All aboard for a Whistle-stop Tour!!

All aboard for a Whistle-stop Tour!!

Hi here!

Thanks for popping in. Guess what?! One of our dearest Clarity friends, Karen Smith, has gone for a Christmas Shopping and on a Jolly to NEW YORK NEW YORK! Lucky girl! And what’s even more charming, more exciting, is that she and her daughter are meeting up with our Grace this evening – and they are all going to the musical CHICAGO!!  Gracie Gracie! What a special treat!! I heard that Grace has got a super little treat up her sleevie for them too. Isn’t that something?! I know they’ll enjoy what Grace has planned. Epic. And Chicago on Broadway?! Oooh I say! I do hope they have a wonderful time together.

Best news is Grace, her beau Mark and our Mark are all heading home this weekend. Fingers crossed nothing changes last minute.

So, not to feel left out in the cold, I thought we’d all do a whistle-stop tour of New York, Paris AND London! I’ve got 3 little project videos which I prepared for just such and occasion – one today, one tomorrow and one Friday. That’s three stops, three projects, and three City dies!

Which City would YOU like to visit if you could go tomorrow? Me? I think I’d be in the BIG APPLE with the ladies!! Christmas in New York. Very glittery and blingy! Anyway, get yourself a warm mug of something, treat yourself to something sweet, and watch the first of the little recordings, where I show you how to put on the Ritz, as they say!


Even if we can’t travel, we can dream a little. Then a crafty little tour of three of the most wonderful cities in the world becomes apieceacake!


Here are the 3 dies. Very lovely papercuts.  Half Price to you, so you’ve got some pocket money when you land!

RRP £29.97 Special Price £14.98 (plus Craft Club Discounts). That’s less than £5 each. Great little stocking stuffers, each and every one! Cor. I just had a thought. WHat a great gift! A card made with the Paris die, and then a weekend in Paris inside for next Summer. Dave, are you reading this?

Available HERE

Tomorrow, we’ll embark on the second leg of our trip, and watch part 2 of our Christmas City Tour….

Stay safe. And let‘s be sure: this is as safe as it gets!!

Love and hugs

Barb xx

10 thoughts on “All aboard for a Whistle-stop Tour!!

  1. hi Barb I hope you enjoy your holidays..very special with the family together…merry Christmas from Nova Scotia Canada

  2. It would definitely be New York for me. We went just before Christmas in 2007 and it was magical. Everywhere was decorated so beautifully. Loved it!

  3. Fabulous Barbara, Have the best time with your family. My daughter works in Bahrain and I really cherish my few days with her at Christmas especially in these times. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  4. Thanks for the trip to New York tonight, looking forward to London & Paris. I am sure Dave will be reading this so fingers crossed for you x
    I have the dies – bought when they were launched but had put them in a different place to the rest of my dies for some reason & came across them the other day whilst looking for something else.
    Now to finish some money wallets & crackers

  5. Hi Barbara
    We spent our 25th anniversary in New York in 2014 it was great visited all the art museums our favourite was museum of modern art especially as on a Friday afternoon it was free. Keeping everything crossed for your family arriving this weekend.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  6. Christmas break, I bet you are ready. Great that the family will be over. Thankfully I’m going to have a housefull. Granny time. Kids are making sure we are all together for the first one without hubby. I asked Karen to give Grace a big hug from me as a big thank you for the support she gave me. They will have a great time together. Knowing Karen, a laugh a minute. Lucky lady. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, enjoy and relax with your dear family.

  7. Hi Barb, oh what a lovely thought that close friends and family can get together and joy a Broadway show. And love the look of these videos. Off to watch the first one, and we all know Dave reads the blog, so you may well get a surprise. I bet you cannot wait for Grace and Mark and Mark to get here. Enjoy having them home for Christmas. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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