Something new for the SHAC…

Something new for the SHAC…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. We love new things in the SHAC. New things to doodle, new things to colour in. Every year we introduce a new colouring subject. To start with we went with our Feathered friends, original art by our friend Mel Turner. We still have lots of these to go to – they aren’t done yet!

Last year we introduced out Poppets by marina Fedotova. So pretty!

For this year we have got some superb original art by Mel, which we decided would be beautiful for colouring in. And I would like to colour them in together with my buddies in the SHAC. Dee Paramour coloured in our inspiration cards for us, to show you just how beautiful these art illustrations are, and give you something to work towards, should you need a little kickstart.

The pack is A4, and as you can see/read here, for each of the four artworks, you will receive 1 A4 picture, 2 A5 pictures and 4 A6 pictures. Plenty for practicing, making gifts and even selling framed! The card is top quality 300 gsm, and there are even faint cutlines between the images, to ensure you centre them perfectly when splitting the smaller images.

We will start colouring one of the artcards at the beginning of March, and we have loaded the artpack onto the website this evening. I hope you invest in a pack, so that you can join in. This will be a real exercise in colouring and shading. Will you go with Perga Liners? Or will you invest in the Polychromos? Click HERE to find our offers. You can also use what you’ve got! I shall be using these two collections, and the set of 12 Polychromos that we stock, which includes all the greys and metallics.

And here to find our wonderful Woodland Creatures.

I look forward to taking our colouring skills to the next level…

Love always

Barb xxx

11 thoughts on “Something new for the SHAC…

  1. Fabulous, these are going to challenge my colouring brain. It’s making the time that I find most difficult! However, with this as inspiration I must find the missing mojo and get motivated!

    Thank you, Cx

  2. Just going to the web shop to order these, they are different, love that they are in ovals and differeny sizez.
    I will have a big catch up day soon on YouTube and the SHAC shac – will keep me occupied (and out of mischief) for hours if time permits.
    Stay safe.

  3. Hello Barb, Wowser! What beautiful drawings/artwork. Will have to hold off for a while, but will defo have a look, colouring is such a calming craft. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  4. Will add these to my next order ready for the SHAC shack in March. Caught up with the last few sessions yesterday including transferring the line art to parchment, just need to remove the colour.
    enjoyed this mornings session in the SHAC shack realise I hadn’t posted this last night !!

  5. Just when I promised myself no more craft stuff for a while, just until I get caught up on all the half finished projects ( and painting the spare room which is just not exciting) oh well, rules were made to be broken! off to the shop methinks.

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