A City Skyline using masks…

A City Skyline using masks…

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Thanks for popping in. Part two of our city tour, and I thought we’d have a look at creating a really atmospheric skyline using the Cityscape masks that we also make. It’s an interesting demo, and very easy to do. In fact at the bottom of this blog, I’ll load all the various landscape and cityscape masks, which you could apply the same technique to. A very typical Clarity Style…


RRP £29.97 – Special Price £14.98 (plus Craft Club Discounts)

Available HERE

Here are those masksets I spoke about:

This is the set that makes those fab scenes…

And here are the city masks, plus another very VERY cool set, with the castle and the town houses, the clouds, mountains and moons:




























CLICK HERE TO FIND the Skyline Masks, and

HERE  to find the landscapes.

The masks really are a great art tool. And not expensive, when you consider that they can be used multiple times. They also work like a charm on ceramics – which is where I’m headed now!

Christmas Presents must go in the kiln!!!

Love always

Barb xxx

7 thoughts on “A City Skyline using masks…

  1. Have these items, love them.
    Spent a good part of yesterday at the eye clinic with hubby – not a good diagnosis. Where we lived before the wait for treatment would probably be 6 – 24 months. Our super local NHS eye clinic offered the op tomorrow morning to save his eye and will sort the other one in 3 months. I cannot say enough good things about the service.
    We should all do what we can to help the NHS, they deserve it in these difficult times.
    Stay safe everyone and enjoy your crafting.

  2. Another great reminder of what we can do with the masks & dies.
    Hope the glazing goes ok – there always seems so much time to get presents made for Christmas then all of a sudden its here in a matter of days.
    Along with the arrival of Grace & the 2 Mark’s at the weekend you are going to very busy !!
    Take care x

  3. Hi Barb, I love using my masks and also having the blank mask sheets to use with dies or just cut into shapes. did not know you could use them with ceramics. Hope your afternoon went well with your pottery. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  4. I love the masks they are so useful for all sorts of occasions. They make me happy. Hope all your preparations go smoothly for the arrival of Mark and Grace you must be so excited xx

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