Getting into SHAPE!

Getting into SHAPE!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Thanks also for the very positive feedback about last Sunday’s TV show from 2-4pm. I guess the whole idea was to pour as many tips, tricks and crafty techniques into a 2-hour time-glass as we could. Hayley and I motored through the products and demos, didn’t we ! It is what the first Sunday of the month 2-4pm has been about for many many years. Don’t think I’ve missed many either! I started that little monthly gig back in the day on Create & Craft – and long may it continue!

Here are the stamps we worked with…

There was another collection on the show too, which I absolutely LOVE working with. And so does Sam Crowe actually. The Hats bags and handbags by Mel Turner:

The potential of these stamps is immense. It’s the shapes of the hats and boots and handbags – THE SHAPES! They are sublime. I remember drawing a landscape into the boot once and doing a step by step. Let me find it…

In case you are new to Clarity, when we talk about masks, what we mean is that we create reusable masks for our stamps,  so you don’t have to cut them out.   See?  

I wanted the hat, bag and boot stamps to be large  for a very particular reason….   I hope you like.   Mount the boot on one of our award-winning handles, Stamp the boot onto stencil card with black Archival ink

  Cut out the outer area of the boot mask and attach.

  We need the heel too…

Cover up the white card in the background with masking tape.   Punch out a little moon, and start to dab a light blue sky into the top of the boot with a make-up sponge. Tumbled Glass

  Tear a piece of copy paper and dab some hills into the lower area. New ink pad Hickory Smoke. Great grey.

  Add some green with Bundled Sage. Looks a bit ropey, I know….

  Black Archival ink pad and add some trees.  This stamp is an old New Design Club stamp. You would be surprised how lovely the club stamps are every month. Time to join?   Peel off the heel mask.

  Few more trees along the foot and dab some colour into the heel.

  Now for the reveal, when you peel away all the masking tape.

  Use colouring pencils to heighten the colour,  intensify the greens and blues.

  Grey pencil to create a drop shadow underneath the sole and heel. Gives the boot a 3-D effect.

  Add a lovely funky sentiment which fits the mood. Another new Design Club stamp. NDC100. That tells you how long this NDC has been going,  if this is No. 100 of monthly issues! And this one was ages ago!   Colour it in with the same colours, trim the card, edge with a black Sharpie pen,

  Mount on a piece of Northern Light designer paper,   

  and back on white card.

  Very pleased with this. Hope you like it too.

Now go back to the top of the blog,  where I introduced you to the hats and bags too. Imagine miniature landscapes inside those shapes too.   Magic.

The elegant lady stencils are another set of fantastic SHAPES. If you watched on SUnday, you will have seen how you can totally transform a design but still use the same outline.

Here’s an outline:

Here’s the same outline:

That’s the kind of art that turns me on, that gets my imagination going. I could take those stencil shapes and design outfits till the cows come home. And I could stamp and doodle landscapes into Mel’s hats and boots all day long too.

What do you enjoy doing ? What gets your creative juices flowing? Oh! And I love using the Backdrop Stamps with Distress Oxide ink pads too!

Everything in the blog is available on our website,

Have a nice evening.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

11 thoughts on “Getting into SHAPE!

  1. Wow love all of these and the tips are fabulous can’t wait to get started xx thank you so much for all the fabulous designs and new items xx

  2. I remember you creating a scene using the fuseable fibres in the boot. I loved that and wished I had the same sort of creativity.

  3. That boot landscape is one of my all time fave images. Must have a go now!
    I resisted the members sale until 11.30pm
    Last night and then spent a fortune in the final half hour – oops! haha!

  4. All of this is just my cup of tea as well. Love, love, love this step by step even though I remember seeing you demo it on TV. I will certainly be making time for a play. Thank you so much for sharing this xxx

  5. Well, I love them all! I remember way back when you first did that amazing scene within the boot and loved seeing it again, both on tv and here,
    I really loved what you did with those stencils too – such beautiful dresses, letting out your fashion designer. When you showcased the stamps of the ladies – it made me think of those dolls and the different outfits, with the tabs at the top. Then you brought in the already prepared outfits and mentioned the ‘back in the day’ ones with tabs on the tops! I laughed out loud at the tv and shouted ‘yes, just what I was thinking’!! Neill looked up and thought that I had really lost the plot. Thanks again Barbara, for all you do – love and hugs xx

  6. Love the scene building inside the boot & looking forward to having a play when the new stamps arrive. Although I have the stencils so could try your hints & tips on how to make more use of them.
    The ODS looks like a must have as well so I feel there will be another order going in tomorrow or Thursday !!

  7. Hello Barb, loved the step by step, your scene building always inspires me. I have some of the older stamps and stencils, and have popped the new ones onto my wish list. I love being creative, and the Clarity products make it so pleasurable. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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