Shining a light on the Background.

Shining a light on the Background.

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We got some new Ranger Distress Oxide Ink and regular Distress Ink colours delivered last week:

so I decided to take a look at one of them. Just one. Which one would YOU have gone for? I thought I’d compare the same colour in the two different inks, becasue they certainly differ in their application and even colour tone. The Distress Oxides are very chalky and opaque, whereas the regular Distress ink are more watery, more translucent. They both have their place. All available on our website HERE. We didn’t buy vast quantities of them, but we were topping up on our entire Ranger ink department, and thought we should bring in the new colours too!

I picked Speckled Egg. Beautiful! The reason for this was becasue I also wanted to shine a little light on our Mixed Impression Grunge Background stamps. We certainly have a large collection of these fab Mixed Media texture stamps, but again, I decided to focus on just one – The Ocean Swirls set. CLICK HERE TO FIND

  • First, let’s use the smallest swirl stamp, and create a little topper – or ten!!
  • Use a Spot-on Sponge to dab the Distress Oxide ink all over the stamp, which I have mounted on acetate. Both inks work well. but the Oxide reacts to water and goes beautifully mottled.
  • Plant on a 3.5″ square piece of Clarity Stencil Card. You know we have these ready cut for you, don’t you. xx CLICK HERE. 100 pieces, ready to go!
  • Spritz the stamp with a little water and stamp again. Fabulous, lighter, mottled effect. Did I add more ink? A tiny amount, just off the sponge.
  • Make a bunch.
  • Now for the large A5 texture mat. Fantastic solution to grungey, mixed media type background effects. All you need, to get the huge stamp inked up faster, is a soft Speedball brayer.
  • Dab the ink pad directly onto the texture mat. I used the Oxide, but actually both work perfectly well.
  • Spread the ink all over with a brayer
  • Lay a 5×5 inch scored but not folded cardblank of ours down onto the inky stamp
  • Rub the back of the card,
  • If you want to add a little panel of print on the back of the card, too, simply open up the folded card and rub to transfer the ink.
  • Make a bunch

Edging the centrepieces. Let’s use regular Distress ink here, with a stencil brush atound the edges, then a blending tool for depth.

Here you can see a close up of the two effects. On the left is the Distress Ink, on the right is the chalky Oxide.

A little matting & layering with Sharpie pens, Clarity 5×5 inch cardblanks and a Clarity Glue runner, the additino of a few meaningful stickers sentiments, and we have ourselves a lovely set of notelets – perfect to send to a friend, perfect to GIVE to a friend as little gift.

Loads of background texture cards ready made, and plenty of toppers too. It doesn’t always have to be complicated to be good. And these arty little cards would sell well in any arty giftshop for sure. I’d buy them. I LOVE this colour too!

All the ingredients are on our website. As for the Mixed Impression Texture stampsets, I have my favourites…

How about you? I think I like these ones best because the smaller stamps are so fabulous. We’ve got something very very special in the pipeline, and these stamps will work like magic. I look forward to when I can show you. All good things take time though, eh…

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “Shining a light on the Background.

  1. Love the texture stamps! This will answer lots of people’s questions about the difference between the two inks. Wonder what you are cooking up now! Worth the wait I’m sure. X

  2. I was looking at the new colour Distress Inks/Oxides and I too picked Speckled Egg, it’s a beautiful subtle shade. I’ve also got the Wild Flower Stamp so I look forward to what’s to come. Your samples are lovely

  3. Absolutely stunning and would have been my choice too, such a calming colour. Love it Barb, I will have to choose a few as a treat next pay day! Isn’t it amazing how the distress and oxides differ but love them both equally.
    Crafty hugs

  4. Speckled Egg is my favourite too – it always looks so fresh and Spring/Summery……Im not very good at the grunge look but will give it a try. Hmmmmm – I wonder what else is special in the pipeline!!!!! Thanks for the mini tutorial Barb.

  5. Thank you Barbara for the great ideas with the Texture Stamps and the new colours of inks. I need to give those “small” cards a go! And I think I’m being tempted to try some of the new colours!
    See you in the SHAC in the morning.

  6. So glad you have the new colours in I’ve been waiting patiently. Love these grunge background stamps as well. Can’t wait to see what you have in the pipeline for us.

  7. Love the new colours and the quality as always fabulous xx
    Love the look of the demos might just have to try these and experiment a bit thank you for the hints and tips as always so useful xx

  8. I’ve got several of the new colours – they’re fab, and I have to say that speckled egg is one of my favourites! Love these designs Barbara – I’m still isolating with Covid so a good excuse to play!

  9. Love these new colours, I was naughty and bought all of them.
    This idea for small and simple cards is fab. Thank you.
    Stay safe.

  10. Have the stash – need to play !! I can’t go out this week as I have to isolate for my op on Saturday so this will keep me out of mischief along with some great things shared on Facebook. I also have my new dies & Glamourous Ladies to try out.
    I wonder what you have lined up for us in the pipeline – I know you have a mixed media show coming up with Sam so I suppose we will have to wait & see !!
    See you in the SHAC Shack tomorrow – haven’t done my homework yet though, I needed to do a card for my eldest Granddaughter & get it in the post as we can’t go & see her.

  11. Love theses little cards. And thank you for showing the different results for the two types of ink. I have been neglecting the original distress inks since the oxides came out and forgotten how useful the originals are. A purple girl at heart I love the dramatic new colours but the speckled egg looks beautiful

  12. Hello Barb, such a fabulous project, I love my Distress and Distress Oxides and use them quite a bit. I have all the Distress Colours, and most of the Oxide colours too, they are fab to use on the backdrop stamps. Looking forward to what you have coming up, sounds interesting. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Love these new colours – have them all in Oxide form. I have all of the stamps as well and they are brilliant for backgrounds as you say. I must have another play with them and build up a little stash of cards and backgrounds. Loads of love, Alison xx

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