Easter Greetings – Make Art not War

Easter Greetings – Make Art not War

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Easter greetings to you and your family. I hope that the sun is shining wherever you are, and you are having a calm and pleasant weekend.

Couldn‘t sleep, even after walking our socks off around London yesterday. That old washing machine head was up with the lark, and there was nothing for it, but to get up with it, and distract it. And what does a crafter do? Make art. We went to a fascinating art exhibition at the Hayward Gallery on the Southbank yesterday: they were showcasing works by Louise Bourgeois. Powerful stuff. There was a poster printed on textile, which read:

Art is a Guarantee of Sanity

Louise Bourgeois

I could certainly relate to that! Guarantee may be a strong proclamation, but yes. MAKING art certainly works for me, keeps me sane.

So I got up and made a card for you. A simple card, using the latest SHAC daisies that Jim at work kindly turned into two stampsets for us. In a bid to shake off any blues, keep it positive and inspire you with uplifting art, we are having a #sayitwithflowers Easter weekend on Facebook. The Clarity Design Team AND many of our Clarity friends have been posting their favourite flower art. So I thought a brand new tribute to the SHAC would be great. If you drew these along with me in the SHAC, you will appreciate them all the more.

Why 2 sets? Well one is as it comes, with the background and lineart all integrated. This is the A6 set. Then there is the slightly larger stamp, which comes with all the image infills; a deconstructed version. We call this a two-way overlay stamp.

They are both lovely, and easy to use. You just have to decide which fits your mood and the occasion best. I really like infilling the artwork with fitted elements; it reminds me of proper printing and lino-cutting…

That said, with the head in full cycle, it was best to Keep It Simple. So I went with the smaller A6 stamp and just picked one colour out of the scrap background I used, to add a splash of interest.

It’s no gallery piece. It’s just a loving message accompanied by pretty simplicity on an important day.

Both stampsets are available on our website. CLICK HERE.

Have the best day that you can have! I think I may even throw a bowl or two…on the pottery wheel! Not at the wall!!

Hugs and kisses

Barb xx

20 thoughts on “Easter Greetings – Make Art not War

  1. Fantastic!!! I did draw the daisies with you but having the stamp sets mean I can reproduce it at any time and in whatever colour I want to much more easily than drawing it every time!
    Thank you to you for the original and thank you Jim for turning round so quickly.
    Have a peaceful weekend. Enjoy your pottery! Xxxx

  2. A very happy and peace filled Easter to you and Dave. It is wet and misty here today so a crafting day ahead. Can’t be bad! Have a lovely day, Barb, doing the things you love. I’m just going to an online service in the Lyle Kirk in Greenock. should be a lot cheerier than the one on TV!! Lots of love, Hxxx

  3. Happy Easter, Barbara, Dave and everyone else. What a lovely piece to show us. Just what I fancy trying today as a break from my efforts to finish a few more of my UFOs. A perfect sentiment too. Enjoy your pot making and I hope you get out into the woods in the lovely sunshine. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  4. Loved doodling these daisies in the Shac and the stamps are great especially the two way overlay stamp set. The sun is shining here in North Wales this morning and some crafting will get done later but first must cook the Easter lunch. Hope you have a lovely day Barbara and enjoy your time making beautiful pots. 💕

  5. Loved doing these daisies in the SHAC with you but love having the stamps to be able to use xx Happy Easter to you and your family and all at Clarity xx
    Love to lose myself in art now that I have found it thanks to yourself and Paul xx
    Enjoy your day xx

  6. Happy Easter. Have a lovely day potting! Just going to pick mum up as she’s here for lunch. Love the stamps, haven’t caught up with drawings yet! Have a good weekend xx

  7. Happy Easter, Barbara and all your family and everyone at clarity. I’m feeling rough this morning but your blog has lifted me. I’ve had a washing machine head for weeks and looking at your blog certainly helps me. The art is lovely. Wish I had those stamps right now, it would help my head, but I shall get them next week and work on the head!
    Enjoy the pot throwing!

  8. A very beautiful piece of Art. Thank you for this. Wishing you and Dave a Happy and Peaceful Easter 🐣😊 take good care of yourself. Love and hugs 🤗❤x

  9. Sitting in the sunny garden waiting for our granddaughter to arrive for her egg hunt! Beautiful art Barbara, fitting tribute to the SHAC! Thank you for turning it into stamps, and thanks to Jim for getting them out so quickly! Well done Team Clarity, once again! Looks like they’re popping into my basket! Happy Easter everyone, stay calm, make art, travel gently!

  10. Had been drawing alongside you with the daisies, and the stamps are so beautiful. I am doodling like mad at the moment as lost my Dad on Thursday, it certainly helps a bit. xx

  11. Happy Easter Barb, Dave and all the family. Just catching up watching the Pergamano tv shows it’s good to retread the steps. Love the new stamp sets and loved drawing the daisy in the Shac Shack. Hope art has worked its magic and you are now relaxed x

  12. These stamps look amazing. Sending love and hugs to Elizabeth at this really horrid difficult time. Crafting really does help xx

  13. Have a lovely Easter. I managed to get away on a orchid holiday in Greece. Unfortunately it is cold and has rained all day today !!

  14. Hi Barbara you art work is gorgeous I love it. Those stamps are divine. Have a good weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  15. Happy Easter! I hope the potting has helped stop your head spinning? I’ve been planting in the garden which always helps me. Love this daisy stamp and your artwork today.

  16. Happy Easter to everyone.
    Glad you had a good day in London yesterday & hope you have now had a nice time throwing a few pots. I enjoyed doing this doodle in the SHAC but the stamp is a great addition to the Clarity catalogue.
    There have been some lovely ”say it with flowers” posts on Facebook over the weekend.
    Enjoy the rest of the Bank holiday weekend.

  17. Happy Easter! Don’t know what happened to my comment yesterday as it came up awaiting moderation. It had never happened before and I know I didn’t use any naughty words!!!

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