Sunday TV – A Brief Outline (stamp)….

Sunday TV – A Brief Outline (stamp)….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Tomorrow’s TV show is a not-to-be-missed one!

  • To start with, the newly configured outline stamps are of the new and improved super fineline variety.
  • They come with their masks,
  • but they each now also come with a superb texture/mini foliage background stamp.
  • The miniatures are now available on their own too, which is perfect if you enjoy building scenes and landscapes. These are small enough to fit within the outline stamps, but crisp and fine enough to stand alone beautifully too. They also work perfectly with those new background texture stamps…
  • Last but not least, the price pretty special too.

Whether you’re a clean stamper or a grungy mixed media artist, these are just great. I’ve got so much to show you! To be honest, looking at the demos I have got lined up, we could go for 4 hours, not 2! But Janice and I are going to do the best we can to pack as many tricks tips and demos into the 2-4 show as we can. And what we don’t do live, I shall blog next week.

They also come as baby Groovi Plates !

Here are a few examples from our clever DT , to give you a few ideas….








Here’s one we will take a closer look at tomorrow. Dee did this one…

There are also a couple of sets of oh so useful stencils on the show too:

And to customise/personalise your work, what better than our Clarity Wordchain ABC and Numbers set?

I’ve already done the show twice! Once when we were prepping, and once in my sleep last night. So let’s see… one more time guaranteed in my dreams tonight, and then the 2 hours live. That’ll be 4 times. Of course, there’s the 5th time, when I go back over it in my head, checking I didn’t forget anything, or miss anything out. Good job I’m not the perfectionist obsessive person I used to be, eh.

Still trying to get to grips with this new blog format. It’s certainly testing me! I just need some time and patience.

Ha ha.

Stay safe.

Love always,

Barb xxx










17 thoughts on “Sunday TV – A Brief Outline (stamp)….

  1. Lovely samples from the design team. I already have the groovi set, and a couple of the stamps from previously, the Clarity wordchain ABC which I use a lot, and most of the stencils, though still looking forward to the shows, which I’m sure will be brilliant as always and give me lots of new ideas. Take care, hugs to you, Dave, your mum & dad, and the two vikings. xx

  2. Looking forward to the show but will watch later as we are having a birthday lunch for mom. Love the design team’s samples & I am sure you will get loads of demos done. If not we can enjoy some great blogs next week.
    Off to make a birthday cake.

  3. Hi Barbara all the samples are gorgeous. I just love it all. I hope the shows go well. You are always so well prepared. Have a lovely evening. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  4. I just love the toadstools!I will be watching tomorrow and please don’t worry, as you are always so good to watch. Try to have a relaxing evening. Hugs. Annette X

  5. Really looking forward to another couple of hours of amazing tricks, tips and inspiration in your company tomorrow Barbara. And the Design Team have done their usual magical display of brilliant and beautiful samples. Have a lovely relaxing evening with Dave, take care, travel gently.

  6. I am sure that in the dim and distant past I bought these stamps and Groovi platesbut can I find them? Naah!!!! We are in the middle of shifting things round to make room for the Christmas tree and things are disappearing daily. Will have to have a rummage in the boxes and watch the shows to see what is different on these new revamped stamps.
    The artwork is inspiting and I have been trying to work out the layering sequence on one of them – should keep me busy for a while. Musy mke some reminder notes forlater.
    Hope Dave and your Dad are behaving and recovering well.
    Stay safe.

  7. Beautiful stamps. A show with you, Barb, today is just what I need to perk me up as I lost my darling Jim yesterday. Your show is perfect timing. Xx

  8. So looking forward to the shows. The DT have excelled themselves with such beautiful samples. Safe journey and enjoy yourself. Xx

  9. Hello Barb, will have to record shows as taking granddaughter to watch the Red Roses vs the Black Ferns as she has just started playing rugby. Love them stamps and the artwork from the DT is just fabulous. Enjoy the shows and take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. I shall watch your programmes as I’m always inspired by what you show us and the DT team are amazing too. I have several of the stamp sets and the wee folk ones are a firm favourite of mine.
    Please pass on happy birthday and good health wishes to your Dave xx

  11. Please wish Dave a very happy birthday . All the best people have their birthday on the 7th of November. ( yes it is my birthday too!) 😂😂 xx

  12. Managed to catch the second hour (was busy getting my Covid booster jab!). Loved all the tips & tricks and snuck another little order in…! Hope Dave has had a fabulous birthday xx

  13. Barbara, when can we expect to be able to buy your wonderful stamps here in the US. I went on Amazon and bought the groovy plates I wanted but couldn’t find the stamps I wanted. The shipping from the UK is astronomical, whew…. but would buy if I could do it here… love your stuff!!!

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