Spinning Plates….

Spinning Plates….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Spinning plates. You know the trick. Plates on sticks. Who’s familiar with this game?

It’s a never-ending trick. You can’t stop spinning the plates; you have to keep going. And then – out of nowhere – another plate appears, and you have to spin that one too.

Or should I say, you THINK you should spin that one too. There IS a maximum. There has to be. You can’t keep piling on the plates and sticks, can you? Or can you? It’s very addictive.

The Guinness World Record for spinning multiple plates is held by David Spathaky, who spun 108 plates simultaneously on a television show in Bangkok, Thailand in 1996. Mind you, he did have a lovely assistant called Debbie. Wonder what she did to help, apart from yell out to him which ones were going to drop! Just what you need. Somebody shouting at you.

So there you are, spinning plates, on long sticks in places you didn’t know you had places, with helpers shouting at you.

Everywhere you look, there are other people spinning plates too. Even your helpers. Their own particular brand of plates. There’s a veritable sea of plates, as far as the eye can see. Every now and then you hear a crash, the sound of broken crockery. You quickly check your sticks – and phew! Yours are still spinning.

You can’t sleep properly or eat properly, because your plates need constant spinning. Neck aches, head aches, but those plates need attention all the time.

The kids, the business, the parents, the business, the friends, the business, the cooking, the business, the house, the garden, the business, the laundry, the bank, the —– the —– the ——–. Fill in the blanks.

And yet, you still think you’re not doing enough! You think if you drop a plate you’ve failed. And therein lies the bind.

If you don’t prioritize, and just accept that you can’t do it all, chances are you really will drop some if not ALL the plates. The question then is whether you let them drop one at a time, or you just walk away! Or YOU drop.

Am I talking to myself? Absolutely. I have decided to take a few plates out of the equation – all the ones that look the same for a start! And the less important ones, the ones that can wait, like the laundry!

Nothing radical going on; I simply have to stop spinning so many plates at the same time. Who’s with me? Who gets me? I’m not enjoying the way it’s evolving, so I have to change it. Simple as that.

I feel less pressured already! And I haven’t broken a single plate. YET.

Stay safe

Love always

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Spinning Plates….

  1. Doesn’t matter if the plates break as long as you are not broken ! Let some drop and slow down. We need you !!! xxx

  2. Have been there but thankfully not lately, retiring helps – but we don’t want to hear that ! Dropping one or two definitely helps and I reckon laundry is a good one, any housework is a good one. You can’t drop the parents though ! I think it’s what comes with being successful in your case so that must be a good thing — go on drop some you know you can pick them up later if they haven’t gone away by then! Love and hugs xx

  3. Know exactly what you mean…… for me the image is juggling but additional balls keep on getting chucked in randomly……!🙃

    I found this recently – The Other Serenity Prayer – God, grant me the serenity to stop beating myself up for not doing things perfectly, the courage to forgive myself because I am working on doing better, and the wisdom to know that you already love me just the way I am…

    Hang in there and listen to Alfie Boe!!!!!

  4. As much as we don’t consciously want any plates to break in reality I think it would be good if a few did.
    I used to get anxious over everything but I don’t know if it’s my medication or just total apathy to certain things but I cartainly don’t seem to get worked up about as much. Either way I’m glad of it at this stage of things.

    Take care xx

  5. Hello Barbara
    If you can’t change or control something let it go! Just concentrate on what you can control.

  6. The trick is to accept help and not try to micro manage. You and the team are the best at what you do but you must still learn to RELAX!!!!! We all get curve balls chucked our way but they can be managed. We have had a few plates to spin lately but together we have coped.
    Stay calm, stay safe and plan a relaxing weekend.
    PS-thanks for the golden ❤️ surprise in my last parcel.

  7. What will be will be.
    I have recently walked away and let some of the plates fall – took early retirement – and do you know what? Life didn’t end, the sky didn’t fall in and I’m having a ball 😊
    Sometimes you have to say enough is enough!!!

  8. Hi Barb – the housework, laundry and ironing will all be there when the plates are not spinning so violently….. well, that’s the advice from a “senior citizen” anyway……❤️❤️

  9. Hope you manage to sort your plates out – I can see a few lists coming – Very important, important & not so important !!
    See you in the SHAC shack tomorrow – I think this will be on the Very Important list !!
    More importantly take time for yourself – book some pottery time into the diary.

  10. I know exactly what you mean – I’ve got lots of plates spinning at the moment (and a few on the floor where I dropped them!) Looking forward to the shows on Friday – although I’ll be watching on catch-up. Take care of yourself in the midst of the mayhem xx

  11. Make a list with most important things for you at the top
    Least important at the bottom
    Then move up the list dropping the plates from the bottom upwards, as many at a time as you’re comfortable with.
    On the housework front remember that dust is a furniture preservative, at least it is for me
    Take it easy and try to make some guilt free time for yourself

  12. Hi mluv. Know the feeling. I’ve now left the spinning to itself. If it topples, it topples. Heck, dust only returns, no visitors to ‘tidy up for’ just enjoying what I’m enjoying. All will be calm. My mantra has always been- what will be will be, can’t control everything. X honestly feel more chilled.

  13. How about -Order a take-away just for a change and save cooking ; keep the lid closed on the laundry basket -as long as it closes it is not there; don’t write in the dust then it won’t show, and finally, cuddle a cat for a spell while you enjoy a cup of tea and regroup those plates.
    Now is not forever.

  14. My advice is get a cleaner in a couple of days a week and hand over the housework and laundry, that takes care of a few plates. I used to have a cleaner once a week when I was working and with 3 sons at home and a husband away at sea. No bedrooms as the boys did their own (after a fashion) and I took care of ours. It was lovely to get home on a Wednesday to everything sparkling, then at the weekend I just had to keep on top of the ironing and push the hoover round and do things we all enjoyed, worth every penny.
    Mary xx

  15. I did the same as Janet and she’s quite right. Things are now different but so much better for the letting certain things go.

  16. Hello Barb, you need to take care of yourself and if you drop a few plates, so be it. You cannot constantly be on the go without something giving in. So please take a break if you can and put your feet up, the laundry will be there next week. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. Stack some plates Nichte cupboard- take them out when you need to. If they are away out of sight they won’t bother you.

    I use little imaginary boxes to lock things away – stack them and only open them in priority order.

    Stay strong Barbara – look after yourself. We have crafting as a hobby which helps with mindfulness but you have it as a livelihood- very different. Glad you have your happy place – pottery!!!!!

  18. People who really care will always have plates. The thing is accept some will drop and smash, some will drop and survive and others will stop spinning and land safely. Super woman you are not, Super human being you are.
    Love and hugs to you and your team.

  19. That used to be me long time ago(seems like that). Untill some thing happens and you have too slow down. Prioritise and what is not absolutely important can wait. Thats my motto now and I feel a lot better for it. Delegating is another option. Might not be done the way you would have, but hey, its done. Take care of yourself, there is only one you. Love

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