A Platinum Celebration

A Platinum Celebration

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! Here in the UK we ’re gearing up to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. 70 years on the Throne, in service to the country, is an exceedingly long time, isn’t it? Whatever your opinion re the Royal Family, you have to admit that is one hell of an achievement. Seventy years. My oh my. She could write the proverbial book for sure! I would love to write it for her!

Poor woman lost her soulmate last year in April, when Prince Philip died aged 99. Good innings as they say. But nonetheless, hard on the Queen to steer the ship alone now. I’ve never met Her Royal Highness personally, but I respect and admire her profoundly. They say she is quite a character, and has a great sense of humour. You’d need one in her shoes.

When is the Jubilee? Well, it seems to be have been being celebrated since February! And it goes on! I do know we have a National Holiday to mark the very special and unprecedented occasion on Friday 3rd June. I say unprecedented because Elizabeth II is the longest reigning British Monarch – by a country mile! Even Queen Victoria only managed 64 years. And did you know that Henry VIII did 56 years? That surprised me.

Anyway, back to the celebrations. Lots of pomp and pageantry. We certainly do that well, don’t we.

If you were thinking about sending celebratory cards to friends and family abroad, we’ve got a clever Union Jack Stamp in our Clarity Stash too. Hang on. Let me dig it out…


It’s clever because you can stamp the flag colours into place really easily. Fun too. Red first, then drop the blue in on top. Or the other way round! Here’s a card I made to celebrate London, showing off the Union Jack….

Ah yes, the LONDON O stamp too. A fabulous little Capital City Stampset, with added icons too.


To celebrate the jubilee, let’s drop the prices on both these stamp sets from £14.99 to £9.99 plus your Clarity craft Club Discount. So you save £5 on each set. Sweet!

See you in the SHAC tomorrow morning at 10!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

10 thoughts on “A Platinum Celebration

  1. Very special time for a very special lady. Living in Epsom we all hope she is well enough to come to the Epsom Derby on Saturday 4th June. She hasn’t been for a couple of years and great things are being organised for the celebration. She has had plenty of horses running but has never had a winner. Hopefully this year will be lucky for her. Love the stamps. Can’t watch you tomorrow morning but will catch up in the afternoon. Love these birds. Enjoy your morning.

  2. That is a super card and thankyou for the reduction in price! I never knew there was a flag stamp!!

  3. I have always admired our Queen. She has seen and endured so much over the years, good and bad, but still has that radiant and mischevious smile.
    I never bought these stamps when they first appeared but they will jump into my basket shortly. Thank you for the price reduction.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  4. A very good idea, Barbara. Her Majesty is certainly a very special lady. She has certainly lived up to her promise to serve all her life. It was good to see her looking so well and so happy this week at the Windsor Horse Show among the horses she loves so much. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  5. Great stamps for a great occasion! It’s also my birthday weekend, I was born in Coronation year, so only 69 this year! I shall celebrate in style, the following weekend at the Clarity Open Days!

  6. Great stamps to have especially at the moment . My granddaughter loves them she is going to send them to all her Brownie guide friends.
    Thanks once again for all your good ideas.

  7. I remember being at school when the old King died. Back then we always had a morning assembly and I think everyone was confused when, one day we sang God Save the King and the next day it was changed to God Save the Queen!! As infants we didn’t really understand the concept of death and a new monarch at all. It took a while to get used to! She has certainly done her job so well and must be one of the oldest people still actively working, at 96.

  8. Hello Barb, if a person cannot respect what the Queens has given of her life, then what can be respected. I am not UK born and bred, but I love the Queen. Love the stamp sets and such a great offer. We watched last nights show on tele and it was fabulous. God save the Queen, she looked really happy. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. Have just caught up with the SHAC from this morning & then realised I hadn’t commented on here even though I read it last night.
    Busy times ahead for you & the team at Clarity Towers but enjoy your trip to New York first. I think you said something about a theatre trip.
    Meanwhile I am sure we will find plenty to do to keep us out of mischief.

  10. I was born on the day Princess Elizabeth became Queen in 1952. It’s always been a little annoying that Accession day (Feb 6th) is not allowed to be acknowledged/celebrated as a notable day in the British calendar. Having said that I do understand the Queen wanting to spend the day each year in contemplation as the day is obviously also the anniversary of the death of her beloved father.
    For the Golden anniversary I was privileged to be invited to attend a Buckingham Palace garden party later that year along with many others born on 6/2/52.

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