Stepping back…

Stepping back…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Ventured into the belly of Maidstone early this morning, to drop off the Clarity van for a recall job. Actually it was reminiscent of navigating Wembley traffic during Friday evening rush hour. Absolutely radio rental.

So it had to be done. When we got back home to dingly dell East Sussex, it was bacon sandwiches and tomato ketchup – with plenty of butter! Comfort eating is a thing, innit?! As for the new work from home ruling, clearly it doesn’t apply to Maidstone. Or they all popped out for milk and a newspaper at the same time.

When you’ve been alone and pretty much isolated for as long as we have, extreme traffic is quite strenuous – especially with the way folks drive nowadays! I would point at the white van drivers, but of course that would be US today !!

This afternoon, I stepped back, away from the madding crowd, and retreated into my little artroom, to do some tidying, thinking and planning. ALONE!! The calm after the storm! This is planning week at Clarity, when we set out the roadmap for the New Year. So why wasn‘t I at work? I WAS working! I was formulating a load of possible ideas, which I shall run by the team tomorrow. This is the best part of the business for me: hatching a plan. There’s nothing like taking an idea right through to dream product. Also….

I actually enjoy my own company. Easy to say when you know a loving husband is on his way home (having tackled Maidstone again!). But really, I do like to spend time alone. How about you? Or are you more of a people person? I find the older I get, the more I enjoy solitude. Is that unusual?

I think that a little solitude frees the mind up. No music, no distraction, just quiet.  It helps the brain focus on things that need attention. Today I kept a little notepad handy, and jotted thoughts and ideas down that surfaced. They are like traffic. They come into view, and then they pass, like cars. So if they are worth remembering I have to jot them down.

It’s all good. It will all be fine. And from my experience, things usually work out if you let them.

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs
Barb xxx


21 thoughts on “Stepping back…

  1. Excited to see what 2022 brings at least for clarity products, can’t say I feel the same about the virus. It does feel like everyone is carrying on as normal doesn’t it.

    I am lucky enough to be retired early and I have learnt to love being at home on my own. At first I felt like I couldn’t relax but rediscovering art helped- thanks to the Shac Shack. I look forward to Mondays when my partner and son go back to work and I am left alone to craft if I want to 😃.

    Stay safe everyone!

  2. Glad you had some peaceful time, mine is when I’m crafting but I do like my audio book at times. Hardly get any solitude time as hubby is always in ! I keep telling him to go fishing but he’s a fair weather one and hasn’t been during the pandemic! Then I often go with him as I worry about him – I’ve got worse on that front as I know what I think he can and can’t do although I know he can do it all on his own really! I think COVID turned me into a mother hen … Never mind at least I’ve got him. X

  3. Dear Barbara I have been married for 35 years now and do you know what I am being lonely most of the time so yes I know what you mean x

  4. I agree the traffic doesn’t seem to have reduced. I am not one for Christmas shopping (or shopping in general really) but I think that there is a lot of that going on. Though at least I wasn’t the only one wearing a mask in the supermarket while I was doing dads shopping this morning as I have been the last few weeks. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for 2022. Can I say thank you for my beautiful birthday card? That has been a lovely idea from Clarity this year. I loved it x

  5. Hi Barb
    I like my ‘alone’ moments too. Just me and the cat and the weather. Thinking time, no interruptions, great!
    Ah well, back to normal today, went to Tesco, it was MAD!!!
    That’s it, I’m hunkering down for the duration now.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  6. I know what you mean about the traffic. I am not driving unless essential just now as I’ve been having dizzy spells since the big attack of labyrinthitis. Due tests on 22nd. I too love my own company . I enjoy being with Bea for coffee in the morning and for a meal and TV in the evening, but in between I just like to be by myself and do what I have to do on my own. Except for the dog of course!! He is ever present.

  7. I quite enjoy my own company, too, but nice to FT a friend, too, and craft with her. Sounds like you have another busy week. It’s all quite exciting and I look forward to discovering all you have planned for us in 2022!! How did that happen? Have a lovely evening. Lots of love. Hxx

  8. Hi Barbara I hate traffic. Everyone seems to be out everywhere. I am pleased you had some quality quiet time. We need all those new ideas. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  9. Tuesday is market day in this’ere town so I expected chaos and no parking when I went to the hairdresser (appointment changed from tomorrow due to hubby’s hospital appt which clashed) but there were parking spaces and few people in the high street and none at the post office. Hubby went to buy me a card while I was being groomed and he told me that the card shops were full of people shoulder to shoulder, only half wearing masks so he didn’t bother to go in. Must say I’d rather have him healthy than have a card.
    We are very lucky that we are able to give ourselves some quiet time even when we are side by side and are never lonely when we are alone. Enjoying some solitude is good for all of us so you are not unusual in that respect.
    I find as I age I need more space and time to think, recoup and plan. My New Year resolution is to take more time to stop and smell the roses, and to craft of course.
    Good to hear Dave is out and about.
    Stay well stay safe.

  10. I used to love driving but since Menopause I’ve become quite nervous. I was fine where we used to live as I knew the place like the back of my hand but we’ve lived here for 6 years now and, unless I’m au fait with the route I get so nervous both as a driver and a passenger. Night driving is out for me too unless it’s really essential. I too love my own company and am never happier than when I can stay indoors with my Clarity stash crafting away. This too shall pass xx

  11. I think lockdown has increased my liking of solitude, at first it was because we had no choice but as time has gone on I have become to enjoy the peace & quiet in my craft room. I think a lot more people have turned to craft over the last 18 months.
    Totally agree about busy traffic – I do think some drivers forgot how to drive when they had such along time working from home but also those that were always on the road got used to the extra space !!

