Join the Club! And a £20 Giveaway!

Join the Club! And a £20 Giveaway!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Thought I’d have a proper sort out in my artroom this morning, in readiness for the working week ahead, and in the very first box I found a set of ClarityCraft StampClub back issues. The words on the stamp of the month hit me between the eyes!

And what’s more, the older I get, the longer my list of things to do – and the more pertinent those words are !!

Then I sat down (fatal when you’re supposed to be having a bank Holiday spring clean!), and started reading through the two project instructions. I even remember making these cards!

The instructions and photos are so good, even if I say so myself.

Did you know that we have a huge library of all the past issues, the past project, on our website? And not just for stamps. For our stencil craft club, for our Groovi Parchment Craft club AND for our FreshCut Dies Craft Club.

So even if you didn’t want to subscribe to any (or some or all four) of the Clarity Craft Clubs, and instantly get 10%-15% of your Clarity online/phone orders, you could still cherry pick the products and educational areas you fancy, and buy back issues.

Are you in the Clarity Club? Do you have a shelf of Clarity folders, packed with projects and stamps and stencils and Groovi plates and dies?

I may be biased, but I think you get an awful lot of bang for your buck! Blimey! £6 a month?? For a brand new stamp, stencil, Groovi plate – all with beautiful step by step photo projects – delivered to your home?? And £8 a month for the Die plus tutorial? Plus a lovely folder each year, to build your library?

If you live outside of the UK there is an additional postage charge, but that’s because we keep the costs so low, we’d be losing money if we didn’t factor in international postage. Still not bad though, considering what you get. And if you shop with us at all, you make the money back with your discount pretty quickly.

ermmm…would make a great gift too….

Here’s the link to the Craft Club Library of past projects. If you‘re looking for ideas and inspiration, plus the actual tool to do the job – click HERE. It’s pretty impressive….we’ve even compiled them into whole years in folders, so you can catch up easily if you want the collections.

Ah well. Break’s over. It was quite uplifting to take a little stroll down Memory lane and look at what we HAVE achieved, rather than always looking at what we haven’t. The Clarity Craft Club is an ongoing work, which has evolved and improved over 30 years.

Are you in one or more of our Craft Clubs? Tell us what you think below. And, since it’s good to GIVE, I shall close my eyes, scroll down, and just pick a random winner on Wednesday, to send a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher to.

Gottabeinittawinnit, as they say!

Love, hugs – and a kiss.

Barb xxx

87 thoughts on “Join the Club! And a £20 Giveaway!

  1. In the groovi club and wouldnt stop it for the world! Just love getting a surprise present each month! And as for the two half price sales each year well. Need i say more! And the 10% discount always helps to keep the bank manager away from the door xx

  2. Have been a member for a while. At the moment I have the stencil membership. It is brilliant and will definitely be rejoining next month. Thanks Barbara and the Team. X

  3. Happy Easter, Barbara. I have very much enjoyed being in the Craft Clubs and getting my monthly Clarity post and the inspiration that comes with it. Getting the bonus of 15% off is also amazing and very much appreciated. Enjoy today. I’ll be in the garden working again this afternoon but looking forward to it. Take care. Hxx

  4. I’m on strike from all household tasks – today is for me (selfish I know) but today is a craft day. I shall put you on You Tube Barb so I’ve got company in my crafting. Starting with some Groovi and we’ll see where it takes me. Enjoy your Spring Clean 🧽

  5. Morning Barb, have been a member of all the clubs at one period or another but decided that Groovi was not my thing all the time, even though I still use the bits I have, so decided to stick with the other three and I love it. When that envelope drops through the door, I drop everything, even the day job to take time to look at the newest items and read the news letter. I think it is great value for money. So please keep up the lovely inspiring projects and products. I must say the featured stamp is one of my favourites. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  6. Oh i do like to look back and see what we used to do ,its so much easier now.i loved doing patterns with the corners and now with a stamping platform can get them much better ,still got many stamps from over 20 yrs ago ,love them and all your art work keep it coming ,my health holds me back but i can get pleasure from seeing what others achieve, thankyou x

  7. I love the surprise of my monthly happy post. My Groovi plate arrives with an inspiration sheet showing 2 step by step ideas to follow. It adds to my existing collection and enhances my plates. The twice a year half price sale is worth joining alone but to get 10% off everything is pretty special too. X

  8. I’m only in the Groovi club now as funds are a little stretched now and I had to give up the stamp club. Would love to be able to belong to all four . Great value and a little present to myself dropping through the letterbox every month!

