It’s the little things….

It’s the little things….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s been a good, busy, productive Monday. How about yours? Started off putting air in the SHAC-Bus tyres, and figuring out a plan for us. Always best to know where you’re headed when you’ve got 200+ passengers! It was an enjoyable SHAC session, doodling daisies – a symbol of innocence, simplicity and joy. Which is okay. We could all do with a dose of innocence, simplicity and joy once in a while, eh. If you want to join us on Thursday at 10am then why not watch this morning on catch up, and then hang out with us on Thursday? It’s only an hour, and it’s free. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil.

Here the link to the Homepage of the website where the video is xx.

Anyway. Next thing on my list to do was get ahead of the curve with TV prep. I actually completely finished next Sunday’s 3-5pm show at the weekend(wow), so now I’m onto the 4-hour One Day Special launch on 6th April 6pm. It’s a wonderful, clever Clarity card kit collection (say that when you’ve had a sherbert!). There are so many elements in the sets: stamps, masks, cards, toppers – little and large – and even rinky-dink envelopes, it’s a challenge to know how to present it. So I thought I’d use this ’ere blog to show you the little tiny stamps and cards in the sets- they are so delightful! Maybe one every other day or so, in the lead up to the big worldwide launch. Hahaha. Who am I kidding? Mind you, it is completely new – the clever Clarity card kit collection – and it is available anywhere in the world. Although if I thought for one moment that imposing sanctions on Russia and prohibiting our Russian friends from buying Clarity products would stop the war – then I wouldn’t hesitate. So I suppose it IS a worldwide launch.

Check out this little heart set…the operative word is little here.

The tiny envelopes that come in the kits are less than 3” square. So cute.

And this little gift card or thought card measures no more than 2 .5 inches across. Let me offer you a frame of reference, like an ink pad….that’s better!

The large sets are all different designs too, not just twice the size. More will be revealed.

The reason I am working so far ahead is because my Dad is unwell, and it makes me feel more secure knowing things are banked. So if I do have to drop and run, I can.

But now I’m off to pottery. Big Lampstand came out of the kiln at the weekend…I’ll take some photos – if it’s photoworthy!!

Go easy. Travel gently.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

35 thoughts on “It’s the little things….

  1. Wow! They are gorgeous! They would be great as mini Easter cards!
    Can’t wait to see those on the show!
    Do hope your dad is plodding along. Best to keep busy, so you don’t think about it too much! Hugsxx

    1. Hi Sally …Dave here…Glad that you like this new concept. There are lots of options for Easter cards coming up watch this space x

  2. Love the look of these mini cards and look forward to seeing the others.
    I completely understand the planning ahead for security.
    Don’t forget to take care of yourself, Barbara xx

  3. These new stamps do look cute and can’t wait to see more. Sorry to hear about your Dad, good idea to be prepared but no one is going to mind if you do have to cut and run. Family come first. Look forward to seeing your latest pottery, when I first read it I imagined lamp stand like a standard lamp – it can’t be that big can it ?! Anyone, look forward to the pics. X
    P.s my NDC envelope came today – love them all xx

  4. Suddenly life has got busy! I’m out Monday and Thursday this week. I enjoyed catching up on this morning’s SHAC and I’ll look forward to some down time on Thursday afternoon. Glad you can still fit pottery in around everything else that’s going on. Hugs. Xx

  5. Sending you and your big heart a hug. My husband who is around your Dad’s age wasn’t well the end of Dec and start of January, followed by a pacemaker fitting on the same day as my young sister in her late 40’s was taken in to hospital for 6 weeks in February a very serious condition. With a lot of luck and the NHS they have both bounced back so hopefully your Dad will do the same. Thank you so much for keeping us all on an even keel with the love and thanks that we are sending you and your family you will also sail on an even keel.

  6. Barbara, sorry to hear your Dad is unwell – definitely a huge worry. Sending hugs and love to you both.
    Another wonderful blog and amazing inspiration. I love the small card. I make cards to donate to seniors and these will be wonderful to give. I am excited to see what else is coming. I am ready to order when available. Thank you Barbara to you and your team.

  7. Love this idea will look forward to seeing these in the flesh so to speak xx also just seen the email about the corners they look fab too xx you always bring us such great products and fab value for money thank you xx

  8. Sorry to hear about your Dad Barb, if there is anything I can do to help I will be around in your Mum and Dads area from the 12th April, so give me a shout if you need any support.

    Always good to get organised early.

    Lovely little heart, and I’m sure the shows will have some other exciting items too.

