All dressed up for a night out….

All dressed up for a night out….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. How about a little step by step project, showing off the new stamps I shall be showcasing tomorrow on The Craft Store, (soon to be renamed Create & Craft)?

You may be familiar with these elegant little ladies. Originally, we had them as stencils…

Then we turned them into excellent little cameos…

and Groovi plates…

And now they are also available as very delightful, stylish, great for so many occasions, stamps! All of the above and more will be on the TV show tomorrow. I’ve got a few little tricks and tips I’d like to share with you, and as it stands I shall be working with lovely Hayley. Good friend. Knows her stuff too, so I reckon it should be an interesting show.

Here’s a step by step project I have prepped for tomorrow, but which I really don’t think there will be time to show, even in the 2 whole hours we get. And that, by the way, is not going to change going forward. First Sunday of the month, 2-4pm Stamping with Clarity, is set in stone.

Right. Here goes:

  1. Stamp the lady in black Archival onto Clarity stencil card. Allow the ink to dry. About half an hour.
  2. Cut out the mask area as in the pic.

3.Mask off the outer area.

4. Stamp the same girl onto a sheet of copy paper and cut her out loosely, to create an aperture that will mask off the rest of the outer area. Then secure that large aperture paper mask over the top.

5. Use masking tape to cover up the area above her wastline.

6. Use Spot-on Sponges to sweep colour into the centre. Drag pink from the waist, then sweep grey in from the bottom of the dress.

7. Remove all the masks, but store for next time.

8. Colour the girl in black with a Micron pen.

9. Dot white dots on the dress with a fine Posca pen.

10. Once the white paint dots are dry, cover the girl up with the positive mask, and sweep black ink across the woman, back and forth, focussing on the base area.

11. Trim and edge the white card with a black Sharpie pen.

12. Select matching paper from one of our Designer packs. for the background. I went with Shenandoah. In fact, I picked the paper BEFORE I picked the colour of her dress!

13. Pick a sticker sentiment that fits the occasion, mount on a scrap of white.

14. Assemble on an 8x8inch white cardblank,

All done.

When we went up to London yesterday, to the Shard, I had a full on fashion crisis getting dressed ! What to wear, what not to wear. Dress for comfort, dress for style, dress for business, dress for the windy weather, dress for indoors, dress for possible showers. Finally, after prancing around in my bra and knickers for the best part of an hour, I just decided to just blimming get dressed !!! I suppose, it’s a combination of insecurity, not having been out and about for so long, coupled with excess poundage and feeling uncomfortable in most of my clobber.

Ah well. You know what they say. If you don’t like it, change it! So I am! One day at a time and one pound at a time!

Time to go turn a few pots which I threw this morning. Trying to go straight and tall today!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

10 thoughts on “All dressed up for a night out….

  1. Finding clothes is definitely challenging and this cold, wet, grey weather is doing nothing to encourage me. However, no biscuits or chocolate in the house so there is hope! Have a great weekend. Will be tuning in tomorrow afternoon. Have fun. Hxx

  2. Having got the stencils, groovi plates and cameo stamps of these beautiful ladies it would be rude not to complete the set. Can’t tell you how pleased I am to see them as stamps and to see what you do with them tomorrow. From the design team’s sneak peaks it look like they too have loved using them.

    1. I was looking for plaster stencil info and came across your fish video
      then I went to your website to see what is going on in your world. Very cool niche you have developed, but I think it would be helpful if you had a gallery of finished examples and possibly some brief overview of terms and techniques, so for a person like myself that knows nothing much less what a groovi is

  3. Love that demonstration. The lady looks sooo pretty! That’s how I would like to feel, but think my shape is somewhat different! Haha.
    Think the clothes thing is a confidence issue! But then we haven’t been out much in the past few years!
    Have decided that I shall wear clothes that makes me feel confident!
    Love the new pots made!

  4. I absolutely love this Barbara! Such lovely colours and one of my favourite papers too! Looking forward to your show tomorrow! I totally sympathise with the clothes dilemma! That is me too! Love and hugs xx

  5. I know that feeling – I don’t feel like I’ve been out in company for ages! I hope something other than my leggings and sweat pants still fit!!!

  6. We are so pleased that Stamping with Clarity is going to continue on the first Sunday of the month. With so many changes, not all welcome, it’s good to know that Clarity is still going to be in its familiar spot each month.

  7. Hi Barb, loved the shot of you on telly this morning. Hope the trip to the studio was uneventful. This is a great step by step, the stamps are fabulous. Recorder all set, and I am all set. Always good to be able to go back to the shows for reference. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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