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Well it’s that time of year again. I’m ramping up the potter potter pottery at this end, making presents for friends and family. It’s a real labour intensive process though! And you never know whether it has worked until you finally open that kiln door to check. Happy to report that yesterday’s haul was pretty much perfect, although I am going to retouch the glaze on a few bowls and fire again. That means I shall have to glaze a load more bowls to fill the kiln! And so we travel through December. I love it. So looking forward to Christmas this year!

That said, sometimes a Gift Voucher for your favourite store is very welcome too! Where I used to drool over John Lewis Gift Vouchers, now it’s SCARVA or POTCLAYS or THE CLAY CELLAR that turns me on! There’s always something on my pottery wishlist. It’s all about the clay for me. And I’m in the GLAZE PHASE at the moment! I’m waiting for a delivery of a couple of wonderful glazes tomorrow!

Anyway…I wanted to flag up our gift vouchers to you. Just in case somebody doesn’t know what to treat you to this Christmas! Or you need a gift for a crafty friend. The cool thing about them is of course that you can pick their value to suit your purse.

Christmas Gift Vouchers available £10, £20, £30, £40, £50, £100 or £200

We send them to you in one of our house-printed cards, doodled and designed by myself xx


And Gift Vouchers aren’t just for Christmas either…

General Gift Vouchers available £10, £20, £30, £40, £50, £100 or £200

Available HERE

Anyway. Just shining a little light on a very cool gift idea. We also get them out pronto, so you have time to send them on too.

On that note, if you are waiting for a Gray Friday order, please be patient. I was working in the picking and packing department today, trying to help the guys plough through the mountains of orders they have in front of them. They work so hard. What slows us down is not just the sheer volume, but the SIZE of many of the orders. One order can take an hour to pick sometimes. £400, £500+ orders. They take AGES to PICK!! And the other thing is we make more when we’ve sold out of stamps and stencils and Groovi plates. So you can have what you want in the sale. It would be a lot simpler and faster to sell the products out, but we opt to keep making, to honour orders. So please be patient; we are working at the weekend too.

Gift Vouchers are EASY TO PICK!!!! I got a load of Ginkgo Stamps and Stencil orders to pick today. Because the mainstream orders from TV and full price non-sale orders are picked and packed in a different stream. They were so lovely and straightforward!

Anyway, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your custom and how important your custom is to us. Thank you xx

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx



21 thoughts on “YULE LOVE THESE!

  1. Pots are looking fab !
    I remember when I could put in big orders when I was working but now they have to be smaller ! I’m thankful I can still place them though. I find card making labour intensive at this time of year ! Happy pottering ! X

  2. Glad you get from pottery what many of us get from crafting. It‘s always good to see what you make. Have a lovely evening. Hope the shows go well tomorrow. Hxx

  3. Your pottery is gorgeous Barbara. I have just received an evoucher for Christmas, I can’t receive the physical ones here in Spain easily so it is better when my friends and family do e-vouchers, however I do miss the cards they used to be able to send me with the vouchers xx

  4. Your ‘Pots’ are beautiful. Well done! I have found a few uses for some of your beautiful work. I have told everyone, “All I want for Christmas is Clarity vouchers’. I hope I’m not disappointed. There is always somethings I still “Need”, hee hee.

  5. Your pottery looks fabulous, so glad yesterdays kiln full was nearly all successful. I can imagine the suspense of slowly opening the kiln to see what the results are like.
    Must sort some sentiments to match your art work from yesterday before I forget.

  6. Your pots look beautiful. I can imagine many happy faces in Christmas day. I have already received my Grey Friday order was surprised at how quickly it arrived. Have mentioned the gift vouchers to everyone so hopefully there will be some in my Christmas stocking.

  7. Your pottery is beautiful and what lovely presents to give and to be treasured. My Gray Friday order was small, but I am happy to wait for as long as it takes. I am not surprised you are excited about Christmas, with both your kids arriving. How wonderful! I have just been looking at photos of my Vancouver GC’s choosing and decorating their tree. Oh, how I have missed seeing them for almost 3 years and they are growing so fast. Thank goodness for FaceTime! Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette XX

  8. Pots looking really good xx
    Glad the business is busy and am sure that people are happy to wait as long as the team need to get sorted xx it is a lovely surprise when your order arrives and you get the urge to try everything out lol xx

  9. Wow, amazing looking pottery Barbara, you must be so pleased with those! I mentioned the vouchers to my family and as one they said “But you’ve already got everything from Clarity why do you need a gift voucher!” Ha, ha … I did point out that you keep bringing out new goodies like the stamps tomorrow to go with the magical Frosted Floral Parchment sets! Father knows best I said to my son and daughter, re-adding Clarity Gift vouchers to my “short” Christmas list!

  10. Hi Barbara
    Glad the pots came out well they look great 👍 Jackie has just informed me that she is staying up as kiln is on and she wants it to be cooling before she retires.
    I’m still awaiting my order but no rush happy to wait. I appreciate you are busy.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Your pots look fabulous – well done you. I’m sure that the recipients will be absolutely delighted with their special present. It is lovely that you have found something that you love doing that is not connected to business. It must be a great “ release” for you. I’ve had an email to say that my Gingko order has been despatched ( super quick service!) and I’m really looking forward to playing with the new stamps. I’ve already received one of my Gray Friday orders( thank you) with one more to come but take all the time you need as I’m not in a hurry for any of it. Love and hugs Alison xx

  12. Hi Barb, love your pottery results, I bet there are a few people that are going to be well chuffed receiving one of your handmade pieces. Also I would like to say thank you for my parcels, I am sure my orders were nowhere near as big as some, so am very grateful that they have arrived, especially my card blanks as I have just had an order for 24 Christmas cards from a neighbour. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. You can only do what you can do and it doesn’t matter about the wait, that is half the fun and when the order arrives it’s exciting to see what you’ve ordered. Life is too short! Loving all your pottery and so pleased you get to do “your thing”, the results are fantastic. Keep doing what you are doing, we all love Claritystamp products they are the best so well worth waiting for!

  14. I checked my order status late afternoon to find 3 were unfulfilled. I then received an email last night to say my Ginko stamps were on the way so thanks Barb. Clarity vouchers are on the top of my list when family ask what I would like and I remembered to renew my Groovi Club Membership yesterday too. I love your pots and bowls, I’m sure the recipients will love them too xx

  15. Your pots look beautiful, so clever.
    I am looking forward to my order coming, whenever it comes. It is always like Christmas whenever I get a Clarity package.

  16. The pottery looks great, so pleased it all turned out well.
    I have two outstanding orders but very happy to wait as long as it takes. After all the recent sales, special offers and lovely new products launched recently I expected you to be super busy.
    Looks like the new items being launched tonight will be jumping into my basket. Got all the shows on record in case there are interruptions as it is getting busier here.
    Stay safe.

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