Frosty? Not what you think!

Frosty? Not what you think!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s on this evening’s 6pm launch on The CraftStore TV. It’s a new parchment colouring and shading concept, that we actually introduced at the Pergamano Retreats back in October, but are now set to showcase on a worldwide scale on TV.

There are five different Flower Packs, designed and illustrated by Linda Williams and Lynne Jackson. We call them Frosted Overlays because the translucent parchment layer sits on top of the coloured layer, giving it a fantastic frosted effect. That’s the difference, the new idea. We are splitting the colouring from the whitework here. It is so beautiful and effective – and also very achievable.

Here’s a breakdown of one of the packs. You can see the images are actually printed in white on the A5 parchment. See? 4 complete flowers and even a tester sample sheet, to practice your flowers buds and leaves. There’s also a black print, which I absolutely LOVE! I guess that’s the stamper in me.


Anyway, I do hope you are intrigued and can join us at 6pm this evening. There is so much to show you! The art samples by the team are exquisite.

The One Day Special itself is the complete Frosted Floral Overlay Collection with Folder –

Also on the show, is the A5 Printed Florals Parchment Collection. These are the flowers printed in black. There are 10 of each flower, printed in super fine black lineart. Wait till you see what we do with this!

For us stampers, we just HAD to turn these lovely traditional flower illustrations into the Floral Stamp & Mask Collection

There is a bumper bundle of everything on the show too, at a very keen price.

In addition to all this floral loveliness, we have 2 designs from Josie Davidson also being showcased – Josie’s Straight and Diagonal Embossed Frames & Corners A4sq Groovi plates.


Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

Linda Williams & Josie Davidson

Frances Knott

Carol Baker

Jane Telford

Lynne Jackson

Linda Williams

Sheila Bradley

Maggie Byford

Glynis Whitehead

Linda Spencer

Shelagh Metselaar

Elaine Milner

Jane Telford

Debbie McMullin


For parchers and stampers who like flowers, this is a wonderful collection.

Wednesday 8th – 6pm Barbara and 8pm Paul
Thursday 9th – 8am Barbara, 12pm Paul and 4pm Paul

Sky 673 (24/7)
Freesat 817 (24/7)
Freeview 85 (7am – 10pm)


See you soon!
Love and Hugs

Barb xxx







13 thoughts on “Frosty? Not what you think!

  1. All stunning and cant wait to use the ones i bought at the retreat after Christmas when i have more time. For anyone who hasn’t seen them, they are a real must!!!

  2. These look beautiful but I can’t get my head around them for some reason so looking forward to seeing the show! X

  3. I was at the retreat and still have to finish my samples (I’ve been busy making Christmas cards 🤣) . Have no fear Jackie, the programmes are a must to be watched and, even though I had a taster at the retreat, I shall be watching tonight to have my memory refreshed. I only hope The Craft Store allow Paul and Barbara lots of time to explain the process. Good luck Barbara and Paul, they will fly out the window!!!!

  4. These sets are absolutely amazing, so many techniques to learn and master to produce superb artwork, but so achievable! And now matching stamps, wow! A big thank you to the amazing Design Team for some truly inspiring samples! Looking forward to watching the rest of the shows on Craft Store.

  5. Placed my order with Clarity before the show started. Knew it would be very different and so pleased I was able to watch the first show without interruptions. Don’t think these lovely items will last thru all 5 shows because they are beautiful and the big bundle is so comprehensive.
    Have a good evening.

  6. Hi Barb, just sat watching the 8am show, really beautiful concept, and wow the samples are incredible. Something for my new year wish list is the stamp and mask set. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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