  9. Oh what a lovely stamp, I’ve had both the stamp, Groovi and the stencil club. I may just dip my toes in the die club next renewal. Excellent value for money, and lovely to get a project on a monthly basis. The discount is a lovely bonus and the half price sales top notch as Clarity never sell out, so they literally make you order if they don’t have what you’ve chosen to purchase. Now I don’t know any other companies that do that. Do you?
    Happy cleaning up from the TV, I’m sure I’d have been distracted too.😁

  10. Am a member of all 4 clubs and am building a fabulous collection of really useful stamps,stencils,dies and groovi that are projects on their own or great with others xx well worth the cost and so useful xx love the folders for keeping everything together xx

  11. Hello Barbara
    I love receiving my New Design Clubs each month. Have been a member of the clubs from when I first discovered Claritystamp. I admit I dropped the stencil club this year as I realised I wasn’t making full use of it. At the moment Groovi is taking up most of my crafting time as there is so much to learn and improve [have been in to Groovi since you launched it on Create and Craft a few years ago]. Love it.
    Enjoy the rest of your day,

  12. Good morning everyone, this is my second year of being a stamp club member and love the surprise I get every month when the Clarity envelope is delivered; the stamps are always lovely and the inspiration booklet is always full of wonderful ideas and fully explains how to achieve the results shown. Stamping was my first introduction into card making but I ‘lost my way’ some years ago ( mainly due to a work/life in-balance); joining the club has brought that back and, now having time, I am stamping once again plus I have a lovely stash of stamps and suggestions to practice and experiment with. Thank you Clarity!!

  13. Have been in all the clubs at different times but have stuck with the stamp club throughout. Love receiving the monthly Happy Post and especially reading the monthly news letter. I keep them all as well, not sure why but it seems right to do so. It’s lovely to see what everyone does with their products so many lovely ideas for inspiration xx

  14. I love getting my envelope through the post each month – first I have a quick peek to see what is there then I sit down with a cup of coffee, read your news letter & then each project sheet in turn. Like several others I have started to go back through the folders & using the contents for projects. There is always something that suits the occasion. Also once we start sharing our work on Facebook we see so many other different ways of using them. Great value for money with all the added extras that come with it.
    I am glad I am not the only one that gets distracted from tidying up when you come across something you had forgotten about !! Also if you tidy up to much you can never find anything when you need it & spend hours searching – that’s my excuse anyway !!

  15. Good morning Barbara, hope your bank holiday spring clean goes well, I must get round to doing one of those sometime! Needless to say I am a member of all four clubs and have been for as long as I could! Such fun to receive each month and wonderful inspiration. Your newsletter is like having a chat with friends over a cuppa, and the discount is an added bonus ( encouraging me to buy more Clarity goodies!)
    The Clarity Clubs are inspiration, quality, friendship and value for money – sums up Clarity!

  16. Brilliant to be a club member of any or all the clubs. Lovely to receive the package ever month. Lovely products and lots of ideas and tips plus a newsy letter from Barbara. Also more, a members sale and discount on Clarity products and special offers. Well worth joining.

  17. Having been a member for a year. It was lovely having the surprise. Unfortunately it was a bad year to join as I had to have both catteract done and have not been able to try the projects. I have the all clear now and then broke a finger tendon which is now in a splint so still not able to hold the tools. I dream of the day when I can craft again. I have considered gifting club membership but there are quite a few extra bits a beginner would need to do the projects. Maybe there should be a project using just the new plate and the starter set.
    Happy Easter to all. Xxx

  18. I am in the Groovi club and wait eagerly with anticipation for the envelope to arrive each month! I enjoy being a member and have bought a number of past issues from before I joined. If I need inspiration, then I flick through the folders and can always find something, usually a few!

  19. I am a groovi member these days but was a member of the stamp club when you first started it where you took photos and stuck them in the instruction leaflet, have spent many hours playing , thanks xxx

  20. I have been a member of 3 of the clubs for many years but it’s useful to know that I can buy the occasional one from my ‘left out’ club. I have to make a male birthday card today and know I can refer to my project sheets for inspiration. They never let me down, so thank you so much, every month has happy post!

