Make Art, not War.

Make Art, not War.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It was good to hang out in the SHAC with like-minded people this morning. The artwork we are doing together at the moment is right up my street too, so that’s a bonus ! In case you are new to this ere blog, and not familiar with the SHAC SHAC (Safe happy And Creative), there are about 200 of us who meet every Monday and Thursday morning at 10am on Facebook Live – find us on the Claritystamp Page LIVE. It’s a very cool group. We get creative and MAKE ART.

Today, I was saying that I had my Make Art Not War T-Shirt on underneath my shirt (way too cold in the studio to go short-sleeved!)

But I remembered that one of the Sticker stamps also reads MAKE ART NOT WAR. So here’s a little step by step, using that little stamp with the strong message, and some fabulous little 2-way overlay stamps that sit on top of each other just perfectly…

Superb images, original artwork by Mel Turner.

Here’s how:

  • Stamp the outline stamp first, using black Archival on white stencil card. We sell the card already chopped up into quartered for you. EASY! HERE. I stamped the little outline stamp up a little on the card, to leave room for the Make Art Not War sentiment.
  • Ink up the No.2 stamp, the infill stamp, with a colour ink you like. I went for Speckled Egg. See how it stamps beautifully and stands alone too?
  • Then I added another new Oxide ink on the stamp, using our Spot-on sponges to blend. Lovely.

The magic happens whe you overlay the second stamp on the first stamp. They lock in perfectly. Look! If you have a stamp positioner, then this is über-easy. I like lining them up myself. I like the optical effect, when you get close enough to see right through to perfect placement.

Before adding the ifill, add a little more ink and spritz with water. This will give you a lovely mottled effect.

Doesn’t get much easier than that. In fact, let’s just show you the other double stamp in the same set – the Chinese lantern. Also illustrated by our friend Mel.

To do the overlay this time, I didn’t add any ink or water. I just planted the stamp again, but this time on top of the outline. Got a brilliant pastel background:

Here are those stamps I’m talking about. Very very classy. You can buy the double sets individually, or at a greatly reduced price in a pack of all 8 pairs.

Special Price – 4 for 3 £44.96 Saving £15 available HERE

Available HERE
Available HERE
Available HERE
Available HERE

Hope you like them . Perfect for so many occasions.

Stay safe.

Love always

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “Make Art, not War.

  1. Loved the SHAC this morning love the effect from the cotton buds xx
    Love these overlay stamps they give so many different combinations and are so easy and quick to use and you can produced whole sets of them really useful to have for all occasions xx thank you for reminding me about them and love the stickers too xx

  2. Thanks Barb, so much inspiration in these challenging times.
    Enjoyed this morning’s SHAC even though I couldn’t join in, and then the postie arrived with my colouring art pack – yey.
    Best wishes
    Claire x

  3. Great fun this morning Barbara in the SHAC, although I think you could be responsible for a shortage of cotton buds going forward! LOL
    Just disappointed that I can’t see everyone’s artwork on Clarity Worldwide anymore.
    Looking forward to A Moment of Clarity on Friday.
    Thank you to you and all the team for all of these distractions in these dreadfully sad times.
    Take care, keep safe everyone.

    1. If you go to the Clarity Worldwide page you get an option to join the group then once you have been accepted you will be able to see all the artwork as before – Facebook have made groups private so there is some control over who can see the content. Hope this helps.

  4. Loved the Shac this morning and these overlay stamps are just brilliant for making quick and easily achievable cards. xx

  5. Love these cards, they are great! Love the yellow colour too!
    Could only stay for half of shac shacks this morning, but will catch up later!
    A moment of Clarity on Friday sounds great too! We are all so lucky that you want to show us even more ideas of how to make cards/ draw/ colour. Thankyou Barbara, Paul and all the backroom staff for keeping us all occupied. Hugs

  6. Making Art not War is a far better use of time !! Our art is something we can control to a certain degree rather than thinking about the war that we have no control over at all. My thoughts go out to those innocent people caught up in it all.
    Meanwhile love the overlay stamps & our SHAC Shack projects. Great to hear we have a Moment of Clarity on Friday.

  7. Hi great Monday morning thanks Barbara. I’m usually at the back ironing so really enjoyed joining in today. Didn’t have the inks so used my Perga Liners Aqua pencils and the effect was superb. Been saving the elastic bands off my daffodils to hold the cotton buds together. Can’t wait for the shading, but Groovi Tuesday to do yet. Grid work, I’ve got the Mary plate and never quite mastered it, so hoping Paul will unlock the secret tomorrow. See you then. xxx

  8. Love them , had to leave to go line dancing, I wore a sleeveless top ,I mostly always do some off the ladies have jumpers on ,no way I would get to hot xx

  9. So good to feel part of something at the moment and enjoyed the Shac Shack this morning. Love the step by step and must find my two way stamps! Thanks Barb x

  10. Had to miss the SHAC this morning as Bea had a medical appointment, but we’ll catch up tomorrow. We love the cotton bud technique! I also love the 2-way overlay stamps but will have to wait until next month as my craft budget for Feb is well in the red!!

  11. Love your overlay stamped card technique Barbara, and also the Shac today. Takes your mind of the dreadful things that are happening. An hour of crafting is an hour of sanity and relaxation. Looking forward to Thursday Thank you😘

  12. Hello Barb, definitely a saying to go with at the moment. Love your step by step, I don’t have any of the overlay stamps yet, have had to throttle back on spending, and did have other items I wanted to get in the members sale. Have to go take a look at the video of the Shac Shac yesterday, I try watch bits if I don’t have to be on conference calls, but often have to catch up days later. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. Must watch to see how you use cotton buds. I used them a lot to spread colour on my parchment before the advent of the Pergamano tips. As always your hints and tips are educational.
    Stay safe.

  14. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Barbara. I know I am very late to the party but by accident when caught a recording on tv of montage stamps I found the SHAC videos. I am slowly working my way thru them & just wanted to say how fab they r. I took up tangling during 2nd lockdown because I really cannot draw. Just wanted to thank Barbara for all her inspiration on SHAC & blog 👍❤️👍

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