O! What a Beautiful Morning!

O! What a Beautiful Morning!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. The sun is shining here. Always improves the mood, don’t you find? I was humming “Oh what a beautiful morning“ from Oklahoma to myself earlier ( I only actually know the chorus!), and just by total chance, I found this artwork. OH!! I said, Quelle coincidence!

Here we see Ragnar and Erik when they first came to us. I used our Letterbox stampset to spell out their names – probably THE most essential stampset in the entire collection – and the cat n birdie from other sets….

The O Framers, as we call them at Clarity are a range of stamps which we developed years ago, starting with LOVE, NOEL (and then PEACE, cos a C is almost an O?)

Then we expanded our range, introducing, Thank You and Joy. I love these ones in particular.

There are others too: Hope, Home, Sport, Flower

They are perfect for so many occasions, and for using with your existing stash! You can introduce pics, landscapes, photos, messages. We also turned them into Groovi plates!

We have such a vast library of cool artstamps, stencils, groovi plates and dies, you may not even be familiar with these; you may not even know they exist. And they really are such a great design concept, even if I say so myself. Thought I’d shine a light on them – especially as they are all in the Half price Clarity Craft Club Members’ Sale!! Now is the time to subscribe or resubscribe – and develop your craft stash. Half Price is a serious sale. The Letterbox Stamps are £10 now and these O stampsets are £7.50 – inlcuding masks!

I’ve just spotted a WelcOme Groovi plate too! Blimey! If I don’t even know what we’ve got in the cupboard, what chance have you got!!

What other ones could we do? Any other ideas? JOB? WORK? Nah…

But on that happy nOte, I’d best crack on with prep for the Sunday TV ShOw 2-4!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “O! What a Beautiful Morning!

  1. I use the letterbox stamps a lot and have several versions and having lots of brothers and nephews use the Sport stamp several times a year for a variety of birthdays . In fact thinking about it I might see if there are any female sports players in the wee folk sets

  2. That’s was a lovely surprise to see the kitties today. They are so sweet…very, special little pair, they really do love each other. The cards are a lovely idea, so many things you can do,
    the ideas keep flooding in.

  3. I recently bought the letterbox stamps just love them. Need to get the numbers next! The sun has been shining in West Sussex all day and we even sat outside with a cup of tea. Lifts the spirits and makes you feel so much better. Looking forward to the Shac Shack in the morning. X

  4. Hi Barbara it was lovely walking home from work this morning. I love the artwork. Your cats are delightful. All those goodies are so tempting. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  5. Heyyyy.. NOel was one of the first stamps I worked with at one of your open days oop norf early on. I learnt so much that day – it was the first time I had actually seen anyone heat emboss in real life – and you were so careful to get it right for us. I still have the ‘lessons’ pages -and my attempts at re-creating your cards from that day. I remember your mum was there and so was Dave, and I decided there and then this was for me! Thank you many times over (wish I’d joined the club earlier). Lovely to see the cats.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  6. I use the letterbox ,all sizes, frequently. Wouldn’t be without them. Have all the O I R.E.M.’s except the spOrt so this will go on the next order to complete the collection.
    Spent all day die cutting and tracing,eyes are tired now so need to rest.
    Love the cards , those kittens are loveable.
    Stay safe.

  7. Love those stamps I have a couple of them..had them for awhile now but haven’t used them seeing the pics of your cats made me thing what a nice give that would be for my daughter who has a ginger cat. Thank you for the inspiration Barb..from cold and wet Nova Scotia Canada

  8. The letter box stamps were one of the first sets I bought from Clarity, they get.lots of.use.too, how the cats have grown. Looking forward to the show on Sunday , hugs xxx

  9. Renewed membership of the stamp club this morning. poor jeannine had over 50 calls on Monday! All good for trade tho. Thanks Jeannine now I can browse and shop to my hearts content! X

  10. Letterbox stamps seems a great idea. Will add that to my list, with sOO many Other things on it already.
    LOve the cards.

  11. Hi Barbara
    Just like to say thank you to your team, I rang on Monday with a problem with November club goodies and today received the replacement copies how’s that for service thanks 😊.
    On the O note surely Potter should now be one 🤣🤣.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  12. Hi Barb, love your picture of Erik and Ragnar. Really cute, and some great products with O’s and other letters, quite a few of which I have in stamp form. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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