A little bird told me….

A little bird told me….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Busy day piling in the prep for next week’s TV. It’s coming together nicely. I think you will enjoy these Cut Card Kits! They are so fun to use!

Here’s another little tiny offering, complete with envelope – and I mean tiny!

Don’t get me wrong! They‘re not all miniature artworks! There are some formidable large images in the Cut Card kit Collections too! And of course, the stamps work on their own, without the cut card shapes too! Lookie lookie…

Dave has been beavering away for weeks, working on the cutting. The wonderful old Heidelberg press, when it is die-cutting the shapes, is a thing of beauty and a pleasure to behold. Dave certainly knows how it works now! Remember the birds? The first Cut Card kits? Perfect…

I guess that’s one reason why we get on so well, Dave and I. We are both makers. We’re happiest when we’re making – even if it’s a mess! We’re doing a lino-cutting course in Brighton together too. That’s fun. But the best part is doing it together. I shall have to take some photos of what we did on our first evening. Maybe I’ll blog it tomorrow.

Back to the tiny birds. I can’t stop playing!

Stay safe.

Love always

Barb xx

17 thoughts on “A little bird told me….

  1. I wonder if we could see a video of Dave and the press in action – it sounds a marvellous piece of kit and love to see how things work. These little birds look so cute ! I don’t know how you keep thinking of all these ingenious pieces but keep doing it ! X

  2. Love the birds and the next offering looks fabulous too xx
    Always lovely when too artistic people get together and work together they do make magic xx
    How lovely to do a course together hope you both enjoy and will await your next offerings
    Thank you xx

  3. How lovely. I’ve tried to introduce Groovi to my husband but he says one in the family is enough. A) our bank balance would never afford it and B) the house would go to wrack and ruin 😂😂

  4. I love the bird shown Barbara, the colour is amazing.
    Must have a go at some as cards, I think the idea of a message inside either the bird or the stand is ideal.
    Looking forward to the next kits.
    you are so talented.

  5. I agree with Jackie it would be great to see Dave’s Heidelberg in action. The teasers for the new Cut Card Kits look so tempting, I think I may be asking for early birthday presents – but as it’s not until June ( and I had already covered that with the Open Days! 🤣) I guess I’m looking for another “excuse” to break into the “piggy bank”! 🤣

  6. Oh Barbara, what will you think of to tempt us with next? I love what you have done here and look forward to what comes next.
    I agree, crafting together is more than good. Even though we may be doing different crafts, (Ray is currently doing colouring and pyrography) we find it is peaceful, relaxing and super satisfying.
    Stay safe.

  7. Loving the new directon of stamps & cut shaped cards – looking forward to seeing them in full on Sunday, although I may have to catch up later as we are hopefully having our Mothering Sunday lunch with 4 generations that had to be cancelled on Sunday due to Covid. Fingers crossed for negative tests.
    The lino cutting class sound interesting – look forward to seeing the results in due course.

  8. Hope you both enjoy your Lino cutting course for yourselves, even though the skills you learn will no doubt creep into your work life! Thanks to you giving of your time in the SHAC over the last two years, I have had the courage to sign up for a basic drawing course at our local college. It’s online and only 6 evenings but enjoying it. Three weeks completed. I don’t think you will ever know just what you have done for all of us over the last two years, and not just in bringing us together, and it is so much appreciated. Hope all is calm in your personal life. Lots of love. Hxxx
    Ps. I have a wee request, please. Could we have stamp board or canvas boards cut to the size of the Be Still dies, please? Someone has asked me to make a picture for her using one of those dies but I can’t cut the stamp board well enough and the A6 canvas boards are too big. I know there are others who would appreciate those, too. Thanks, Barb. Hxxxx

  9. Hi Barb, sounds like you and Dave have loads of fun together. Love the bird shaped cards, the little ones would make such lovely little mini notelets. Hope you enjoyed pottery, can’t wait to see the lampstand. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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