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MORNIN’! Wakey wakey! I just wanted to *gently* remind you about our Clarity tv shows this morning! We persevered through some daunting tech issues yesterday, but on the bright was great to work with Martin and Dan, and we were able to get some great demos in!
All shows will be able to catch up on. In fact, you can find yesterday’s shows HERE. Just scroll to our two Clarity shows on the correct date and click ‘Watch Now’.

I’ve seen online that many of you were unable to find the channel, so I want to also clarify where you’ll find us today. There are a few technical growing pains, so please bear with us. It will all be worth it in the end.

You can find us here…

Freeview 85

sky HD 683

virgin 748

Freesat HD 813

you can also watch on

Paul will be steering the Groovi Train with our buddy Adam Humphries this morning, at 7am and 11am.

Our perfectly petite Parchlets are positively precious.
Watch them on TV on Saturday; 7am and 11am on Create and Craft!

I do hope you’ll be able to join us.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “MORNING!

  1. Thank you, Barbara, for telling us the Times. Virgin are a bit behind, still working on 45 minute slots, with little or no info on what the programmes are. Makes life fun, guessing what we have recorded. The staff must have been working their socks off to achieve the rapidly developing merger so far. It is good to have Virgin open to us now. Sitting watching Paul right now. Great show so far. I love that butterfly plate. xxx Maggie Craner

  2. You are an early bid Barbara. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays shows, brilliant demos. A ‘few teething problems’ did not dampen the upbeat atmosphere. Watching Paul at the moment as I am a newbie to parchment.

  3. Loved the shows yesterday. Great shirt by the way. Loved the way Martin was directing people to the phones can’t remember the last time I heard it that way round. Onwards and upwards with the channel I am sure the problems will soon be resolved

  4. Just woken up, and Paul is half way through. Well done. You and presenters did an amazing job considering the tech issues. Thank you for the catch up link, I spent and hour or so looking for the poor ladies that posted they hadn’t managed to find the shows. BRILLIANT, my 9am recording was just an hours screen save so I will be catching up when Paul and Adam finish. As always and ever Barb you Rock, and hey ho Dan…. eye candy, I’d have given those strong arms a bit of a squeeze, too. Lol 🤭

  5. I am not a happy bunny. I don’t have a TV with Freeview or any of the other channels. I am 80yrs old and always looked forward to watching Barbara and Paul on the my I pad But now I can’t. I am now unable to watch the programs that I saved to favorites because create and craft seem to have stopped me from doing that too. Some of the older generation don’t always have the up to date gadgets so we miss out on a lot of the things we love ❤️ example Clarity.

    1. Norita…. you can still watch on the website
      that’s what I did. You can watch them again on rewind.

    2. Hi Norita! Linda is right. You can watch online LIVE or catch up at your leisure, from your ipad. And the quality is actually much better than before. I watch it from New York City, all from my computer or ipad. Go to this site and click ‘watch now’ on the show you want to watch.

  6. Great shows Barbara, brilliant demos and magic samples – the awesome Design Team really did the stamps proud! Your tips and tricks never fail to amaze! I can’t imagine what the “stress levels” were like behind the scenes, but in front of camera it was excellent and fun, especially your interaction with Martin and Dan! And there was always Mr Church calming things down and improvising offscreen! Well done, Barbara, and thank you for two great shows amid the “confusion” of “Merger Day”!

  7. Hi Barb, shows were good yesterday, and actually quite a good laugh. Great demos and lots of inspiration. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  8. Thank you for letting us know where we can catch up. Couldn’t access the 9.00am show so I’ll catch up on that but the second show was fine. I have to say I thought the picture quality was much better. Well done to all those who were paddling like mad trying their best to sort everything out, not an easy job. Hope today is easier xx

  9. I have recorded this morning‘s show! Just as well, you are both morning people! Now, if you had been on at midnight…… Lol. Hope all goes well today. It must be so stressful for those who are responsible for the techy side. Have a good day and enjoy the rest of you weekend. Safe journey home. Hx

  10. Loved the show, and did chuckle at you and Martin, it was great teamwork . Early days but looking good especially with eye candy. that was funny..Poor Dan.

  11. Hi Barbara,
    Caught the show yesterday, really enjoyed it as I thought you and Martin did. Looked resplendent in a Desigual top (living here in Spain I’m well into Desigual).
    Liked the new stamps and the demos and I’m sure any tech. Glitches will soon be sorted.
    Keep up the good work

  12. Things got so bad yesterday I was close to destroying the TV 👹👹👹👹👹 However we have FINALLY managed to find and view the shows. My thanks to Jeannine who gave me a link to explore and find the shows. I do hope things settle down soon – don’t know what I would do without my Clarity “fix” each week.
    Recorded the 7am show ( love Paul’s shirt ) then watched both shows one after the other. As usual his explanation of everything Groovi was clear and so useful to beginners. The samples from the team were inspiring too.
    Have a good weekend. Love and hugs.

  13. Couldn’t watch you live due to the technical issues, but have been watching today on catch up via the Create & Craft website. Great shows, as always! I thought everyone did a fab job, given all the challenges of merging the channels & moving location. I am also happy that I can now watch you live on TV – I’m a Virgin customer so always had to stream The Craft Store via my laptop.

  14. Hi, I have to catch up with all the shows as we had a family emergency – luckily I had put all the shows on to record & although it doesn’t say Clarity against the 9am show you are on with Martin. I did start to watch last night but fell asleep so will start again !!
    Great news that it is on Virgin now although OH did make a comment about filling the TIvo box up with my recordings !!

  15. Despite the technical hitches I enjoyed both shows and they were funny, inspiring and informative! Well done for keeping calm and carrying on x

  16. I was able to watch on Freesat 817, but not the HD one as I don’t think we can get HD on any channels in Thanet! But that is ok. And there is always the laptop for rewind! Glad things went well, even if a bit bumpy, but nothing that a proper pro like you or Paul can’t handle! Very cheerful, anyway.

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