Clean Desk – Clean mind?

Clean Desk – Clean mind?

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just ticking lots of boxes for the Sunday 2-4pm TV show. What a state this place is in! Looks like a bomzitit!!

You know what they say: Clean desk, clear mind. Mmmm. So, a cluttered desk like mine implies a cluttered mind? Well, in my defense, Albert Einstein had the very same thought on this subject as me!

He gets me! And if Albert Einstein gets me, that’s good enough!

We’ve got so many art demos, tricks and tips lined up for Sunday, we’ll NEVER get through them all. But hey ho. Better too many than not enough !

Paul and I have had fun today. It’s been good. I’ve missed working with him on the prep. We just got into a new routine when COVID hit, because we had to, and it’s taken this long to reframe.

I hope you can join us on Sunday. 2-4pm on the What’s on the menu? Some fabulous stamps and stencils. More will be revealed tomorrow …

Stay safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx



21 thoughts on “Clean Desk – Clean mind?

  1. Glad you had a fun day today, good to get back to crafting with friends. Will have to catch up with the Sunday show later as we are having a birthday lunch for my mom.
    The only problem with clearing your desk is that you can’t find anything afterwards or at least that is what happens to me !!

  2. Looking forward to it! I have a clean desk for once but what surrounds it – well that’s for me to know ! Have fun on Sunday x x

  3. Been clearing my desk, the lounge etc and then! Started crafting. What a mess 🤣Looking forward to Sunday and lots of demos and few interruptions 😊

  4. Oh so lovely that you’re back to creating and crafting with Paul.
    Relax a little this evening and reflect on your creativity!
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  5. My desk is partly messy and partly clear! Wonder what that says about me? Looking forward to messing up the clear part with some crafting at the weekend!!!

  6. Hi Barbara my craft things are in such a mess. There is no time to tidy. How lovely to be able to prep with Paul again. I hope the shows go well. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs so it follows you can’t make art in a pristine area!!! My hubby fixed a plaque to my craft room door which says:
    A messy craft room is a sign of genius.
    I think he is biased but it’s a nice thought and I do clear up when finished.
    Really looking forward to Sunday’s shows.
    Take care of yourselves, stay safe.

  8. Looking forwards to the shows on Sunday. My desk is always messy but I know where everything is. Glad you and Paul had fun today. 💕

  9. Oh I say Barb some sneeky little teasers I spy for Sunday on that desk. Can’t wait so see what you and Paul have been cooking up.🙂

  10. Albert was so right! Although “cluttered” and “messy” seem a little negative, I like to think I’ve always worked from a “full” desk, more “organised chaos” than “cluttered”! And now my craft desk/area is much the same! At least that way everything is to hand, as long as I can find it! Glad you and Paul have been able to prep together again, looking forward to watching Sunday’s shows and all the tips and tricks. Hope Dave is doing well and managing to ease up and relax.

  11. Hi Barbara
    Sorry I’m one of those that can’t work with mess. So desk is tidied up after every project. But then it would be a sad world if we were all the same. Will watch on Sunday glad to see you and Paul working and preping together. Hope everything goes well 👍👍👍
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  12. Whether my table is busy or empty, the thing right under my nose still can’t be found! Lol. Looking forward to Sunday’s shows. Have a good weekend. Lots of love. Hxx

  13. Hi Barb, great photo of Paul. I tidy my desk and snap within seconds it looks a bit like yours when I start on another project. Looking forward to the shows, must set the record. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. I go along with ‘organised chaos’. I clean up when I have totally finished a project and as soon as I start on something I have to have everything to hand. Can’t be doing with putting things away after using it and then 5minutes later getting it out again. Stops the flow…. well, thats my excuse.

  15. Looking forward to tomorrow’s show – I’m getting my Covid booster jab but hoping to be back in time. I’m definitely with you on the ‘cluttered desk…’ perspective! I always seem to end up crafting in about 2cm of space as I get everything out 😂

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