  21. Been a member of the Groovi club for several years now, love receiving the beautiful club plate and inspiration sheet each month, also the 10% discount helps me to afford a few more plates to add to my collection, thank you all for the hard work you do for us x

  22. I’ve been in the Groovi club for a year and have just rejoined! I’m a novice at Groovi but I love all the monthly club plates and instructions. The instructions are so clear! I wish I had lots of spare cash to join all the clubs as they all look fantastic! It’s lovely to have a Groovi plate that is not readily available to others except those in the club! Money well spent.

  23. I am a member of stamp /stencil/die club and I just love the surprise through the post each month .Now That I am beginning to get better at filing my stash properly I get even more use out of each one .Sometimes I even flick through my folders like reading a favoutite book and it make’s me happy !

    1. Joining the groovi club must be one of my best moves ever great projects with clear instructions each month and with my discount defo pays for its self my happy post when it drops through the door 😊

  24. I love the Clarity Clubs. I’ve been in the stencil and die and now in the stamps. Even with international postage it is great and so exciting to look forward to my monthly treat. Thank you for everything you do.

  25. I have been in the stencil and die clubs since they started, the first three years of Groovi until I focussed more on the others. Stamp club since issue 88 so a relative newcomer although I have one or two of the earlier stamps. Such fabulous value for money and inspiring projects.

  26. I’ve been “Spring cleaning” my craft room for months now! Seem to make more mess every time I go up there….or spend a lot of time staring out of the window. Its a loft conversion so have a great view!! It’s my first year of being in “the club” and Im only in the stamp one so far but I love having a little parcel arrive every month. I’ve also bought several of the back issue stamps and dies. All very lovely! Hope you have a productive day Barbara and enjoy whatever you are doing x

  27. I’m in the stamp club and love it. The lovely surprise of the stamp dropping through the door and the excitement of having a coffee and opening to see what treasure and sage words are inside. Thoroughly recommend 😁

  28. My first year as groovi club member has not finished yet, but I definitely will continue to be a member, Living in Australia, mine always arrives a bit later in the month. So reading about others in England having received their club plate allready, makes me feel envious and curious. And from then on I’ll keep a close eye on my mailbox. My little present has never missed a month and neither has Barabara’s newsletter. What a treat.

  29. What’s not to love about getting happy mail every month??
    Something new to play with and discount on other crafty purchases, it’s a win, win in my book, long may it continue!

  30. Yes, I have a shelf full of files and a few of the old a4 ones which don’t fit. I joined the stamp club in Newbury, then the stencil club when it started and the Groovi too. I dropped the Groovi club to join the die club when it started. This year I went back to Groovi as I felt I had enough stencils to last a lifetime and Paul and Linda had rekindled my interest. (Yes, I know I have enough stamps for two lifetimes but that was the beginning so it feels right to stick with it!)
    Hope you have had a restful Easter weekend. Xx

  31. I’ve joined the clubs over the years. However I forget what I’ve got in the folders, need to find a few hours to stamp/stencil/groovi/ die cut all the individual things and put together in a folder so I can flick through to choose what to use!

  32. Not in the club currently, although I have been a Groovi member in the past. I pick up a few back issues here and there and am often tempted by the die club. No doubt one day I’ll give into the temptation! The clubs are all fantastic, I love looking back through the inspiration booklets that I have. So many fabulous ideas!

  33. I have been a ember of the Groovi club since month 6. I have bought the back issues. I look forward to the monthly plate, instruction leaflet and newsletter. I am a big fan of all things Clarity so the 10% membership I am entitled to saves me a fortune over the year.

  34. I’ve been a club member for many, many years – 5 different addresses I think!!! Just stamp and die clubs now but every month is a real treat! I need to get back in the habit of using them rather than filing them though as I always used to have lots of cards ready in my stash. X

  35. I am in all 4 craft clubs and have been fir two years. Excellent quality stamps stencils dies and groovi plates at such an affordable price complete with a project sheet and a folder for each one to keep them in. What more could you ask for? Absolutely fabulous keep them coming clarity

  36. Hi Barbara, hope you manage to sort your craft room!
    I have been a stamp club member for around ten years and a member of the stencil club since it started.
    I look forward to my monthly envelope arriving and also love getting my discount and spending in the half price sales twice a year. You have also been my saviour in the past two years so thank you for everything x

  37. I’m a member of the Groovi club and love it when happy post arrives each month. It’s certainly worth every penny!

  38. I am in my first year of membership. Currently in the stencil club, can’t afford more than one at a time so will probably rotate through them. Best post I get – apart from my Clarity orders of course!

