Keep going, keep smiling…

Keep going, keep smiling…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just finished loading all the demo-boxes and ticking all the got it-boxes for tomorrow’s TV show on the new Createand craft tomorrow from 3-5pm. Thought I write to you before I call it a day on the work front.

Here’s what’s coming up on tomorrow’s show. Those fabulous Clarity Bird Cut Card kits for starters!

They come with 3 little sets of stamps, perfect for decorating them – but actually beautiful on their own too. Jazz at Clarity designed these. Aren’t they superb?

Then we’re launching some brand new, super duper Crescent Moon stamps, which are delightful to use, and work brilliantly with so many other stamp designs! Verses, poems, poppets – you’ll see…

Now here’s a set many of you will be familiar with. These are all designs that lovely, beautiful, arty, pretty Annie designed for us. These are so very much her style. We decided to put them all in one set, to commemorate her, and remind us how fragile Life is. Annie died a few months ago. 34 years old. Still can’t believe she’s gone. I loved her, and I love her art. For me, she lives on in these images.

Many thanks to our design team to making our stamps dance again xxx

Am I thinking about what is going on in Ukraine? Of course I am. Very frequently. It feels surreal that less than a fortnight ago, those same people who are now being bombarded, shelled and blown to smithereens by Putin’s forces, were going about their daily lives – just as you and I do. So sitting here, looking out at the old treetops swaying to and fro in the wind, posting about new stamps on tomorrow’s TV show, I feel disturbed and grateful – all at the same time. To be carrying on as though everything were normal, when it so isn’t. But we have send positive energy into the universe, not anguish! Not anger!

For me, the best way to focus on goodness, on positivity, is through art. Regardless what – pottery, drawing, stamping, preparing for a TV show – crafting takes pressure off the head. Dark thoughts disappear when I am being creative.

Time to put the kettle on. Keep calm and carry on, friends.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “Keep going, keep smiling…

  1. These all look beautiful and will like forward to the demos xx
    So sad that the world cannot live peacefully together and that some have to disturb the equilibrium and fight innocent people xx prayers for the people of Ukraine xx

  2. Really looking forward to seeing demos of the new stamps and card kits tomorrow, Barbara. Love the look of the bird cards and Jazz’s designs! The crescent moon stamps look so versatile and fun. And having Annie’s designs all together is a lovely way to remember her. And the awesome Design Team have produced some amazing samples, again!
    Your words and sentiments are so wise Barbara, I hope to stay focused on goodness and the positive in these worrying times.
    Travel gently, stay calm and carry on crafting!

  3. Watching you on my little screen and listening to your wise words is such a lifesaver for me. Right now, what with all that is going on in the world, and we are patiently waiting on biopsy results (thinking my dear other half has the dreaded big C), if I focus on what I know you would say if you were with me now, I can keep going. Thanx Barb. Xx

  4. I’m sure most of us feel totally saddened and shocked by the events taking place. I wish our Government could create a register to offer sponsorship for an evacuating family to be offered a place to stay with a family in the UK. I have no connection with Ukraine at all, but many of us could offer a safe haven to a mother and children while their husbands are staying to protect their homeland. This is nothing like the economic refugee situation, as I’m sure most Ukrainian nationals would want to return to their families and rebuild their lives. It is quite simply tragic.
    Barbara, I’m sorry if you think these comments are inappropriate, but I feel so helpless.

  5. I too am feeling terribly disturbed and trying very hard to focus on being grateful.
    I shed a tear when seeing women and children leaving their menfolk at the station.
    Apart from obviously feeling very, very sad for these desperate people I was also angry because of how this situation also made me feel. It’s my nature to believe that there are always two or more sides to a story but for the life of me I can’t see the other side.
    I am grateful for what I have, of course I am, but it is difficult at the moment to bring that to the fore and get those pictures out of my mind.
    I have my daughter’s birthday card to make so hopefully I will get lost in that process for a while.
    I am also looking forward to seeing you on the tele tomorrow.

  6. Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows!
    Just in case you aren’t aware: the M11 was a HUGE problem last weekend (especially northbound). It took 4.75 hours to do a normally 2.75 hour trip. Harlow was the pinch point of some major works. I do hope you both fare better than we did 🙂

    1. Sorry, made a mistake our usual journey time to Huntingdon is 1.75 hrs not 2.75. So much worse.
      Also, forgot to say how much I like the re-imagined stamp sets. Brilliant!

