Room for one more…

Room for one more…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Picture the scene: you have been stood standing in the pouring rain at a busstop for about half an hour. Finally the bus rolls up and the people in front of you in the queue pile on. You’re the next one to get on, but the bus is packed full, and the conductor puts his hand out to stop you boarding. YMBFJ, you think. When suddenly he drops his hand and says “There’s room for one more!” You jump aboard, dodging the puddle. At that moment, at that precise moment when you’re on the bus, in the dry, out of the rain – you not only could kiss the conductor and tell him you love him, but you are flooded with a wave of relief and gratitude. Doesn’t happen often, to be honest. How often do we use the buses nowadays? But we did. Well, I did. Used the trams and the U-Bahn in Nurnberg too, when I lived there. It was by far the best and cheapest way to travel.

Why am I talking about this? I’m not sure. Ah yes!! I was stashing and storing my fresh, still to be fired pots in the kiln early this morning, and took an aerial shot with my phone camera….

Ah! I thought. There’s room for one more!! Hence the bus daydream.

But why was I filling the kiln with pots that aren’t ready to be fired yet? Well, because the weatherman told me that the roof is going to probably blow off , and I decided the pots will be safer in the kiln. Hahahahaha. Like I would give a dead bat’s arse about the pots if my roof blew off !! I’m sitting under the roof writing this!!!

You see, this is what happens when you spend your time alone. The mind takes you on trips – whether you want to go or not! Loading the kiln with fresh pots in case we get hit by a hurricane is like when your mother said “make sure you always wear clean underwear – just in case you get hit by a bus”.

I remember when we lived in California, a car would drive around the area from time to time, with a megaphone on the roof, telling you what to do in the event of an earthquake. I always shook my head in disdain until we actually experienced a baby one – and a load of crockery fell out of the kitchen cupboards. We fitted child locks on all the kitchen drawers and cupboards then.

It’s certainly blowing a gale outside now, so I think I shall call it a day and get in the house. After all, it’s been here over 450 years, so I’m hoping it was built to last! The cats are curious. Erik was poorly yesterday. By the evening he was very wobbly, so Dave took him to the Vets. £150 later, it transpires he will be fine. Got into a fight with a bigger cat apparently. Bite marks on his back and leg. Infection. We never spotted it. He’s much better today.

Paul here – Barb has just called to say that she has had a power cut – but not to panic – the pots will be fine!

Love & hugs

Barb & Paul xxx

26 thoughts on “Room for one more…

  1. You made me LOL with this “Like I would give a dead bat’s arse about the pots if my roof blew off” and I am stealing it…! x

  2. Oh…poor Erik. We too were at the vets yesterday, getting Bendy’s fur clipped – because he has long fur he gets the most dreadful ‘tats’ (Paul O’Grady liverpool expression for tagged up hair), and can I get them – he won’t let me!
    I gravitate to York Minster in the event of major disasters, it’s been there for over a 1000 years. I just ‘feel’ the walls and all is well. Can’t wait to see the finished pots.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  3. Oh Blimey, first Linda then Barb on the power cut front! Glad Erik is fine, it happens doesn’t it, antibiotics will do the job. We’ve had a few abscesses over the years from cat fights – well the cats have no us you realise! We were due to travel to Wales today but now going tomorrow, luckily the wedding we’re going to is on Sunday so we have plenty of time. Battened down the hatches here as wind is definitely increasing now, it’s the noise that gets me. I’ve taken advantage of extra day at home, changed the bed, going to clean bathroom properly instead of a lick and a spit, and then crafting. Most of things we’re taking are packed as I did it yesterday – not that there’s a lot ! We’ll be back on Tuesday ! All those pots Barbara, you’re going to have to start selling !

    Keep safe everyone – see you on the other side x x

  4. Oh Barbara my laugh for the day as I sit here doing some white work whilst nursing my COVID. Must admit I had to think about YMBFJ and that really made me laugh when I ‘got it’ 🤣🤣 hope you soon get power back, we take so much for granted don’t we? Just in case you read this my husband tells me that starting Monday, Radio 4 Xtra, there is to be readings of Maya Angelou’s book. Not sure of the details but I’m sure you can find out. Have a great weekend and hope Erik gets better soon xx

  5. Made me giggle, but take care hope you have plenty of candles in case the power is off for a while and wrap up warm. Still very blowy here in the south near portsmouth don’t want to go out at all but have to so will wait a while. Xx

  6. Oh, no, Barb. Hope you have the flasks filled and that the power comes back on soon. I suspect you will have a wee camping stove though. Anyway, it’s snow here today but the thaw has already started. I have to go to Glasgow – working today – but the roads are all gritted so hopefully the journey will be ok. Stay safe, Barb, and glad you’ve protected your pots – just in case! Poor Erik. Glad he’s going to be ok. Lots of love. You stay safe, too, Paul. Hxx

  7. Hope your power gets back on very soon. It’s pretty windy here now in West Sussex. Wonder how Linda is coping in Wales!!!! The pots look great and look forward to seeing the finished pieces.