  12. Love a bit of silence and solitude myself too. I definitely appreciate the down time more these days, just cooking or crafting or reading. Enjoy your quiet thinking time whilst you can x

  13. Feeling pleased! Drove 15 miles early this morning to garden centre to do my Xmas shopping. Home by coffee time then to my craft room and made a card practising my stamping.
    Cooked a meal for 6; enough activity for one day for an 85 year old. I am happy in my own company , but enjoy the company of others too, and am forever thankful.

  14. Hi Barbara
    I need to walk to find time on my own, having been a traffic warden for 30 years means I must enjoy walking. Although now I don’t have irate drivers 🤣🤣. I never feel lonely and have learnt to enjoy my own company over the last 2 years of the pandemic. We try to avoid going out as much as possible but ventured to the supermarket today had to confronted some young people not wearing masks. The staff have been told not to approach people.
    Next year sounds like a good one as far as patrons of clarity looking forward to what there is to come.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  15. I, like you, enjoy my own company but wouldn’t want to 24/7 – it is nice to know that eventually another human being will appear 😊. Glad to hear that Dave is well enough to negotiate the horror that is Maidstone. I used to love going there but it has really changed over the past ten/fifteen years or so and not for the better – haven’t been there for about 5 years as the traffic was awful let alone parking. I guess we’ll all have to get used to the changes that are thrust upon us as best we can. So glad I have my crafting to keep me occupied and sane xxx

  16. Hello Barbara
    Luckily I, too, enjoy my own company. Although when one lives alone one has to be careful not to become selfish. I can eat what I like, when I like, watch what I like (no football!) etc. Do just as I please.

  17. Morning Barbara, if you could have seen me reading your blog you would have seen me nodding my head a lot. Just the other day when we were going to pick up a prescription for my boyfriend we were amazed (or rather ‘shocked’) at the amount of traffic on the roads, especially knowing that the recommendation to “work from home” was back out. Ok, so we were on the road too but oh my, we hadn’t seen it so busy for a long time and you’re right there are a lot of aggressive drivers out there, too! I’m usually a quite sociable person (don’t like crowded places though) but I certainly do enjoy some “ME” time when I do some crafting or read a good book. Or go for a little walk across the fields at the back of the house or on a sunny day sit in the garden bird watching. So peaceful! And when my boyfriend has got some days off we enjoy going to nature reserves. I used to love going to London but haven’t been since the beginning of the pandemic and funny, I don’t miss it. What I have missed during the lockdowns was meeting up with friends for coffee. But then, there’s been the Shac Shack, what a fabulous idea! Sadly, recently I’ve not been able to join you live as that’s usually the time I talk to my Mum in Germany. She’s had a bad year and is now in a home (at her own request). So we have regular video chats. My Mum is fine now, btw. I may be missing the live sessions but always catch up on YouTube later. Well, better go and have a coffee. Been rambling on a bit, anyway. Got a bit carried away. Sorry. Have a lovely rest of the week Barbara and everyone xxx

  18. Hello Barb, I do like being alone sometimes, but it can get a bit much, so like you knowing that a loving husband is on his way home, makes your heart feel better. I have been working from home for about 16 years now, apart from various work trips both in the UK and overseas, and sometimes I do feel too isolated, and a lot of my colleagues have over the past 2 years or so remarked that they don’t know how I have done it for so long. Well it is either that, or 160 miles travel a day or relocating to near the office, which would not be of much benefit under current climes, and definitely not a county I really want to move to. So we press on and do what we have to do. Looking forward to 2022 and being more arty and crafty. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. I also like time alone, even as you say if you have a loving partner with whom you like to spend your life. Unlike you though, there is usually either music or a play on the radio in the background. During my working life (retired nearly 15 years ago) I was mostly in a large open plan office so managed to filter out noise and concentrate. Often the end of the play makes no sense as I have filtered it out but there was the comforting background noise. Enjoy your peace and quiet, look forward to the results of your planning.

  20. I’m also happy in my own company, always have been, but I’ve never lived on my own so don’t know how I would cope mentally if it was enforced rather than choice.
    I really enjoy taking time to think and plan: these are happy thoughts but sometimes the thoughts can turn negative. Yesterday was a case in point when the news broke of yet another small child being horrendously killed but, not to worry, lessons will be learned. When this happens I know I am so fortunate to have a loving husband to talk/vent to.
    On a lighter note I look forward to learning what exciting new plans you are hatching for 2022.
    Good luck and I am so pleased to hear that Dave is out and about.

  21. Totally know what you mean. I enjoy meeting up with my U3a patchwork group and also my pencil group both monthly groups. Husband, like me, is retired so is mostly here now having had to give up his allotment due to ill health, but I can totally switch off from everything when I am crafting . I am not sure I would like being here by myself all of the time though. Also like some other clarity folk, the older I get the less I like driving, people are so pushy and rude and to my mind sometimes quite dangerous on the roads. Luckily we are not in a busy town and only 15 minutes walk away from the beach. Lovely to have that to yourself in the winter, tend to avoid it in the summer though as you can imagine.
    Looking forward to seeing the results of all of the notes .
    Take care and stay safe.

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