  7. Annie’s stamp collection is wonderful and has brought tears flooding although that is the kind of day I’m having…for many selfish reasons I’m feeling low but what is going on in Ukraine is far greater than my trivial emotions.
    I’ve ordered my sunflower stamp and look forward to see tomorrows show. Take care everyone.. Much love xx

  8. What can I say that everyone else has not echoed. We are as always grateful for what we have I’d like to think , however we are all in so much pain for those families across the world torn apart by the goings on. Its hard to watch and hear and art certainly helps focus the mind. I’m spending the day with my Clarity sale products. All beautiful, colour to ease the mind and sooth the soul. Safe journey and great show tomorrow Barbara. Will be watching.xx

  9. If the fighting goes on much longer, soon there will be no one and nothing for the thug to lord it over. Will he keep pushing east? I hope not. My admiration goes to those countries, especially the people of Poland who have done so much to help the refugees. We must stand together and do what we can to help.
    Looking forward to the shows. Great artwork.
    Travel safely tomorrow.♥️

  10. Seems as though this world is having one terrible problem after another. Really pushing us to our limits of coping. We shall survive it, with peace,love and compassion, helping to aid as best we can. Your creativity and supporting care is a definite help to everyone. What will be will be and have a happier outcome for all. Don’t beat yourself up but carry on caring. The stamps are beautiful, they deserve to be a tool to help us all. One day at a time is all we can aim for. Enjoy the show tomorrow I’ll be watching. X

  11. Lovely stamps, and great art from the design team looking forward to the shows tomorrow, safe journey. Peace to all. xx

  12. I am glad you tell us when you are on TV as otherwise I would never know at the moment! There is no such channel s 813 on Freesat – only original 817, and the programme listing bears no relation to what is actually showing! Hope the teething problems sort out soon; don’t want to miss your programmes! Bigger problems elsewhere, of course.

  13. You are an inspiration to us all ! Love the stamps
    Would love to see the show but out for lunch and can’t record because virgin don’t have creat and craft 😕 take care all xx

  14. Hi Barbara the artwork is gorgeous. I am so sorry that you lost a good friend so soon. I hope the shows go well tomorrow. I know you will be well prepped. We can only be grateful what we have and reach out to help those who are in need. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  15. We’re looking forward to the show tomorrow -we’ll record it so we can re-watch any bits when the items arrive! Today ahs been extra sad for us as Bea’s dear rescue whippet x crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was about 15 and a half and Bea had her for 14 years so she was very much part of the fabric of our lives. We’ll all miss her so much, including her whippet ‘brother’ who was also with her as she crossed the Bridge at home in her favourite armchair.

  16. Dearest Barbara – thank you for doing all that you are! So many of us are very grateful to you for all that you do. I am looking forward to watching you on tv tomorrow – really loving the look of those bird cards and stamps too. In common with you all I can’t stop thinking about the very brave people in Ukraine. I have bought your stamp and plan on making some cards to give to one of our lovely independent shops, asking her to ask customers for a donation for each card – to be collected for the British Red Cross. I have also heard about the wonderful work that the Salvation Army are doing in Ukraine and the bordering countries.
    We have bought some of the essential supplies that are needed to go to Ukraine and will give our boxes to a very wonderful friend of ours, who is taking his large van to Ukraine with his brother in law. 3 other vans are also going with them. I worry about these wonderful men and will certainly be praying for them until they return home safe and sound. Our friend is ex-military, which will help – but it’s so scary. There are so many wonderful things being done in our country to help out and it certainly does make us proud. Have a safe journey tomorrow Barbara – I hope that you won’t be doing the driving. Fingers crossed that the gremlins don’t affect the broadcast of your programme. Love and hugs xxxx

  17. To Jilly S,
    I watch Create and Craft on Freesat, Channel 813
    and this is where Clarity Stamps will be tomorrow.
    I’ve checked my TV ready to record Clarity’s programmes and at this moment it is saying ‘Join us for an hour’. I think it will show the correct programme at 15.00 and 16.00 tomorrow. I have recorded Clarity’s other programmes on Freesat 813. Hope this helps.

  18. Hello Barb, on these stamps and the samples are just beautiful. Annie was one very talented lovely Lady. Looking forward to the shows. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. great shows yesterday Barbara – I gave in and ordered the crescent stamps – looking forward to them arriving. Loved all the samples from the design team, and so lovely to see Annie’s designs again xx

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