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Thanks for popping in. Stepped away from the Clarity treadmill for a day and took off for the coast, to blow away the cobwebs. Or should I say to blow away?! It feels like it’s time, to come out from the back of the COVID cave, and into the sunshine.

It was a bright and beautiful, freezing cold and oh-so-windy day!! Here we see yours truly trying to walk forwards, but being pushed back by the wind!

We stood on the sea wall out past the bird sanctuary, and let the wind whistle through us. The waves built up, gathering speed, then crashed onto the pebble beach. It felt good to be alive.

The I thought about the thousands of people who have crossed this little stretch of water from France in the last couple of years – in ALL weathers. I’m telling you now, I doubt very much that anybody reading this blog would have the nerve to get in a poxy little boat with kids and grandparents, and try to cross those muddy waters with winds like today. I certainly wouldn’t – unless I had absolutely no alternative, and death was a better option. And yet you know that families are out there, trying to get to England across the channel. I can only imagine how desperate they must be to take that risk. How cold and frightened they must be too. What a terrible situation those refugees must come from or must be in. The world is deeply flawed.

And here am I, in my £350 Christmas Dubarry boots (which are giving me blisters btw) wittering on about a blustery, sunny day.

The definition of humility:

not to think less of oneself, but to think of oneself less.

There was a little house along the way, which we would see as a bit of a shack, a shed, a fixer upper, quaint…

Outstanding outlook mind, and ample parking! OIRO at least half a million, don’t you think?

And once again, I thought to myself, this ramshackle old fisherman’s shack at Rye (probably listed) would be a palace for a family coming from a war-torn place, wouldn’t it. I’m sure the dog walkers and joggers out there on the Rye Harbour Bird Sanctuary would have something to say if a family of refugees took up residence! But I’m just saying.

Please. Stay safe, stay warm – and get grateful. We’re so lucky.

Love always

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “OIRO…

  1. Yes – very thought provoking Barb. Love the boots btw🤣 I should’ve gone for a walk but it ‘smelt’ very cold out there so I elected to stay home. I didn’t even manage the crafty day I was going to have. I’m glad you had a day away from it all xxx enjoy tomorrow xxx

  2. We are so lucky. My friend’s grand-daughter is off to Calais for a few weeks/months to work with the children in the camps. She has been collecting things to take with her. The list was provided by the charity so that only what is needed is taken but it is going to be pretty harrowing, I think, but incredibly rewarding. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Barb and Dave. Hxxx

  3. Glad you had a day out in the fresh air, nothing like sea air. You cover so many issues and it’s good to be reminded how lucky we all are!

  4. Let’s not lose sight of why we are lucky….our fathers and grandfather’s, and women fought for our country. My father was a prisoner of war for five years, eating out of dustbins to live, until they were freed…they stood up for their country…no medals, most are gone now.
    That’s perspective!
    It had to be said!

  5. It was certainly breezy and chilly today. To be honest, no, I wouldn’t get in a dinghy to cross the channel – I’d be scared to death and would have to stay in France. Of course, if I was in that situation I might think differently, and can only thank my lucky stars that I’m not. X

  6. Nothing like a bracing day at the beach. I recently read the beekeeper of aleppo which was about refugees trying to escape Syria to join family in the UK. Such an emotional and insightful book x

  7. Well said Barbara. Such a shame that the term refugee has such connotations. We should understand their plight. There but for the grace of God….

  8. Hi Barbara, recognised that place right away. Got a photo of that old shack too!😁 Been to Rye Harbour a few times and once on a blowy day like you had. The bird sanctuary is well worth a visit, too, btw.
    Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday. Alles Liebe xxx

  9. Hello Barb, you have given us all a lot to think about. Love the little cottage, a bit isolated for me though. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. Very thought provoking blog. Good to see you taking some time off to rejuvenate.
    The last 5 days have been difficult for us, between waiting 3 days for a plumber who did not turn up on time to repair leaks and waiting 5 days for a chap to pick up a valentine card made specially for his wife it has been a frustrating time.
    The card has still not been collected but fortunately was pre-paid. The leaks have now been resolved. But we would both have loved to get out in the ☀️ ☀️☀️sunshine while we have it, the cold doesn’t bother me.
    Stay safe and well.

  11. Good for yiu to take a day to yourself and Dave. Sometimes you just need that to recoupe. Blow all the cobwebs away and start afresh. Love from a warm Melbourne.

  12. Just catching up with this – missed it somehow on Saturday. Glad you enjoyed your day out at the sea – a nice dry sunny day be it was a little blowy & chilly.
    You wouldn’t get me in a dinghy to cross the channel but as you say those that do must be so desperate. Something most of us will never have to experience thankfully. We have a lot to be thankful for but often don’t realise it.

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