Beautiful Block Print Stamps!

Beautiful Block Print Stamps!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I’m all set for tomorrow’s Mixed Media Shows on TV, and this time we have designed a collection of what I consider to be fabulously arty stamps.

I was showing Paul what I had come up with demowise, and he said “Cor. They look as though they’ve been printed on textile. Then we’ve hit the spot! Because that was exactly what I was aiming for: bold, almost naive prints which look like block prints, cut out of wood.

For me, these are in the same family as the lino-cut stamps. A bit raw, a bit edgy, and very arty. After 30 years of designing and manufacturing stamps, I am enjoying bridging the gap between craft and art with what we make and do. Wait till you see them in action! So cool!!

Stencils to match….

Here’s a gallery of artsamples created by the ever clever Clarity Team. Packed with ideas and inspiration.

The shows are at 9am and 1pm. I’ve been looking into what one needs to print on fabric. There’s a special medium that you add to acrylic paint so that it sticks to the fabric better. Guess what it’s called…yep. Fabric Medium. Or? Yep. Textil Medium. Baffling, innit. So now i‘ve got another thing to experiment. I can see these designs on tote bags.

Anyway, in other happy news, the winner of this week’s Blog candy is..



A £20 Clarity Gift Voucher will be heading to Claire S as soon as she tells us where to send it! Please PM me, or call Jeannine on 01732 868215.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Block Print Stamps!

  1. Wow- love these. Thank you Barbara and team for the always super fabulous, creative and fresh products. I admire and appreciate all the “education” opportunities Clarity Team provide with their products. I admire and appreciate the design team – very talented. Excited to watch and learn again tomorrow.
    Thanks to Clarity, I continue to step outside of my crafty comfort zone and try different new techniques, different types of stamp designs, etc.

  2. These stamps are amazing! I will be watching tomorrow.
    Well done Claire, enjoy spending!
    Glad the cat returned ok, whichever one it was. One of ours used to disappear, nine weeks once, I was convinced we’d lost her. We got used to the odd weekend and just said she’d gone on holiday. Now she’s older she stays home more, only a few hours at a time. Still worry though. X

  3. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow (while I’m ironing) although I’m more of a Groovi girl than a stamper but I know the shows will be interesting and entertaining.

  4. Wow, Barbara this little collection looks a lot of fun and able to take us off into some different areas of stamping and print making! No wonder you were suffering from “Gel Press thumb! (Like tennis elbow but much more artistic!) Really looking forward to seeing where you are going to take us on tomorrow’s shows.
    Congratulations Claire, have fun with the goodies!
    Stay arty and keep on crafting!

  5. Congratulations Clare.
    We will be at the hospital all morning so I am recording the shows which I will watch later on. Amazing samples.
    Safe journey tomorrow. 🍒🍒

    1. PS: I have used Fabrico ink pads to stamp on fabric. Iron on the back to fix and the items are hand washable.

  6. I love all these arty stamps. They remind of stamps we used to make out of potatoes when I was a child. I was never much good at it but these would make it a lot easier! Looking forward to seeing you on tv tomorrow. Will have to watch on catch up though as I’m meeting up with an old friend who is over from Canada. We trained together in the late 70’s and “lived in” at the hospital. Oh the stories we could tell……..!!!

  7. These look fabulous cannot wait to see the demos xx Wow you are so clever and come up with so many fabulous and diverse ideas xx

  8. Loved seeing all your gel plate prints this morning – very much unpredictable art. In fact no piece is right or wrong. Need to clear some space in my craft room & have a play. Looking forward to watching to see what you have lined up for us tomorrow.
    Congratulations to Claire on winning the voucher – enjoy spending it.

  9. Wow, can’t quite believe my name came up! Thank you, thank you, thank you 😊 I’ll be in touch. Love Claire

  10. Hello Barb, shows set to record. Pesky day job! Love the look of the stamps and stencils and the art work is out of this world. Well done Claire, enjoy spending your voucher. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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