Saturday TV Show with Tina Cox!

Saturday TV Show with Tina Cox!

Hi everyone, Paul here.
I hope you are all well.

Strange weather in this neck of the woods! This morning we had heavy rain at Clarity Towers and now it is glorious sunshine – as Barb always say “If you don’t like the English weather, then just a wait a minute!”

Anyway, I thought I would give you the heads up, just in case you didn’t know – the lovely Tina Cox will be on the new Create and Craft tomorrow with some brand new Parchlet designs – Flowerette Parchlets to be precise!

Tina creates some stunning designs – they can be used exactly how they come or you can pick and choose elements from the different plates to come up with something completely different.

If you are new to Groovi/Parching, then these designs are perfect – they give you elements that allow you to practice and hone various parching skills – white work, colouring, picot cutting without feeling overwhelmed by the design. If you are an experienced parcher, then you can let your skills go crazy!

Here are some other Parchlets from Tina – Squares & Circles

How about some Mixed Shapes

Here is a little inspiration from the design team

I have seen the 2 projects Tina will creating tomorrow – wow! That is all I am saying!

It has been a few years since Tina has been on TV, so I will be up at the new Create and Craft studio giving her some help and support.

I hope you can tune in and give Tina a warm welcome back

Saturday 21st May 2pm (Craft Extra)
Sky 673 | Freesat 817 | Freeview 95

Saturday 21st May 5pm (Create & Craft)
Sky 683 | Freesat 813 | Freeview 85 Virgin 748 | Apple TV | Fire TV | Roku

Talking of parchment, have you checked out our current Half-Price Highlight product of the week? Stunning designer parchment – half price (plus club discount!) – Northern Lights, Indian Summer, Rainbow River & Shenandoah and if you go for all 4, we will add a free 8×8 storage folder for free!

Barb did a little Facebook Live earlier in the week giving you a few ideas on how to use the parchment even if you are not a parcher.

Right, I better make the most of this sunshine and get the car loaded with the product and artwork for tomorrow.

Happy crafting!

Paul x

3 thoughts on “Saturday TV Show with Tina Cox!

  1. Thanks for the heads up Paul. It it seems ages since we last saw Tina and we welcome her back. Looking forward to the shows and of course adding these new plates to the “Tina file” on my shelf.
    Have a safe journey tomorrow.🍒

  2. Evening Paul, lovely artwork by the design team. I have all the other Parchlet sets, so no doubt the new set will be joining them. Looking forward to the shows, and seeing Tina again. x

  3. Love Tina’s designs. Enjoyed 5pm show. Haven’t managed to track down 2pm show yet – I live in hope! Might discover it somewhere.
    Thanks for all you do

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