Flowers & Lace One Day Special

Flowers & Lace One Day Special

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I want to tell you about our exciting Groovi launch tomorrow evening on the new Create and Craft TV channel! Linda WIlliams has designed four beautiful Lace and Flowers Groovi plates for us – and they really are sensational!

Paul and I were planning the hours this afternoon, and the feast that Linda has prepared for us is absolutely breathtaking. There is so much to show you! Whether you are new to the art of parchment, or a seasoned traditional parcher, these Flowers and lace designs are absolutely perfect.

Here are 4 of the projects she has created for us, using the new designs. We will be taking a closer look at one of these in each hour:

Wednesday 6pm – Cone Flower

Wednesday 9pm – Hydrangea

Thursday 10am – Daffodil

Thursday 2pm – Primrose

And the artwork that our Groovi Design team has contributed to the show is just awesome too! What talent.

Josie Davidson
Frances Knott
Carol Baker
Glynis Whitehead
Jane Telford
Karen Jackson
Sheila Bradley
Gail Sydenahm
Carole Panksztelo

For all of our new Groovi friends/addicts, we will be showcasing the previous 2 Flowers and Lace collections from Linda, together with the ii Book

Set 1
Set 2

I love every single one of these plates. They are so versatile, so useful, so pretty and so creative! I think you could work with these plates for years to come, and STILL find new ways to use them.

I shall leave you with a gallery of Linda’s work. You can easily see why she is one of only two Master Pergamano Tutors in the world. And I ain’t the other one !!

Linda Williams
Linda Williams
Linda Williams
Linda Williams
Linda Williams

You will find us at 6pm. It’s been a while since we launched a new collection of plates like this, so I hope you love them as much as we do.

Love always

Barb xxx

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23 thoughts on “Flowers & Lace One Day Special

  1. Oh wow! They are fantastic! Wish I had them now so I could start working on them! Mind you, I’m a novice, so no doubt I won’t have all the knowledge to complete these!

  2. Hi Barbara all the plates and the makes are gorgeous. Everything is just so beautiful. It lifts your spirits just to see them all. I bet there will be sell outs. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  3. Ooooh my Golly Gosh! Absolutely Gorgeous!
    A must have! ❤️
    I can’t wait to play with them 🤗 xx

  4. Some very talented ladies. Beautiful that’s all I can say. Will be watching the shows . Have a good evening.

  5. Wow, absolutely beautiful design and stunning artwork, I love glowers on parchment, something very elegant about them. Looking forward to seeing them showcased tomorrow 🥰
    Hugs Heather xoxo

  6. Absolutely stunning! I just had a heart warming telephone conversation with a beautiful 7 year old called Hannah. It was her birthday on Monday and she asked everyone not to give her presents but to donate to her Just Giving page to raise money for the people of Lithuanian. There is still good in this sad, mad world🥰

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, as its my birthday tomorrow, any money coming my way will be buying them all as well as the sunflower plate. Have the first set Linda made and use them often but the new set are exceptional

  8. How am I going to explain these to my Bank Manager? They are all so gorgeous. Think I’ll make him a Get Well card and a Thank you card using these so he’ll maybe understand 🤣😂🤣😂

  9. What fantastic plates, not the mention the stunning samples that have been prepared. Just love them. Looking forward to the shows. Safe journey tomorrow. Hxx

  10. Well…I may not be a Groovi chick, but there is so much more here – I especially like how the doodle frames have been included. Gorgeous darling!!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  11. A must-have. I love Linda’s designs and these are so pretty. The inspiration is amazing as well. x

  12. Will be watching (and buying !!!) tomorrow.
    The artwork is beautiful.
    I like to go through the TV schedule for the week and put all the Clarity progs to record. Unfortunately, so many times the schedule just says ‘join us for an hour’ instead of Clarity. If this is selected it doesn’t click over when they change the narrative and the recording is lost. SO FRUSTRATING 🤦
    Stay safe.

  13. Linda has done it again !! I told myself that I didn’t need anymore plates at the moment & to make more use of the ones I already have but that was until I saw the actual plates & the fantastic samples everyone has done – as they say watch this space !!
    Safe journey tomorrow & Thursday

  14. Stunning plates. I’ve also missed programmes because the schedule says “join us for an hour” instead of Clarity. Since the changeover the programmes are being broadcast in HD which takes up a lot more recording space. I am going to have to delete programmes to make room for these four. Have other viewers found this a problem?

  15. Hello Barb, Wow those new plates are fabulous and the samples created are amazing. Linda is incredibly talented and inspiring. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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