  39. Love the groovi club and stamp club. Added in stencil this year but not quite got to grips with it yet. Need to spend more time crafting and practising and less time on the necessities of home and family. Thanks for all the inspiration

  40. Oh Barb – it’s the early stamps and projects I need. I adore the parasol (No. 15 – no details on it ANYWHERE!!)
    Spring Cleaning – tickle to that for a lark, I’ve just completed a 500 piece jigsaw in 2 hours – much more fun.
    Love to all of you
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  41. The Craft Clubs (all 4) are my Christmas present to myself every year. I spent a lot of this Easter weekend going through my stencil folders and found I had nos 1-6 missing. Then the Groovi and Dies which are all there, but the stamps still need to be checked from the start to about 2018 as I did not start at the beginning. No panic though, if I started stamping daily with my stamp stash from pre-Clarity plus Clarity purchases I could carry on for pretty much ever.
    The cost of the clubs is more than made up for by the 15 pc discount and the bi-annual members sale. The quality is the best and I love the news letter, really look forward to my monthly package dropping on the mat.
    I missed the blog yesterday but having caught up on YouTube, seeing your project has persuaded me to add these stamps to my collection.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Stay safe 🍒

  42. I started with the Stamp club many many years ago. Then changed to the Stencil club and now I am on the Die Club. I have enjoyed all three and look forward to the new one arriving each month. Newsletter is always good – sometimes makes me laugh. Coloured instruction booklet is very useful too as is the folder to keep them all safe. Just need a bigger room now with lots of shelves. Thank you Barbara and Clarity.

  43. Hello, everyone! I’ve been in the Groovi Club for 2 years now and love it! Just renewed a month ago for my 3rd year! Clarity’s designs and quality are unmatched, not to mention, Paul does Groovi Tuesdays (on Facebook and YouTube) for free! The extra discount is icing on the cake. Love how Clarity cares for their customers.

  44. Happy Easter Barbara, Dave and all at Clarity. I’ve been a member of the Groovi , then the stamp club now I’m on dies. Working my way through . I love getting that little envelope. A small package that gives such a lot of excitement, joy and endless crafting playtime. Sooo glad I joined. Xxxxx

  45. I joined the Groovi club from the very start and it was and is a smashing way to collect so many different and various plates. If I’m at a loss to make a card just a look in my folders mixing and matching from different plates and l have the inspiration for my card. Long may the club continue. Xxx

  46. Love receiving my goodies each month, die, stamp and groovi. Already have a list building for the next Members’ sale. Belated Easter greetings.

  47. Happy Easter! I am a parcher mostly so the Groovi club was a must! But I have recently joined the stamp club as well as I find the step by step projects great for someone like me just beginning my stamping journey .

  48. Mum and I share membership of all four clubs – we started with the stamps, way back when the A4 project sheets had real photos stuck on them; took a break after two or three years (I think it may have been when I was made redundant, so money was tight), but joined up again a year or two later. We’ve been getting the Groovi and die editions right from the start.
    There’s a joy to owning such a fantastic library of projects and I think the collecting of craft stash is separate hobby in iteself! – I’ll be honest, there are far too many that haven’t been out of their packets yet but, following the inspiration from Deborah Wheeler, we’re slowly working through them, and it’s surprising what different pieces you can make. Many of the club designs aren’t things we’d necessarily have chosen, but they have built up a great arsenal, so we can generally find something to fit the bill – so, for example, when we needed a New Baby card, there in the stamps was a delightful teddy bear, just waiting to come out to play!
    When I use a Club product and post the card to the Facebook group, I try to mention the month – it would be lovely to have a group hashtag and/or folder to identify Club based projects, so people could look for inspiration.

