The SHAC was good today!

The SHAC was good today!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. DOn’t know whether you joined us in the SHAC this morning on Facebook LIVE. I really enjoyed it! It was fun. And Fun is needed – it really is. Just and hour, a breather.

Here’s what we did!

And here’s what we used to inject colour!

If you fancy catching up, watching how we achieved this lovely effect using cotton buds – here’s the Youtube recording.

Sometimes the simplest things give us the best results.

Anyway, I hope you have time to join me bright and early tomorrow morning on the new Create & Craft channel:

  • Freeview 85
  • Sky HD 683
  • Freesat HD 813

Fingers crossed the team have successfully linked everything up and knitted the two channels together well! Wish us luck!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “The SHAC was good today!

  1. Hi there, I was really impressed by the artwork this morning and will do it later. Really hope all goes without a hitch tomorrow for you all. Safe journey. Hxx

  2. Hi, couldn’t join in this morning as I was doing my voluntary lunch club job but will catch up. Currently watching the last few shows on C&C, they’re having a bit of fun! Even hubby’s smiling ! Crafting with my great-niece Emily tomorrow and hoping to manage to do my Groovi PTC exchange while she’s busy having fun. See you tomorrow whether it be live or catch up. Good luck ! X

  3. Couldn’t watch this morning, I was with our new doctor who has managed to get my leg problem sorted out. It is what it is !!
    Nice surprise when I got home, my club package arrived so I have been playing happily this afternoon.
    Looking forward to tomorrows mixed media and the yin/yang stamps.
    Safe travels tomorrow Barbara, hope all goes smoothly.

  4. I really enjoyed the Shac Shack this morning you always manage to produce a lovely distraction away from the horrid news. Will be watching tomorrow and hope all runs smoothly and safe journey to and from the studio.

  5. It was a great SHAC this morning, so satisfying to produce a small piece of art in its entirety. Along with many others I’m sure, I will be with you all the way tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the new stamps and who is presenting on the ‘new’ channel. Xx

  6. Google luck for the merge, congratulations to those who remain and wishing all the luck and best wishes in the world to those who are leaving x

  7. Loved our morning Shac session today – I think most of us needed the distraction – it’s a scary world, yet again! Hope tomorrow goes well for everyone involved in the move – you’ll nail it (obvs) 😉 x
    Debbie Lee

  8. The SHAC was ‘awesome’ today. I did all my finishing tricks and sat my finished (birthday) card on the shelf to admire.
    Thank you, simple, straight-forward but oh so effective. I can see myself making lots more.
    Have a safe journey up to the TV studios, tomorrow will be great. Love, Cx

  9. So loved the SHAC this morning, thank you Barbara. It was indeed a welcome distraction from the news we all woke to. So its deep breaths and time to take on your mantra once again lets take it all one day at a time.
    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow and Saturday.
    Good Luck to all.
    Take care, keep safe everyone

  10. It was a great SHAC Shac this morning, I’ve yet to catch up but loved the cotton bud painting technique.

    Good luck for the morning, I hope everything has been sorted and things run smoothly for you xx

  11. Good luck with the new set up, although I know it will all go well. I do hope all the lovely presenters on the Craft Store are still there as they all bring something special to the shows xx

  12. It was magic in the SHAC this morning, Barb! Brilliant artwork and much needed distraction! Loved the technique you showed us, so simple but so effective.
    Really looking forward to tomorrow’s TV shows, love the look of the Yin Yang stamps!
    Good luck with the big merger and have fun with your shows – there’ll be a few of us out here cheering you on, being inspired and “raiding the piggy bank” so we can add some more awesome Clarity goodies to the ever growing stash!

  13. Once again you were there for us Barbara in these troubled times. I loved the simple technique with the cotton buds and can’t wait to try it. We’ll all be there for you tomorrow on the ‘new’ TV and I for one hope everything goes well. Love and hugs

  14. Wishing you all luck tomorrow Barb, with the technology! I will be recording the shows as we have family coming for a few days. We are having a belated Christmas Dinner together and exchange of gifts, because it wasn’t possible to get together at Christmas. Love and hugs, Gilly xx

  15. Loved the SHAC today and actually made my two pieces into cards! After the ‘liquid sunshine’ (rain!) we had proper sunshine followed by more rain, hail, snow, strong wind -and finally some more sun. A real case of all seasons in one day ! I hope the trip to the studio went well and the shows tomorrow are successful.

  16. Really enjoyed this morning,as yet haven’t done my reflection need more practice. Will be there bright and early tomorrow morning hope all goes well.

  17. Really enjoyed the SHAC this morning, first time we have included keep fit exercise I think – the quick dash around the house grabbing the necessary craft items reminded me of one of the kids tv shows. Haven’t finished off my piece yet as we had our Bromsgrove Parchers meeting today but will do so hopefully tomorrow.
    Safe journey up to the studio & everything goes well.

  18. Hi Barb, hope your trip to the studio is uneventful. Looking forward to the shows. I could not join the Shac because of the day job, but just watched youtube, what a fun way to get these colours in. Hope all goes well today. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. Thanks for sharing on YouTube. I couldn’t find you on the new channel this morning, so I’ll be relying on YouTube for catch ups on Clarity news and new superlyduperly designs.
    Hugs, Sue. x

  20. Hi Barbara because of my carer duties for hubby I was going to watch your show on rewind or catch up but was disappointed to find it wasn’t available , I realise these things take time to sort out but thought you would like to know. Thank you for all you do and your team. Sue xxx

  21. I love these!! So much so I’m quartering my 7×7 stencil card immediately after posting this. It’s a great idea to sell it quartered, but I can’t wait! Simply beautiful and the cotton bud thing is brilliant!

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