One more City Excursion…

One more City Excursion…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. One more little City excursion project video before the weekend. This time I’ll show you how to trap the scrap, but differently….

Personally, I think these three dies are excellent. So easy to use and so classy looking. Whether you’re a cardmaker or a mixed media artist, these will hit the spot. And at half price i would say they’re a real barrrginn!


RRP £29.97 – Special Price £14.98 (plus Craft Club Discounts)

Available HERE

Is it beginning to feel a bit like Christmas yet? I started decorating the house yesterday, and listened to Alexa piping out Christmas songs while i worked. It actually really was great. I so enjoyed getting out the ornaments and trinkets. No tree this year – not with those two Vikings of ours! But I do have some lovely bits n bobs out of reach…

A branch from the garden hung above the kitchen island and decorated with lovely German ornaments I have gathered over the years…

















































and a mirror in the lounge, which throws a beautiful reflection of the paper ornaments…

















































That’ll do! Tick that box! Christmas Cards next! I’m just full of gratitude. Grateful to be alive, grateful my family is still alive, grateful the business is still alive, grateful the kids are coming home this weekend. Just unconditionally grateful. What else is there? It will all work out just as it is supposed to. If the turkey is delivered on Wednesday – bonus!

Stay safe. Stay warm.

Love always,

Barb xxx



22 thoughts on “One more City Excursion…

  1. Your house looks amazing Barbara! And it will be filled with lots of love and laughter over the next few days.
    Lots of love xxxx

  2. Wow! That all looks fantastic! No decorations for us this year! I have hurt my hip and can Hardly move! So frustrating! The branch is a great idea! Enjoy it all!

  3. Your decorating looks fabulous Barb – so welcoming for when Mark and Grace arrive……Happy Christmas to all of you. Love Beryl (Sheppard).

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time with Grace, Mark, Mark, Dave and your parents!!!

    Have you filled the stockings yet?

    Did you manage to finish the sprouts jigsaw……?!

    Take care, stay safe and have a marvellous time making some precious memories to treasure!

    Katharine xxxxxxx

  5. Your decorations look lovely. I too have loads of baubles and trinkets collected over the years and each one holds a special memory. Enjoy your weekend with Grace and Mark. Stay safe everyone xx

  6. Have a really happy Christmas, filled with fun and laughter. Precious memory making times. Your decorations look wonderful and put you in the right frame of mind for thee festivities to begin. I hope I get a parcel of Clarity Goodies under the tree. Take care and stay safe xx

  7. Love your decorations ! So thrilled for you that your family are on the way .You deserve every happiness and peace surrounded by all those you love .Enjoy every second and rest up too .xxx

  8. The decorations look beautiful, but the news of family about to arrive is even more special. Most of our family are staying at home alone this year, but we’ll be together in spirit and on the phone! It will be my mum and dad’s 70th wedding anniversary in Sept 2022, and we want them to be around to celebrate that with all of us!

  9. Your decorations look wonderful, warm and welcoming.
    No tree and decs for us this year. Ray had his op this morning and he has to keep away from people and any contamination for a month. We both love Christmas but every few years something comes up and we have to downscale but whatever else happens the Christmas table for the feast still gets its special attention.
    Just a thought, the international dies have been so great how about adding Rome, Athens and another to make up a new set for next year?
    Stay well, stay safe.

  10. Your decorations look great & quite understand about not having a tree. I did see a video of someone who had hung the tree from the ceiling but the cat still managed to jump up into it !!
    More organised this year as I have all the presents wrapped & cards posted. Just neighbours cards to deliver. Then a couple of evenings to finish colouring the crackers & money wallets – with still a week to go. Christmas Eve won’t seem the same without the last minute wrapping !!

  11. Lovely decorations and your idea about hanging the tree from the ceiling is clever. I hope you have a really good Christmas with all the family – you deserve it. Don’t know what’s happening here yet – maybe four of us or maybe two. Take care and enjoy.

  12. Wow Barbara, that all looks beautiful with your branch filled with special ornaments and the paper lanterns work brilliantly with the holly and berries and draped strings of pearls over that wonderful mirror…so festive, and will be complete when Grace and Mark are home to celebrate with you all. x

  13. Can feel the excitement building, bet you are counting down the hours to seeing Grace and Mark. Happy family memories in the making. Love all your decks and your home looks so cosy. Have the bestest time this year. X

  14. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas. Your house looks so lovely, warm and welcoming I. Sure you’ll all have a ball

  15. Hello Barb, what beautiful treasured decorations, your house looks amazing. Have a great weekend with the family. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. Hi Barbara your Christmas decorations are gorgeous. I do hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. I hope the New Year is kind to all of us. Take care. Hugs xxx

  17. Many thanks for all the joy you have brought into our lives this year and a very Happy Christmas to you and all your family xx

  18. Ha – I have found the gnomes in all their homes, and they’re ready to eat their Christmas treat; they love the snow so will shout “ho ho” as they rest and snuggle down after all the chasing around! Happy Christmas everyone!

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