  49. Hi,
    I have dipped into all the clubs and currently belong to the stamp club (stamps are always my favourite) I love the surprise each month. Never a disappointment.
    I can heartily recommend all the clubs.
    Thank you Barbara.
    Linda x

  50. Just love receiving my club goodies, it’s like having a Birthday every month, without getting any older! And, getting a lovely letter from a friend. I’m in all four clubs, and like Cherry T, to me it is a Christmas present to myself, although I have to say with the brilliant discount, offers and members sale , I treat myself quite often. I do need to do myself a index of everything, as tend to forget which folder has what I’m looking for, still, it all adds to the fun. xxx

  51. Hi Barb I love Groovi and am with that club. I look forward to the issue each month and sit down with a cuppa to read the newsletter and the projects. I then make a note of the dates in my diary so i don’t miss anything.xx

  52. I’ve been in the Groovi Club since the beginning, can’t believe it’s now in its 7th year!! So much wonderful inspiration & designs AND the very generous bi-annual half price members’ sales. Long may it continue! Xx

  53. I am in the stamp club and love the stamp and project that comes every month. Would love to belong to all 4 clubs but with limited fund’s that’s not possible but am thinking of joining the groovi club.

  54. Miss K loves your clubs. She is currently in three of them. They are definitely worth the money and the project sheets are fabulous. She’s able to make a wish list (or should I say “a need list”) very easily and I know what to get her for birthdays, Christmas ect. She is excited to get her personalised stamp delivered in the next couple of weeks 😁

    Hope you have all had an happy Easter. X

  55. I had been waiting in the hope a die club would appear, and it did! Enrolled immediately, and love it coming through the door every month

  56. I’m a member of the stamp club and look forward to my “present” every month ! I’ve also bought a lot of back issues from the other clubs, they are always great to play with.

  57. Good heavens ! That was a long scroll down to leave a comment 😹. I need new shelves for my club folders as been in it for what seems a good few years now and I’m in all 4. Just love it when the envelope drops through the door and I don’t always open it straight away – hardly ever – as I like to keep the surprise for a quiet time of day. Silly isn’t it?! I often think I’m going to drop one, perhaps the stencil as that’s the one I use least, if I had to choose just 2 it would be groovi and die but while I can afford it I’ll carry on with 4! Thanks to all of you for all the lovely projects each month ! X

  58. I still have the stamps from the very first club year -complete with colour photo!! Now I belong to 3 of the 4 clubs and they are indeed excellent value and also a good kick up the wozzit to my mojo!! I share with my friend and we have craft days together using the club items for inspiration.

  59. Good heavens ! That was a long scroll down to leave a comment 😹. I need new shelves for my club folders as been in it for what seems a good few years now and I’m in all 4. Just love it when the envelope drops through the door and I don’t always open it straight away – hardly ever – as I like to keep the surprise for a quiet time of day. Silly isn’t it?! I often think I’m going to drop one, perhaps the stencil as that’s the one I use least, if I had to choose just 2 it would be groovi and die but while I can afford it I’ll carry on with 4! Thanks to all of you for all the lovely projects each month ! X

  60. Joined the stencil club last year as I’d never really got the hang of using stencils. This year I’m trying the stamp club. I used to go to a local class before covid but they have not resumed. The clarity club is my very happy replacement.

  61. Have been in all the clubs since they started and look forward to getting a nice surprise when they arrive each month ! Always useful ideas and inspiration.
    Love and hugs

  62. Join the Groovi Club, last October 1st time I’ve dipped my toe in and I’ve not been disappointed. Lovely plates arrive each month with instructions. They make perfect coasters as well as topper for larger cards. Need to improve my white work! mine always looks a bit woolly. Thinking about the stamp club next. xxx

  63. Hello to all!
    I joined the groovi and the stamping club, stamping and inks were new to me.
    I love the surprise every month, and the projects that are easy to follow.
    Next year I think I will swap the groovi for the stensils… working with ink is growing on me 😬.
    I live in the Netherlands, the extra shipping costs I take for granted, the quality of the Clarity product is more than worth it 😘

  64. It’s my 3rd year of being a Clarity Club member. I love that every month a crafty surprise drops through my letterbox. Its very good value and the discount and club members sale means it pays for itself in no time.
    Can’t think of a better treat to myself every month.

  65. Hi Barbara,
    I’m in the groove club and receiving the monthly plate and instructions inspires me to get crafty. Plus the discount and sales mean I can buy any extras I need to follow the projects through to the end when I want to.
    Great idea for minimal cost!

