A little Bird told me…

A little Bird told me…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s no good, I can‘t wait any longer. I shall have to show you what we have come up with for Sunday‘s TV Show on the new Create & Craft. It’s such a simple idea actually, but it has been months in the planning and making.

It all starts with an idea. Clarity Cut-Card Kits…

Then the perfect bird shape.

Then Dave and his Heidelberg press get to work.

Then we design stamps to complement.

And then we play….

Result? A fabulous bird-card, 3 different sizes, complete with stand! Plus superb stamps set to decorate. Look!

Message goes on the inside. So cool! Birthdays, weddings, place-settings, anniversaries, Christmas, mobiles – it goes on. You can decorate them with ANY of your exisiting stamps too! Or stencils. Or both. Honestly, they look superb just as arty ornaments.

After the SHAC this morning, I decorated one using the Sunflower Stamps. I wanted to spend half an hour sending really positive energy to Ukraine. God knows they need it.

They are quite difficult to photograph, but you get the picture!

Every so often we come up with something special. This is one such occasion.

We’ll launch them on the new Create and Craft TV channel at 3pm on Sunday, 6th March. Dave’s made a lot, but I think they’ll fly…

Don’t forget to join me in the Moment Of Clarity on Facebook Live tomorrow at 3pm too. If you’re not into stamps, never fear – I’ll make a stamper out of you yet!! Or these birds will!

Love and Hugs

Barb xx

33 thoughts on “A little Bird told me…

  1. Well, a fabulous idea is indeed something special. Many thanks for demonstrating your thoughtfulness and caring nature every day. That is what keeps me enthralled with all things Clarity. I am so glad I found Clarity – it has been good for my creativity as well as my soul.

  2. They are lovely! Bet they took Dave a good while to cut all those! Hope he’s ready to cut even more!! Haha.

  3. Hi I would love to have a tour around Clarity Towers,
    Has there ever been such a thing in the past.
    Just nosey. X

    1. Joy, so would I. I have been a Clarity follower for years & I have never heard of tours. I remember Barbara saying when they moved into their premises at Fircroft Way that they were planning workshops & a pop-up shop but then Covid interrupted everything. These are what I have been waiting for.

  4. Wow these 3D cards look wonderful I will be glued on Sunday. Can’t wait for tomorrow at 3.00pm either. So nice to have something good to look forward to.

  5. They look brill – just what we need.
    Hope you are all well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS is Tennants/Leyburn one of your ‘open’ days please?

  6. We all need to fly away at times and to lose oneself in making these will be special. Thanks Dave for your input and for the whole Clarity workforce for bringing us yet more beautiful ideas xx

  7. Wow this looks absolutely gorgeous xx just when you think how can they make any new things you surprise us and with this fabulous idea xx will definitely be watching and may drop in my basket as well xx

  8. Wow Barb and Dave, what a brilliant concept. Can’t wait to have a play with these – I bet you have a few more ideas in the wings!
    Really looking forward to tomorrow’s Moment of Clarity and Sunday’s super shows on Create and Craft. I guess the piggy bank is going to take another hit!
    Big thanks to Jim for coming up with the Sunflower stamps, such a lovely idea.

  9. Wow! These are beautiful. After your little hints this morning in the SHAC, so pleased you have let the cat out of the bag and shared this with us. Excited now for 3pm Sunday.
    Take care, keep safe everyone

  10. So lovely that you were so excited about these, they are beautiful. Glad you shared. I also think they will fly, better get Dave on overtime. Maybe we can fill social media with birds of peace which will fly into heart of those that want war! Let’s send our positive messages of peace far and wide. Xx

  11. Oh wow that is just amazing Barbara. I can’t wait for the shows. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  12. So different and beautiful. Bang goes my intention not to buy unless I NEED something !!!
    Will be glued to the screen on Sunday.
    Stay safe.

  13. They look brill and that reminds me to order my sunflower stamp. Didn’t know there was a FB live tomorrow but, in any case, we will be visiting friends so I’ll catch up. I do love that catch up is there otherwise I’d feel I’d be missing out !

    I was sat doing an exchange this afternoon and it ended up in blue and yellow, it’s hard not to think about anything else. X

  14. They look great. Not sure I am going to be able to watch programmes but will try to catch up. One day at a time for me. X

  15. Love them -will have to record the show. Are there going to be any other shapes? I love all birds so will definitely be getting some and trying to colour /stamp/stencil them as different types of bird.

  16. Fabulous, amazing idea.
    I have ordered the sunflower stamps and as I was doing that I thought I will plant some sunflower seeds this year, although I hope this b***** war will be over by the time they flower and Putin will have his comeuppance, but at least it will be a tribute to the Ukrainians and their bravery.
    Look forward to watching the shows xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    They look very interesting will definitely be watching. Great idea well done to everyone 👏

    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  18. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday & Monday. Love the new concept of card that you have developed with the help of Dave.
    Ordered my Sunflower stamp yesterday & had an email earlier to say it is on its way.
    Missed the SHAC this morning but have caught up tonight so all ready for Monday morning.
    Will be there for a Moment of Clarity tomorrow to see what you planned to show us last week x

  19. Hello Barb, WOW, WOW, WOW – what an amazing concept, and your sample certainly shows off how lovely and different it is. Glad you gave us the heads up early, need to make sure record is all set and hopefully sit down and watch the shows. So looking forward to it. Great to have a handy Dave around 🙂 Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  20. These are just so brilliant, What a wonderful idea.
    My heart goes out to those poor souls, although just a tiny thing to do to help I have ordered the beautiful sunflower stamps which are stunning as well.

  21. Hi Barb,
    Look lovely and something so different. Unfortunately I will have to give them a miss as I have to buy 2 pairs of glasses. Think I’ll be on bread and water for a couple of months at least!!! Xx

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