A Stencil Day and a Craftalong

A Stencil Day and a Craftalong

Hi there

Thanks for popping in.

Been clearing a path through my Craft studio in readiness for our Craftalong this evening. What a mess!! So much gear!! And all of it not where it shoud be! So I’ve been walking miles up here, putting it back where it belongs! Blimey! You don’t realise how prolific you are until you stop and take stock of what you’ve been up to in the past few months!

Then I prepared the Craftalong, got the gear out again and made a little plan for us. I had to put it all away to be able to find it again first! What a caper.

Anyway, all ready now. I think it will be enjoyable. I’ve added a third little project to the evening, so we’ll have to get a wriggle on !

The step by step below isn’t one of our craft projects this evening, but it does use one element of the 5-part stencil we’re working with, and is a little tribute to The Grunge. All the projects this evening are nice and clean and tidy, so this is just an example of not so clean and tidy using the same design. I do like the versatility that stencils offer.

You cover the stencil element with texture paste and simple lay it down randomly on a piece of 8×8 inch black card. Reload and go again. Messy but fun. Dries quite fast too.

Now me, I like the whole piece just as it comes. Feels good too.

But the cardmaker in me knows there’s a really neat set of notelets or smaller cards in there too…

  • Chop the large piece up into 4 equal quarters. 4×4 inches. That’s 4 cards.
  • Lay them up on 5×5 inch white card blanks.
  • Pick one and chop it up randomly. Tile it. If you can, include a sliver tile, just bif enough to take a message.
  • Attach the pieces to the white card with our Clarity Tape runner
  • Replace the sliver tile with a cool Clarity Sticker. DONE

Now enjoy doing the other three. This is my kind of speed! No skill required here either.

So now I’ve had my messy fix, let go and let the process do its thing, I shall look forward to 7pm Facebook LIVE or Claritystamp Youtube.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “A Stencil Day and a Craftalong

  1. Looking forward to craftalong xx do love the messy bit too though looks great will have to try xx

  2. I certainly know that feeling! The weekend is pencilled in for a clear up and tidy in my craft room!
    Looking forward to 7pm.
    Thank you Barbara.

  3. I think I am all ready for 7pm – just need to fetch my ink pads !!
    Had our main meal early so will have a snack later whilst crafting along with everyone

  4. Oh I was so looking forward to watching this, but my mum died yesterday and travelling to and from her home has left me shattered, so I will no doubt soon be fast asleep! Hopefully will be able to catch up another day!
    This looks great. Thanks Barbara. Have fun everyone. X

    1. So sorry for your loss. There will be a lot to do but do take a little time to breathe and take care of yourself too.

    2. Sending hugs and keeping you and all your family in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. As our dear bus driver tells us “one day at a time” Take care.

    3. I am so dreadfully sorry for your loss, I lost my dad recently (funeral this week) so totally empathise with you. Try to take a bit of time for yourself every now and then to recharge your batteries, it is hard coping with everything. Thinking of you.
      Elizabeth. xx

  5. Hello Barb, sorry I could not joint the craftalong. Love this little grungy step by step. Sending you big hugs Sally at this difficult time. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  6. I loved the craftalong, I am a stencil virgin, just joined the stencil club and need all the hints and tips I can get. x

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