    Doodling daisy’s this week love it! You are such a joy to follow, always look forward to our Mondays and Thursdays in the shac. Good for the soul. Big hugs to all. T.xx

  9. Wow Barbara they are fab there are just no end to your talents you blow me away. So sorry to hear your Dad is not well but family come first my lovely. Hopefully he will start to improve soonest. Absolutely love the Shac you really give us all inspiration. Take care my lovely see you in the Shac on Thursday all being well xxx

  10. Love this idea Barbara they look good
    looking forward to seeing them on the TV, Sorry to hear your dad is not well sending hugs and positive thoughts take care

  11. Look forward to seeing the shows Barbara but don’t push yourself beyond return. You and your family are more important than TV shows. Hope your Dad is better soon xxxx

  12. Hey Barb these new cards are brill and the stamps are even better. I had a great time with them.
    Enjoy your pottery
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  13. Wow they are gorgeous. I love them. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad Barbara. Both of my parents are very poorly. I hope the pottery worked out well. Take care. Hugs xxx

  14. The wonderful crew at Clarity Towers will be v busy. Sorry your Dad is struggling, it is hard for you and Steve, but remember family first and take care of yourselves.

  15. Firstly, hope your dad picks up soon. I really enjoyed doodling along with you in the Shac this morning. It was just what I needed, completely lost myself for an hour or so….perfect. Look forward to the lamp stand pics, hopefully 🤞🏻😄

  16. Weird. I left a reply earlier and it said it had to be approved first, never seen that before, it isn’t here so it can’t have been approved ! Just going to see what happens to this one and then I might rewrite it ! 😹

  17. Oh well, last comment went ok. So I’ll reply again.

    These look lovely stamps. I don’t think anyone will expect anything more than you cut and running if you need to – family first 🥰 Sorry your Dad is unwell again and I hope he improves soon but it’s good to know he’s being well looked after. I look forward to seeing more of the stamps. My first thought was that you’d made a standard lamp in pottery and thought that must be tall to get in a kiln ….. 🤦‍♀️. Look forward to the photos.

  18. These little cards look lovely and can’t wait to see the launch show. So sorry your Dad is still poorly hope he feels better soon. Loved the daisy doodle this morning can’t wait for Thursday. Hope all set well in pottery and looking forwards to seeing some photos. Take carexx

  19. Sorry to hear your dad is poorly.
    These lovely little heart cards….make me think of weddings….place settings, or little thank you cards. Very handy to have a stack ready made. Love to your little kitties, hope they are O.K

  20. Really sorry to hear about your Dad, Barbara. Hope he’s feeling better soon.
    These card kits look fun, looking forward to seeing more about them. The Clarity pickers and packers are going to be busy again!
    Take care.

  21. These look lovely, I can feel my wish list growing ever longer, looking forward to the shows. Received my monthly club goodies today, love them all, thank you. Get Well Wishes to your Dad, hope he will be feeling better soon. Take care. xxx

  22. So sorry your Dad is unwell Barbara. I hope he is comfortable. Sometimes it is no fun getting older.
    Even with your concerns you still found time to produce such interesting goodies. Cut and run if you have to Barbara, we will understand.
    Sending positive vibes, hugs and prayers your way xx

  23. Its the little things that count and sometimes there is not enough of it.
    Best wishes for your dad and hope all goes well. Love from Australia.

  24. Hi Barbara
    Sorry to hear about your Dad hope your Mum is coping. We are struggling at the moment Mum not well at all and Jackie has COVID so I’m not sure who to nurse , never been my forte but trying hard.
    Love to you all hope all goes well
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  25. I was planting seeds this afternoon so all the trays are in the greenhouse as I wait patiently for growth! Some other seeds have already sprouted which is great and there are a lot more to come. Some can go straight in the ground but as we are about to spring back to winter, it will be a wee while before I plant anything outside. I’ve also been taking lots of photos of birds and flowers in the garden. That is one of my happy places. Glad you are organised for your TV shows. So sorry that your dad is so unwell just now. It’s a worrying time for you. Family time is precious. Grab as much of it as you can because time is the one thing we can’t get back. Lots of love. Hxxx

  26. If you need to go to your Dad at a moments notice we will all understand but also fully understand you getting everything ready for the shows well in advance – keeping busy on things you can control stops you thinking of the things that you can’t.
    Looking forward to seeing what else you have lined up for us on Sunday as the heart card & envelopes look great.
    Get well wishes for your dad & hope your lampstand turned out ok when you got to pottery xx

  27. These cards look amazing. Completely understand why you want to get as organised as you can just in case but family comes first. If you have to drop everything and go we will all understand and you have an amazing teams around you who will help you out. Take care of yourself xxx

  28. Sending hugs to you and yours. These look like they will be a lovely addition to my Clarity kit. Don’t forget to look after yourself xx

  29. Getting ahead with prep is never a bad thing.
    Sorry your Dad is unwell and if you have to cut and run we will understand.
    You must have been reading my mind…… last year I made loads of 2.5 square gift cards for all occasions and ran out of that size card. I have recently been contemplating making more but didn’t fancy hand making the envelopes. These dinky cards will be ideal for many occasions.
    Between the sentiment corners and the ODS it looks like my budget for April is BLOWN. Ah well, I can’t take it with me so I might as well enjoy things while I can.
    Enjoy your pottery, look forward to seeing the lamp.
    Stay safe.

  30. Hello Barb, sorry to hear your Dad is unwell, hope he gets better soon, keeping you in my prayers. Love these little ditsy cards, so much potential, can’t wait to see the shows. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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