Up in the gods?

Up in the gods?

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Went to London today. Had a business lunch at the Shard. Nice treat, but you really are up in the gods on the 32rd floor! To the average New Yorker, that’s probably not very high up, but to the average Brit, that’s up there for sure !!

The view is spectacular, as is the food, although I almost lost my appetite with all the tax talk !

So I looked up the expression, up in the gods. Where does it come from?

The gods is a theatrical term, referring to the highest area in a theatre. The upper balconies, for example, which are also usually the cheapest seats. The Shard is certainly not “the cheapest seats” though!

But why the gods? I was thinking about it on the train on the way home… perhaps because you’re so high up, you’re closer to God than you would be on the ground? Nope. Reasonable guess though.

Anyway, it turns out a lot of the older theatres have beautifully painted ceilings, often mythological themes with cherubs and angels and what have you; hence you’re up in the gods.

I find that kind of thing interesting.

I’ve been to a few gigs where I could only afford the cheap seats – up in the gods. The Eagles at the 02 might just as soon have been Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 for all we could see! And Genesis back in the 70’s at the Hammersmith Odeon too. In those days they didn’t have great big screens either side of the stage either, so you really could have been watching the wombles lip syncing Trick of the Tail!

Anyway, on Sunday you can have front row seats, with any refreshments and snacks you fancy! And in the comfort of your own homes! No parking, no public transport, no having to wear a mask. Just rock up to the Craftstore TV and tune in for our 2-4 pm show. I have done all the arty prep, ticked all the boxes, and am all set to entertain you.

Hope to see you there.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Up in the gods?

  1. I remember, over 40 years ago, before we were married, we saw Cliff Richard in the New Theatre in Oxford and we were in the very back row of the Gods – when we all stood up at the end for the singing/dancing bit well, I thought I was going to just fall forward ! It was a great nice but always laugh as that was really the back row ! He wouldn’t give the New Theatre a third, let alone a second, thought nowadays ! Glad you enjoyed the view at the Shard if not the chat ! Would say hope the accountant was paying but I’m sure you’ll pay it back in one way or the other ! Look forward to the shows in my comfy chair xx

  2. What a lovely place to talk shop ☺
    Looking forward to the Sunday shows .
    I’d like a little bit of advice.
    I’m into lots of different crafts card making , stamping, groovi, drawing, lino printing and so much more but never have the confidence to try and sell anything I just give them away or keep things for myself 😊 if I was to try and sell anything iv no idea where to start of have the confidence to put my art out there 😢 any ideas would be amazing 😀

    1. Hi,
      When I was making cards etc., I had great success at craft shows. I started with small village ones then progressed to the larger ones. Then we started actually selling stamps, ink pads and other things needed for card making. My late husband and I had a great time and did the shows until our age made it harder and we gave up. I will never forget the fun of chatting to people and helping them with techniques.

  3. What a lovely view of London, not sure how I feel about being 32 floors up though. Although sitting at a table eating might be a good distraction !!
    I do like the idea of front row seats though so will make sure I am there on Sunday.

  4. Ooh, I’m well jel, Barb – I’m a London girl, born and bred – born in Clapham, raised in Tooting – I miss going ‘up town’!
    Did you get to the V&A? I love that museum – could spend days there. Anyway, I hope you managed to combine business with at least a bit of pleasure! x 😉

    Debbie Lee

  5. Looks amazing. I always think so high up, the buildings sway a bit. But that might just my imagination. Hope to visit London again in the near future.

    1. I believe that they have to ‘give’ a little in high winds. I hope that’s the case anyway, as I am about to move into an apartment on the 8th floor!!

  6. Hi Barbara
    I’m like Debbie born and bred Londoner born at Ally Pally ended in Ealing and now in Somerset via Surrey quite a journey. I do miss London walked the streets every day as a traffic warden even Soho 🤣🤣 there are some interesting stories to tell but maybe not on this forum 🤔. Haven’t managed the Shard but do remember seeing Genesis at Twickenham in the gods but did have big screen so was ok.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  7. Hello Barb, what a fantastic view. Our kids have bought us a Shard experience for Christmas, so certainly looking forward to that, and definitely looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  8. Another theatrical term…….BOX OFFICE, where does that come from, apparently in the days of old you could only pre book theatre tickets for the ‘boxes’. They were considered to be the ‘poshest’ and most expensive seats. I spent 31 years in a Box Office at our theatre, starting in 1985 and retiring in 2016. Met someone lovely actors, also some not so lovely. Looking forward to your show on Sunday xx

  9. You were lucky with the weather that you could actually see something out of the windows. The Shard is an amazing building, flew past it on the way to land at city airport, so close I was praying we didn’t hit it (sure we weren’t that close just seemed like it). Really looking forward to front row seats on Sunday xx

  10. Hi Barbara what a fantastic place to be for a meeting. I do hope your shows go well. Our local theatre still has a painting of the sky on the ceiling. I often look up at it. Have a fantastic weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  11. Too high up for me,but lovely to see the place after 50 years where my father’s coaster was when the ship was in London or near the Tower Bridge. London has changed a lot in all those years!
    Looking forward to tomorrow! Trijntje Huppel

  12. Hi Barb…beautiful view never been fortunate enough to visit England or any other country but The one I live in Canada ..but have been across that..would love to see that view.

  13. I was up in the Gods when I first saw Cliff Richard I won tickets when he played Heathcliff , I needed binoculars to see him but didn’t have any was like a small dot!!!!!!! Xx

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