  8. Flasks filled. Saucepans filled with water. Just waiting for the power to go. I remember the Burns’ night storm which hit us harder here than ’87. It was my birthday and children in bed , husband out, I was trying to heat soup in a saucepan on a coal fire! We had no water or electricity for days.
    Glad Eric is ok. Always a worry when they can’t tell you what’s wrong.
    Stay safe everyone. X

  9. Hope your power comes back on soon. Glad I live in North Wales and not South like Linda no powercuts here but very windy. Poor Eric glad he’s a bit better today. Love the pots as someone said you’ll have to start selling them soon. Stay safe and warm.💕

  10. Our roof blew off and got flooded about 10yrs ago…. we’ll never forget that day!! Had 6weeks in hotel and 8months in a temporary flat…so hopefully all’s well down south with Barb and everyone down there hope your all safe n well…hope the pots survive Barb. they look fantastic

  11. Stay safe and dry!
    Glad to hear that Erik is ok. I’m sure he’ll make a full recovery and that he’s learnt not to go near big nasty cats.
    Hope the power comes on again soon!
    Love and hugs
    Jane xx

  12. Your post today has made me smile. It never rains but it pours as my Gran used to say. It’s a bit blappy here in Norfolk but the Gardener still insisted on cutting the lawn!!!!!
    The pots should be safe in the kiln, Erik is recovering, the forecast says the storm will pass quite quickly, and we have our crafting to keep us occupied until it does.
    I hope your power is restored soon.
    Stay safe.

  13. Your post today has made me smile. It never rains but it pours as my Gran used to say. It’s a bit blappy here in Norfolk but the Gardener still insisted on cutting the lawn!!!!!
    The pots should be safe in the kiln, Erik is recovering, the forecast says the storm will pass quite quickly, and we have our crafting to keep us occupied until it does.
    I hope your power is restored soon.
    Stay safe.

  14. Hope your power came back on and the roof did not blow off xx hoping Erik is much better bless him always the same with cats out one was always getting bitten by bigger cats so visits the vet was regular xx
    Hope both you Dave and Paul are all okay with the bad weather down south not so bad here in Yorkshire yet xx love and hugs xx keep safe xx

  15. Hope the power isn’t off for too long. Hope everyone stays safe down there. You did make me laugh out loud haha. Hope Erik doesn’t make a habit of scrapping! We had a cat who thought he was Mike Tyson. He gained many scars, lost an eye and half an ear and the end of his tail was gone.

  16. Love the story about you mind wandering – lovely to think about so many things that you wouldn’t have if you were busy crazy and your mind was cluttered with to do lists. Sorry to hear about Erik – hope he will be back to usual in a few days.

  17. Windy here but not as bad as across the south of Wales & England. Hope your power is back on soon – good job the pots weren’t ready to be fired but hopefully they are safe.
    Following the vets visit hope Erik is soon be back to 100% fitness.
    Stay safe everyone – can’t believe there were still people out on the seafronts & cliffs just to see the storm even though there were red weather warnings & being told to stay indoors !!

  18. Must have been vet day yesterday! We took our 15 and a half year old whippet x who is really right near the Rainbow Bridge, for a check to see if anything else would help her. Pills were adjusted and something to make her very liquid poos a bit more solid (if I can get her to take the yukky stuff) and I wondered if it really mattered -we’re just keeping her comfortable until the inevitable day when she tells us ‘no more’. As Bea is now 91 it will be her last in a long line of rescue dogs, and I dread how it might affect her. We’ll both miss Callie so much as she came to us 13 years ago at the age of about 18 months. I hope Erik and Bendy both recover well and quickly. We’ve had no water since about 10.30 am, but so far electricity is on.

  19. Today I got on a bus for the first time on 2 years, and to make it more of an occasion, it is in Birmingham! Different way to buses in Glasgow, but I survived and made it the rag Market where I bought lots of really cheap fabrics.
    I drove down last night to avoid the storms as I didn’t want stranded on the M74 in snow today.
    Meeting up with my Outlander book group tomorrow for lunch, hence the mad trip to Birmingham and staying with my cousin for the weekend.
    Hope everyone is safe and that power cuts don’t last too long.

  20. Hi Barbara
    Been very blowy in Somerset and the spire fell off one of the churches in Wells. No hurt thank goodness. Glad to hear Erik is feeling better our 2 boys won’t even go outdoors in this weather.
    Hope the power is back on soon.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  21. Hi Barb, it was very windy here yesterday, quite scary actually. Hope Erik is much better and hope the roof did not blow off and the pots are fine. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  22. Hi Barbara I love your pots and your stories. I do hope Erik feels better soon. It is a shame they can’t tell you when they are poorly. Stay safe. Take care. Hugs xxx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Hope by now you’ve got power back on! Sorry to hear poor Erik is in the wars but with antibiotics he should be on the mend quickly. It’s been horrendous up here seems like forever with storm after storm. My sister and I went up to Newcastle on the bus on Thursday ( using our bus passes so no parking to pay for!) and grabbed a takeaway coffee before we got one, so we had a good natter and drink and no hassle with driving. Got off and on bus right outside John Lewis so convenient! Xx

  24. We got off lightly in the storm but do feel sorry for all the people affected by it. I am in the house anyway as recovering from first cataract surgery. All gone well and bring on the next one. Take care all of you. X

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