Finishing Touches…

Finishing Touches…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Hope you made it to the SHAC this morning. We were putting the finishing touches to our Lettering doodle. We were looking at how to finish your work with gold leaf. FInishing is such a key part of the process, isn’t it. As I said, it can be the difference between homemade and hand made. WHich may or may not phase you personally. But the perfectionist in me cannot rest easy until the finishing is complete. Be it cards, pottery or even folding T-shirts! I cannot do anything any less than properly.

I had said yesterday on telly that I would blog a Groovi project today, but I think I will relegate that particular job to the latter half of the week, and focus on the finishing, the finessing as it’s also called.

Here is the gold leafing process in photos…

Dilute the gilding glue with a tiny amount of water in the lid, using your No. 2 brush.

It occurred to me while I was doing this, that the Pergamano Sticky Ink that we use with Glitter might work well too, since it is more liquid than the gilidng glue. But I decided to wait and check it out before saying anything. RESULT!! Works like a charm!

Here’s the Gold Leaf Kit link:

Anyway, moving on…. fill each dot above the i’s with the slightly diluted glue, and allow to dry.

Don’t forget to clean your brush in the water perodically.

Once the glue is dry, dab the gold leaf on.

Rub the excess gold leaf off gently with your forefinger.

Burnish and remove dust.

I laid one of the new rectangular doodle framers over the top, to see – and it sits beautifully. Gives me a destination. Makes the finish easy.

I’ve made my mind up. I’m going to start lettering my favourite quotes and verses into one of our water colour mini journals. Make a whole little book of them. Who’s with me? It’s good for the soul. Half price until midnight to all Clarity Club members…click here

Ah well, finishing break over. Back to the grindstone…

Be safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “Finishing Touches…

  1. Hi Barb, I’ve been loving these lettering session, right up my street! I could only watch this morning as I’ve had to drive my husband over to Newcastle today as he’s got to have a heart scan. Can’t wait for tomorrow when I can play with the gold leafing set. I love the idea of doing favourite sayings in the mini journal. Mustn’t forget to order one when I order the new Doodle Dies on Wednesday. Lots of love xxx

  2. This looks great, I’m all behind with the Shac, but hope to find time for catching up soon. Waited till the last day of the sale before I placed my order, and almost kept to my spend limit! New doodle framers look brilliant, but they will have to go on my wish list for now. Enjoy your evening. xx

  3. Just spent my birthday gift voucher on yesterday’s stamps. I have the petite journal but not sure about the glue. Will have to dig deep in the stash. I was looking for something a little different to do. Perhaps the gold would look good on the new fashion stamps – something to try maybe.

  4. Have been loving this lettering and as I don’t have the gilding glue I did wonder whether the sticky ink that I have would work watered down as well – I know it does work as I have gilded with it in the past for fine lines etc.

  5. Not sure the lettering is for me but have quite enjoyed the process and even made a birthday card for my great nephew. I have the petite journal and have used it for recording my doodles so maybe I could add a quote beneath each one.💕

  6. Well Barbara – the finished Artwork looks amazing! I haven’t tried doing this yet, but I must do it at a later date. I also wanted to thank you for the absolute best 2 hours on TV yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it all! You were on top form and I loved seeing just how much you were enjoying yourself. I have to say that you looked amazing in that gorgeous top that you were wearing! Love and hugs xxxx

  7. Loved the gilding. I’ve set out my words again and will be doing the 2 dots and the backs of the Cs (no Gs in my quote!). I’ve been playing and I still like the Zig pen for the narrow bits, and the pentart or cosmic shimmer (which is more dilute) or the sticky ink for larger areas. I also tried a sheet of gold leaf and got a smoother coat with all of them than with the flakes -but I like the flakes best!! I’ve kept a book of quotes, sayings etc for about 40 years -I’m on my 4th book!

  8. Just going to catch up with last half hour of this mornings SHAC & then need to do the shading around letters before trying the gold flakes. Will have plenty of time over next week as I heard today that they are going to do my 2nd eye op on 19 Feb & I have to isolate for 10 days before then. Last sale order in, thought I had everything I needed until I had another quick look !! Then I get the email about the ODS on Wednesday but that’s 2 days away !!

  9. Loved the lettering SHAC this morning Barb, you certainly had the golden touch with the gilding tips and tricks! Great idea about the journal book. Really looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday’s shows on the Craft Store, the doodle framing dies are absolute game changers!

  10. Hello Barb, love the idea of doing this as a finishing touch, must give it a go. And what great idea for using the petite journal, I was saving it for something special, and this has now given me the prompt. It must be very busy in your brain with all the ideas you have. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  11. Going to concentrate and get mine finished today. Yesterday got in a pickle just trying to empty gold flakes into my plastic container! Had a giggle so that was good, loved the lettering and yes I’m going to use my mini pad to fill with quotes. Thank you Barb once again for another arty process x

  12. I agree – finishing is important and can make or break a project.
    Still catching up on YouTube and the SHAC, can concentrate more in the pm when I tend to binge watch. Will get there eventually.
    Stay safe.

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