Houses, houses, houses.

Houses, houses, houses.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. If I had to pick my favourite Freshcut die, I think it would be this one. There are some superb designs in our library now – check it out HERE – but I have to say, this one is it. Drawn by Mel Turner, we have got the same design in stamps, stencil and Groovi!

We were quite late to the Die party, but when we arrived a couple of years ago, with our beautiful aperture dies, folks were pretty surprised just how arty and original they were! Being a huge fan of papercut art, this was just what I was aiming for: paper cut art. Check out this one die, using just one designer paper….

Of course, lots of companies have jumped on the aperture-art bandwagon now, and plenty of people have adopted my Trap-the-scrap trick – but that’s how it goes. Nobody ever copied a bad idea, did they?

But I still smile when I see this art. It’s so good. Thanks Mel.

Love always,


19 thoughts on “Houses, houses, houses.

  1. Fresh Cut Dies, in my opinion, are the best on the market. They cut paper, card and parchment with ease. I never have to spend hours cleaning up. Your samples here are a good example of “trap the scrap” too. Makes crafting a pleasure.
    There will always be companies who copy your ideas but they won’t be able to copy the quality.
    Stay well,stay safe.

  2. I love the fresh cut dies – I agree with Cherry, they are indeed the best!! There are a couple of brands that do come close I have found; just wish I hadn’t gone with the hype of one (shall remain nameless) brand by buying – and wasting my money – as being so intricate they are very particular about the density of paper, let alone card, that they will cut into, even with shims and numerous passes plus some seem to be developing rust !! None of the afore-mentioned happens when I use the fresh cut ones. Xx

  3. I love my Fresh cut dies and the trap the waste technique and they will be used for a whole range of cards. Thank you Claritystamp x

  4. Love trap the scrap, some dies are easier than others of course but still its good to get 2 for 1 when we can. In fact paper piecing can enhance the detail of the dies.
    I have loads of dies from other companies but rarely use them now that I have the Clarity ones.
    As the saying goes ”Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

  5. I love that die, too, but must try it on a canvas board. Thanks for the inspiration. Once I discovered Clarity, I didn’t care what other companies were doing as Clarity was and is still at the top of the tree as far as quality was/is concerned, not to mention service and inspiration and the amazing Clarity family. I have a huge amount of stash now which is great and was fortunate to be able to get it while I was working which makes life a lot easier now! Keep up the good work and know that all you and your team do is appreciated. Hxx

  6. Hi Barbara, the Fresh Cut dies have made such a difference to my crafting – like all Clarity products! The little blue wonders are such a joy to use and help to produce beautiful designs. The latest doodle frame it dies are absolute game changers too! I can’t choose a favourite, too many good ones! One of the heart dies and the Frame its helped me produce a lovely Valentine’s card!
    It wouldn’t be the first time other companies have followed your lead, but for me and my crafting, there is only Clarity.

  7. Hi Barbara
    I love my dies fortunately I was late to the party as well and never invested in other dies, why try the rest when you can have the best. I am also a traditional paper cutter love it very relaxing in fact I have used many of the clarity stencils as paper cuts. Keep up the good work 👍👍
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  8. Love my Clarity dies. I have used others in the past but wasted so much time cleaning the darn things I can’t be bothered anymore. I certainly wouldn’t want to try and trap the scrap with them. It’s Clarity dies all the way for me.

  9. Hello Barb, the Clarity dies are different, they are so easy to use and it goes without saying that they are top quality. This design is so brilliant, Mel is a great designer. I love my dies and they are perfect for so many occasions, they are the ones I turn to first. Your idea was there first, and it is a compliment to you that others are copying. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. I love clarity dies but especially love the houses which I gave in all its forms in fact I must have forgotten as for some reason I have three identical stencils. And you frame it dies are inspirational

  11. I too have quite few dies I love them. Every thing you purchase from Clarity are of excellent quality. I live in a park home and when someone new moves on the park I make a welcome card using the house 🏡 die.Thank you Barbara and all at Clarity for excellent service. Norita 🌞🌞❤️❤️

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