Keep Calm and Carry on Crafting!

Keep Calm and Carry on Crafting!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Yep. The world is going mad, and all we can do is keep calm and carry on crafting!! Whether you make cards for Ukraine, or knit socks for the neighbours, it doesn’t matter – JUST MAKE SOMETHING!

My distraction, my calm place, my serenity is in clay. Although I haven’t had much time for pottery lately – that will change again – I did manage to pinch a little trio of pots last weekend. They’re made out of crank, a very coarse clay. gritty but pretty. Pinch pots are made by simply shaping a ball of clay in the palm of your hand. I don’t think there’s ANYTHING quite as satisfying as shaping a little bowl in the palm of your hand with your fingers… 3 bowls, 3 hours of absolute peace between the ears.

All ready for the kiln now, and bisque firing.

I have been pedalling like a loonie at Clarity; we all have actually! Trying to keep it going, trying to straighten out the warehouse and clear a space for the little shop we have planned. Oh, and sort out the workshop area. The list is as long as Fircroft Way!! But hey. One day at a time, we will get there. I do like a challenge!

Speaking of challenges, how about a bloggy challenge? I am checking out for a couple of weeks, (vacation chez Grace in New York!), so how about we offer you a little blog candy, to keep your arty energy levels up and your creative juices flowing?

Here’s the challenge then folks!

Make a piece of Art

Make it Blue.

Make it square.

Make it with Clarity.

That’s it. Post your art on Clarity Worldwide, and add #abluebeinittowinitchallenge

When I get back we will gather all the beinittowinitart into one place. We will pick a lucky random winner to receive a £40 Clarity gift voucher.

You’ve got until the last day of May to get that art posted! Only one entry per artist. And don’t forget :


Stay safe,

Love always –

Barb xxx

PS. Paul will be not only be staying at our house and looking after Ragnar and Erik while we’re gone – he’s also going to be keeping you updated on this ’ere blog! Thanks Paul !!!

27 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Carry on Crafting!

  1. Enjoy your break. I’m sure Paul will take care of things here
    Safe flight and have a good time x

  2. That’s very kind of Paul to stay at your house and look after your babies. I hope you get finalised all you need to finalise in NY and then have an amazing holiday with Grace. Down time! Just what the doctor ordered. Safe travels, Barbara and Dave. Lots of love. Hxx

  3. Have a wonderful time in New York, Barb, and enjoy some downtime. Always good to have a bloggy challenge, crafting hat on when I get home from holiday at the weekend!
    Paul is a star!
    See you at the Open Days, take care, travel safely! 😊

  4. Hi…Barbara….I can’t tell you the level of stress I have been living with…worrying so much about your lovely kitties, I really thought…… SO glad you mentioned them tonight, I am happy again now. I really wanted to ask..
    But thought, I must not.
    Have a wonderful time in New York, lucky you!!

  5. Wow – love a challenge !! Must get my thinking cap on once I have got rid of this dizziness I seem to have at the moment. Not sure where it came from but do wish it would do one & soon !!
    Have a great time in New York & look forward to seeing what Paul has lined up us on the blog whilst you are away !!

  6. Good to hear you are having a break with Grace in New York. Well deserved as you work so hard.
    The pots look interesting, thy should look great when they are glazed.
    Pleased you have Paul to look after your house and the kitties. He really is a treasure. I look forward to seeing what he has in store for us. He will keep the blog interesting and us crafters up to date. Yippee!!
    Have a safe journey. Stay safe. 🍒

  7. Happy Holidays Barbara and Dave – you deserve it so much and good luck Paul looking after the vikings xx

  8. Have a safe trip and enjoy your time with Grace and trip to the theatre. You deserve a well earned break, we will all be at the Shac looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it.

  9. Hi Barbara
    Have a great break in NYC with Grace. Forget about everything at home accept the boys of course. Let your mind unwind.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  10. have a wonderful safe trip both ways..and thanks for the challenge, it just might get me back in the groove.

  11. Have a safe trip and enjoy, you soooo deserve it! Look forward to hearing all your news when you get back. X

  12. Have a well earned break. Family time with Grace will be a great tonic. No worrying about the good ship CLARITY. Your dream team are the best. Paul is an angel, looking after your ginger duo and running everything. We all need a Paul. Blue my favourite go to. Love’n’hugs

  13. We all need a Paul in our lives. You can go away with peace of mind that everything back in Blighty will be well looked after. Have a well deserved break Barbara and Dave. Now onto the challenge

  14. So delighted to hear you are getting to spend time with Grace in New York. Enjoy your well deserved holiday.
    So lovely to be able to spend time with family, we are having a family party next weekend celebrating a few birthdays. One 90, one 65, 40, 30, and two 5s all in the gorgeous Lake District.
    Safe journey, and keep well. Xxxxxx
    I seem to have lost your blog for some time, have to go through the website , don’t know why.

  15. Have a wonderful time with your children- yiu so deserve a break, and how special this trip will be after so long. Off the bus and on that plane you go. Make sure you come back for the open day as I’m so looking forward to meeting you and all the Clarity gang and my virtual friends from the Shac Shack – how exciting. In the meantime I’m going to have a go at a blue piece of art for the challenge.

  16. Hello Barb, I hope you and Dave have a fabulous time with Grace and her beau. Enjoy everything. Will try get something blue entered. I am sure Paul will do a sterling job as always. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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