  66. Hi Barbara
    I have been a club member for too many years to remember. Definitely worth the money I belong to stamp, groovi and dies. Dropped out of stencils as didn’t seem to use them as much. I love the surprise every month and have used many of the projects. I would recommend it to anyone who will listen it helped keep me sane during lockdown.
    Thanks for the gift you’ve given me😊.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  67. I have been in the Groovi Club for several years and always find the plates very useful. I made most of my Easter cards using the club plates. The members only sales are great too.

  68. In our new house we have a post box at the gate so my granddaughter always picks the post up when she comes home from school. When the Clarity envelope comes she cant get indoors quickly enough so we can see what we have, she particularly likes the groovi plates as she can manage to get some really nice cards from them. I taught her how to use them last year when she had just turned six and she hasn’t looked back since glad we have something to share together .

  69. Love being in the club. It’s like a mini Christmas every month when that letter arrives and a new stamp and stencil are inside.

  70. I really enjoy the surprise each month when Clarity envelope arrives. The instructions for suggested card to make are so clear and they lead on to other ideas. I feel I belong to Clarity family.

  71. The clubs are brilliant, so much inspiration. First stop for ideas if I need a last minute card.
    Have been in the stencil and die clubs from the beginning, and remember the A4 stamp project sheets!
    Thank you to all the team for my monthly envelope of smiles.

  72. I’ve been a member with stencil, stamp, and groovi, just renewed again but this time with groovi and die for a change… can always add the other two on later if I want that’s the beauty of the club plus all the bonuses that come with them at such a good price too. I love it when they fall through my letterbox as well 😌 💕

  73. My club envelope is my happy post! I’ve been a member for about 6 years and tend to rotate which one. Stamps have to be my favourite. The discount and members sale make the monthly subscription a bargain.

  74. I’m in all 4 clubs this year and apart from amazing value I find the projects give so much inspiration and tuition helping me to try new things. Very worthwhile.
    Eileen C

  75. Hi Barb, hope you have been having a gentle stroll down memory lane. I started my clarity journey with a stamp and groovie subscription before changing last year to a groovie and die subscription. I am now on my third year with another groovie and die subscription. Cannot wait to see what new designs you have been thinking about for us this year. Lotsa luv. Katrina

  76. I am in the Groovi club and really look forward to my new plate and projects landing on my door mat every month. It’s a lovely surprise opening the envelope every month.

  77. I have been a diamond member for years and I am running out of space for all my folders. Love getting my envelope each month and seeing what goodies are inside and the discount is fab too.

  78. Constantly amazed at the ideas that we are presented with each month. I’m a diamond member and can always route through my folders to find something new for an upcoming project. Great value for money , real treat each month and the club discount is very useful. I always think the members sale is a lovely thank you for our membership. As always – well done Team Clarity.

  79. During the two years of Covid lockdown being a member of the die club was the highlight of the month . It cheered me up and gave me a challenge.It meant I had something positive to talk about and share with my craft friends on skype.
    My husband always knows what to buy me for birthdays and Christmas. This year I’m going to ask for the Groovi club as a dip in to a new technique, having seen all the wonderful examples the design team produce.

  80. I have been a member for the last two years, a little surprise each month, new techniques to learn and a great index of inspiration, what a great club to be in whether it be Groovie, stamp or die and a letter included I feel from a special friend. Thank you Barbara and all the Clarity team

  81. I love being in two of the craft clubs. Would love more but as working 4 days a week, don’t have as much time as I would like. I struggle coming up with ideas and the craft clubs are brilliant for this. You can then adapt as you want once you have the start of an idea. Thank you Clarity!

  82. I get so excited when I hear that special envelope drop through my letter box at the end of each month knowing I have projects to keep me going throughout the next month until the next special envelope drops again through my letterbox

  83. It is great getting a new stamp drop through the door each much with the ideas of how to use them too, such a bargain.

  84. Hope I’m not too late to go in the draw 😬 not had much time for anything this week iv come upto ullapool in Scotland gor the next 7 months to run our B&B leaving family and friends so hard but hopefully they will visit me very soon . I absolutely love being in the stamp club thinking of trying the other clubs as well now .
    Take care must rush and do more washing and cleaning 😌 🙂x

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