx
    Your plans sound fantastic and cannot wait to see them come to fruition xx maybe I would even venture south to come and see and attend workshops xx would love to see something maybe up north as they say but that might be a plan for the future will keep my eyes peeled xx

  8. Voting done. I wish you well with a retail shop and teaching area.just wish I was nearer! Hopefully there will always be Jeannine! X

  9. Hoping that your plans come to fruition soon – sometimes things take a little longer than expected but it will be worth the wait!

  10. Hi Barbara
    Voting done good luck. We are off to Mudeford in Dorset in July first holiday for 3 years looking forward to it.
    Hope you have a great time in New York I’m with you on the flying front my niece is at uni in Mississippi and I’m definitely not going to fly over too afraid. So glad you have plucked up the courage to go.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  11. Nomination done. I too loved the Shac this morning but I love it every time. I really don’t know how I would have survived without it. Like the sound of the resurrected plans too. My brother has just returned from Australia having been to see his daughter and grandson for the first time in nearly three years – he just couldn’t wait any longer. I think he was very nervous but it went OK despite the people who owned the property he was staying in coming down with covid the week before he flew back. As he said, he just had to be brave and go for it otherwise he would still be sitting at home worrying. Looking forward to tonight.

  12. Nominations done. I remember you moving into the new premises and so much has happened forgotten all about your plans, it’s great that you are able to get back into them after this enforced break

  13. Hello Barb, will definitely travel to come see the shop. Off to do the nominations. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. nomination form filled in, will look out for the results to see who has been nominated for what so I can vote.
    Need to gather my stash together so I join in with the craft along tonight as I will be working in the dining room so I can my laptop in front of me. Looking forward to it.
    Great that you can bring your plans for the new premises out of hibernation but ”One day at a time” – your trip to see Grace is first priority. Then it won’t be long before the Open Days so busy times ahead.

  15. The very best of luck with your plans.It seems so long ago when you had the exciting news of your new premises and your hopes and dreams were cut short .I remember dreaming that I would one day make a trip to there hoping to get your autograph and maybe a tour of the factory !!It will I’m sure be a great success you deserve it !!
    Warmest regards to all the clarity family xxx

  16. Dear Barbara,
    I certainly know what it is like to keep a small business going.
    Clarity is still a life saver, I joined two of your clubs and am a real fan of stamping now!
    I love the good quality and beautifull artwork you produce.
    It’s a pity I do not live in the UK, importing things is expensive. But it will not keep me from buying your products! Nothing will 😘

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