Friday and we’re back on Create and Craft ? Oh yes!

Friday and we’re back on Create and Craft ? Oh yes!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Well today’s the day. Back in the old Create & Craft building all day. Early start, late finish. So nothing new there!

Here are the 3 hours – or should I say 42 minute slots! Honestly! I’ll have to pedal extra fast if I’m going to make a Groovi card!

9.45am – Get Groovi with Clarity
1.30pm – Get Groovi with Clarity
6.45pm – Crafting with Clarity – Stamps

Sky 683, Freeview 95, Virgin 748, Freesat 813, YouTube, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV

Since it will be the first time I’ve been on this TV channel since 2015, let’s rewind the clock and shout about our Award winning, all singing all dancing Groovi Starter Kit.

Did you know that we launched the Groovi system on Create & Craft on 7th June 2015? Yep. We’ve come full circle here! Except that we’ve evolved and grown so much! The Groovi System has gone from strength to strength – and today’s Starter Kit is a much improved (Mark III) Starter Kit!

As we’ve improved the Groovi range, together with traditional parching experts Linda Williams, Tina Cox and Josie Davidson, we have not only introduced beautiful designs, new ideas and clever innovations; we’ve also kept going back to the Starter Kit and adding to it!

Remember when we purchased Pergamano in January 2017? Never in a million years did we see that coming either, but what a game changer. So yes. We may be showcasing the Groovi Starter Kit, but 6 years of tireless designing, teaching, working, innovating and developing now underpin it.

Also, just to celebrate, we will be giving away a free Butterfly Wreath plate with every Starter Kit too. Because it was one of the very first plates we ever designed! And it’s still one of our best!

In addition to the Groovi Starter Kit, I will be showcasing some of my favourite designs from Tina Cox.

Tina’s Mixed Shapes Parchlet Set

Tina’s Doodle Landscapes

Then during the Crafting with Clarity show at 6.45pm, I shall be slipping into a comfy pair of slippers and playing with the amazing Clever Corners – a pure Clarity Classic! In fact, these were the very first stamps I ever showcased on Create & Craft. I’ll never forget. It was a Thursday morning show in the month of May. I think it was 2007. Martin Parker was the presenter. They say you always remember the first time!

So I thought I’d take them back on the same channel all those years later! Just to prove that they are still every bit as good as they were then! In fact, just like the Groovi Starter Kit, they are vastly improved! Unmounted, sharper crisper fineline art, and far more corners to the pound. Yep. 15 years on, and they are less expensive than they were then! You can’t say that about many things, now can you?!

The simple Special Day Sentiments Stamp Set is also on the show. Always was a firm favourite among cardmakers. Still perfect for so many occasions.

We are always forging ahead, designing new new new. But some of our best designs are older designs. So when you’re going on what is ostensibly a channel full of brand new viewers who have probably never even heard of Clarity or Barbara Gray, then we really do need to put our best frock on, get the best crockery out and serve the best of the best Clarity Classics.

So I hope you can join me on Friday for some fun, laughter and crafting!

Love always,

Barb xxx

27 thoughts on “Friday and we’re back on Create and Craft ? Oh yes!

  1. Good luck for the day. Can’t say I have watched Create and Craft since you left so not up on these 45 minute shows I am hearing about so this will be new for me. Set the recorder too

    1. Good luck for today, I’m sure it will go very well.
      I wondered if there was a chance you could make the poppets into groovi, it would make my dayxx

      1. They’ve said previously that the poppet line art is far too fine to be made into Groovi, but they have some preprinted on parchment xoxo

  2. Dear Barbara,
    Wishing you luck today. It will be strangely new and yet familiar I am sure. I know you will be fab as always.

  3. Will the two channels ever merge or will they stay separate and companies and presenters will be jumping from one to another. I know Create & Craft are located in Peterborough, where are The Craft Store located. I will always watch, wherever you are x

  4. I have also not watched Create &Craft since you left, it’s going to feel really odd watching again! I just love The Craft Store with an hour of lovely demos where you really get to grips with the products and only hope it all doesn’t get mashed up too much and hope our lovely presenters on The Craft Store all get to keep their preferred slots. Good luck, bet it will feel really strange going back into the old studio.

  5. I still have my original corners … first stamps I ever bought from you…still going strong! All the best for the shows.

  6. Hi Barbara I hope all goes well today. What big changes there are in the craft world. Your products are just amazing. Thank you for being there. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  7. Can’t wait for the shows. As you say you are always coming up with new things but sometimes old is gold. They are clarity classics for a reason, they work no matter the occasion. Have a great day xx

  8. You’ll be amazing as always! Funny how things come full circle. Hope to catch the beginning but have a two hour training on zoom this morning, which I’m dreading so I’ll catch up later. Just enjoy it! Xx

  9. Good Luck for today at Create & Craft. Unfortunately I’m at hospital appointments today so will miss them but I was watching on the launch of the Groovi system and bought it straight away.. Love it!!

  10. Just a suggestion………
    Why not add a sheet of 4 Groovi sticker tabs to the starter kits and then they really are complete and ready to use.

    Enjoying the SHACs and all the new products and inspiration!
    Thank you – one day at a time……..
    Katharine xx

  11. Hi Barb, will be recording the shows, but looking forward to the stamping one especially, your pattern building with the corner stamps is always so inspiring. Hope the traffic was not too bad. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Just watched the show at 9.45 & will be back at 1.30 to see the finished card. The design team have done some lovely cards again as seen on Clarity & Groovi Worldwide. I love the way Carole has added some of Tina’s doodle plate around the picture of Primrose which makes the most of the lovely artwork that I don’t think could be replicated in a Groovi plate as has been asked for above by Linda Merrills.

  13. Well I watched your show this morning, having never watched that channel before and you were great! No sign of the soaking wet hands, runny nose and pounding heart!! They might have been there but weren’t visible to those watching, so well done you!!

  14. Hi Barb
    I sure you were brilliant this morning on the show
    Wish we got this in Canada so I could watch…I used to be able to watch Hochanda on the web site but they don’t ship to Canada …I’ll have to see if I can find the Craft store and Craft and Create on Utube
    Love it when you are doing demos such good ideas and tips

  15. Brilliant shows today iv set record for 6.45 👏
    Have I missed why create and craft shows are only 45 minutes long ? bet poor Barbara felt rushed 😥

  16. About to tune into Create and Craft for the third time today! Good luck Barbara, you will be very comfortable with the stamps!

  17. I’m so pleased that new viewers will be introduced to our favourite brand. I don’t do Groovi so didn’t watch the first shows and have the stamps (originals mostly) and was helping Bea at the later time, and I’m still very wary of C&C after a really bad experience with them way back. I know it’s changing and if new Clarity products are on there I’ll probably watch but old wounds take a long time to scar over.

  18. First time I’ve watched Create and Craft for a long time, enjoyed todays shows. Have Tina’s Mixed shaped parchlet set, great designs, especially if I need a quick card. xx

  19. Hope your shows went well. I love doing pattern building with your clarity corners. Such a mindful activity, I always find it really relaxing x

  20. I have watched you on C&C from the begining and when you did the classroom shows, and then on Hochander on my computer so I havent missed any shows, even the Sunday afternoon ones with Hochander Tina Cox. Watched on my computer whilst chopping up veg for Sunday dinner hows that for dedication. Fantastic shows Barbara, and can now watch in the comfort of my Lounge. xoxo

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