Little Egg – Beautiful Egg…

Little Egg – Beautiful Egg…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Remember I mentioned that next week on Wednesday I am launching a wonderful collection of Clarity Cut Card kits? At the whisk of giving the game away, how about showing you one of the tiny cards and stampsets : an eggstra special little egg …

I’m not yolking; this is my favourite set. Eggseptional in fact! I keep playing with it when I really should be cracking on! Mind you, I figured out something very speckled egg cool! Here’s a little step by step, to whet your appetite for next Wednesday!

  • Pop out the egg white blank card.
  • Ink up the solid egg with Sunshine Archival and centre it.

Here comes the cool bit. Let’s do the back.

  • Spritz the stamp lightly with Blending Solution and stamp it again. No need to re-ink.
  • Centre and stamp on the back.
  • Cracking idea! Opens up a whole new stamping technique.
  • Best wear a mask when you spritz with this gear though.
  • My favourite stamp in the set coming up!
  • Stamp over the Egg Yellow using black Archival
  • Add the delicate message on the base.
  • TOP TIP: When you’re stamping single-line stamps, it is a good idea to add a little stamp at the top of the mount. I call it an anti-wobble device! Don’t ink it up though!

How about the back? Now this IS tiny!!

The smallest bird I could find comes in one of our Custom stamp sets. It’s called Woodland Birds. What a cool set. In fact, as if by magic, look how the Happy Easter words sit within the little frame. And the circular frame stretches to an egg too! Fits eggsactly!!

There is so much to show you on Wednesday next! These stampsets and cut card kits are pretty eggsellent – and we won’t be beaten on price!

Dave has got a little video of the Heidelberg Press cutting out the cards. I shall post it here tomorrow.

But now I shell stop. So tired!! Proper egghausted! I need an eggspresso to wake me up! Thank God it’s Fryday tomorrow!

Love always

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Little Egg – Beautiful Egg…

  1. Eggsactlly! I’m so tired too! Haha. Love the little cards and stamps! Shame we have to wait until Wednesday to purchase these! Still, not moaning! In the meantime, I shall think of some lovely ideas to use these! Cracking idea! Haha.

  2. Lovely cards. So cute
    You were talking about the press today when doodling.
    There is a hand held press called monotype pin press by Akua who do inks etc – speedball company, just thought you might want to look at it.

  3. Eggciting times ahead !! thanks for the eggsellant step by step – think I have all the gear just need the cards & egg stamps. Look forward to seeing Dave’s video tomorrow of the press at work.
    Just picked up my new glasses – I can now see the small stuff but having worn temporary reading glasses since December they will take a while to get used to – at the moment it is like being on a boat in rough sea !! As they say no pain no gain so fingers crossed it all works out. Have loads of craft stuff I want to catch up on but will take it gently – as you must over the next week. Hope the kiln has cooled down enough for you to inspect your 2nd glazed lampstand.

  4. Eggsellent! Fab a video of Dave and the press – I only asked yesterday! Oddly enough I’ve just read there could be a shortage of eggs…… not choc ones, real ones !

    These look really cute ! Just getting some Easter groovi plates to have a go with.

    Enjoyed the Shac today, what you said about how you felt last evening was somewhere I’ve been on a few occasions!

    Have a good evening and look forward to seeing what comes out of the kiln x

  5. Haha! Love how you’ve done this little egg! I’m going to have a scramble around and see if I can find my blending solution!
    Have a relaxing evening. Love and hugs. Xxxx

  6. Brilliant Barb, I shall have to poach your top tips and cracking ideas! I shell look forward to next Wednesday’s shows with eggcitement!
    The blending solution trick looks amazing – I’m sure I might have a mask or two hanging around so I can give it a go!
    Just had an email to say my Open Day tickets are on their way – so looking forward to those days!

  7. Think I will have to shell out for these on Wednesday, whisk into action and try and eggsell myself with these. May have to poach the bank account again, oh well, you cant make an omlette without breaking a few eggs.

  8. Loving these little’uns. Fantastic. Spent some time today looking through my Wee stamps, didn’t realise there were so many. Should be some fun projects ahead.
    Stay safe.

  9. Hello Barb, all your egg terms had me in fits of giggles this morning. Love all the little cut cards and the stamps, may treat myself a bit this month. Looking forward to the video. Take care and stay safe and warm everyone. Bx

  10. I am eggsasperated trying to get my head round all of those eggy jokes. So funny. This little stamp and card are absolutely wonderful , I am not surprised that this is your favourite set. Love it. Enjoy your eggspresso. haha x

  11. This is a lovely card. Just a note of caution though – according to Mr Tim Holtz, you shouldn’t use the blending solution in a mister /sprayer as it contains resin and the tiny particles could go into your lungs. However, you can use it on a blending sponge or just dropped on.
    You can use isopropyl alcohol in a mister/sprayer, which will give a similar look.

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