The Day after….

The Day after….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. After a busy and very enjoyable TV day yesterday, Monday feels a little bit like the next day. You know, a bit hung over – even though I don’t touch the stuff! So I thought I’d just go back over the last demo I did, with the landscape. it was a bit rushed, but very easy really….

Let’s use one of the medium sized birds from our new Clarity Cut Card Kit, and add an arty splash of colour …

  • How? Add a few colours of Artistry ink to a blending mat.
  • Slide the blending mat in a poly bag that you’ve split, so that it opens like a book on one side.
  • Spritz the inky mat with water
  • close the poly bag and squish the ink
  • Lift the cover back, place the bird – complete with outer – on the inky mat
  • Close the poly-cover again, and use the flat of your hand to spread the ink over the white card and cutout.
  • Let it dry now.

Of course, you have the beautiful bird card, to decorate and enjoy… are a few examples, just to jog your memory…

But as I said yesterday for every bird, there’s an outer frame…

  • Cut the outer frame in half.
  • Decide which side you like best,
  • and which way the bird is facing…
  • Trace the outline onto a piece of A5 Theuva Card.
  • Place the moon mask,
  • and pick your inky colours. You can use the same colours as the outside, or change it up a bit, as I have…

Keeping your eye on the bird outline, start building your scene, your landscape, using the miniature Claritystamps. I used the Woodland set mostly.

  • Really easy. Just keep your eye on the bird outline.
  • Use Clarity stencil brushes to sweep the background in.
  • Use a Black Archival ink pad for the tiny silhouette stamps.
  • Enjoy creating your own composition…your own landscape.
  • Outline the frame with a black Sharpie pen.
  • Use Perga Glue to attach the frame. Gives you a little wiggle room.
  • Trim the two pieces to fit together.
  • Edge with the black Sharpie pen.

Add a poem or sentiment in the top corner, then mount on black card.


Hope you enjoy the birds. They are available with stamps and on their own. Click HERE

Have a good evening. If your head is in a spin, get with your hands. Make something.

Sending love and good energy,

Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “The Day after….

  1. Great advice. Just watching your afternoon show from yesterday. Normally watch it at the time but decided to do a bit of gardening as the sun was shining and it was quite warm! Lots of weeding to do in the raised beds! Seemed like a good idea, at the time, getting a house with a big garden!! Lol. Actually love it. Enjoying the shows and the products. Well done, Dave. Hxx

  2. Love these 3D cards and the demo. Really enjoyed the Shac this morning as well, very calming to just sit and shade. Hope you and Dave have a good evening and that your head is not in such a spin cycle tomorrow. Xxx

  3. I love the way you have used the bird. Gives a gorgeous landscape with the little trees and deer! Hope the journey yesterday wasn’t too exhausting!

  4. These birds are adorable. I have ordered extra to make enough small ones to decorate our Christmas tree. Love your examples shown here. Did I hear you say Butterflies were in the pipeline too? I will never get rich as long as you keep coming up with such good products.
    The Sunflower stamps arrived today and I have been busily stamping up toppers ready for colouring and mounting. Even hubby has had a go !!!!
    Looking forward to the ODS and the new Groovi plates.
    Stay safe.

  5. Love these cards beautiful idea and the landscape is breathtaking xx loved the SHAC this morning so relaxing love it xx thank you xx

  6. Really enjoyed the shows and thought Dan was great too. The banter was great. The camera work – second to none! Loads of demo time and the samples were stunning. I’ve ordered my sets of stamps and dickie birds x

    Missed Shac Shac this morning so will catch up later. Hospital this morning xx

  7. Love the scene building within the bird outline, thanks for repeating the step by step, easier too refer back to than searching through the recorded programmes.
    Need to catch up with this mornings SHAC as we had to go over to my moms. At 93 & having lived in her house for nearly 69 years she has decided to downsize & move nearer to us so there is a lot of stuff to sort through !!
    Hope you have managed to have some down time today & caught your breath back after yesterday before getting ready for the ODS on Wednesday.

  8. Great blog Barb, so inspiring! Loved the show on Create and Craft, those two hours just flew by! Brilliant new stamp sets and those bird cards will send our Clarity crafting soaring to new heights! Can’t wait to see what magic, Dave produces next from his “old machines”!
    Hope you find time to relax a little Barbara, you deserve it – travel gently!

  9. I just couldn’t resist, ordered the birds and the stamp set. Beautiful cards. Enjoyed yesterdays shows. xx

  10. Hello Barb, the shows were great, superb demos and the samples as always are astounding. Love the birds, will have to get some. Love this scene project, something to try and as you say, get busy with your hands, takes your mind of things. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  11. Hi Barbara your card is gorgeous. I love it. Those birds are just amazing. I did see your wonderful show. Enjoy your day. Take care. Hugs xxx

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