Next Stop: Stencil Club

Next Stop: Stencil Club

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just got home from spending the day with my parents. It was a good day. Dad is making a comeback again, after a rough few days, and Mum is just looking better than ever and gorgeous. We had a really good indepth talk about business and the way it’s rolling out post-Covid. They’re like my Clarity Board!  I trust them implicitly, and I trust their thoughts. They are rock solid and clever, and we go back as far as I can remember; it was good to share and listen.

But now to this ere blog! We’re on the Clarity Craft Club Bus; next stop STENCILS. I have to say, this is my favourite of the four clubs, although the stamps are pretty spesh too.  But this is my kinda thang…If I were going to join just ONE club, it would actually be the Stencil Club. They’re just so good! Look! What a tree stencil! Mel drew this one. FANTASTIC.

And here’s another fab tree

We even save the useful bits – hey! There’s no ’arm in that, is there ?!

And here’s yet another superb tree stencil! ANOTHER MEL MASTERPIECE.

And that’s just a tiny taste of the stencil club. I love it. CLIMB ABOARD!!!



We started stencils 9 years ago. I actually found this ad back in the 2012 archives!

After years of stamps only, it was a jump. But I love them. For mixed media, for the Gel press art, for background work. We have no less than 3 laser machines dedicated to stencil production, and they’re always whirring. In fact, on a side note, we are just about to introduce a new section to our Clarity website: The Potterlot Stencil Section. Watch this space!! They work so amazingly well on pottery!


Yesterday – in case you weren’t aware – we officially opened the Clarity Craft Club Library. And to celebrate, we have cut the price on the entire massive collection of past issue products and projects by half. Yep. 50% off. All Available HERE




You see, I think a whole folder of 12 top quality stencils and 24 full-colour projects for half price is exceptional value. And what a great gift that would make! A loaded folder of stencils AND a year’s subscription to the Stencil club. What a present! Generous indeed.

Anyway, the Clarity Craft Club Bus is pulling into the depot for the night. Absolutely bushed.

Stay safe. See you in the Facebook LIVE SHAC tomorrow morning at 10, for another doodle hour on those glorious ginkgo leaves.


Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “Next Stop: Stencil Club

  1. I love the stencils. If I had to choose I would choose this one as there’s so many ways they can be used.
    But then I love all the clubs!

  2. Love the Clarity clubs. I’ve been part of the stencil club since the beginning, so versatile.

    Take care all, Claire

  3. So glad your dad is on the up! Stencils look good. Am still deciding which club to join!!! Hope you can enjoy a restful evening!

  4. Think I said yesterday, my great niece loves the stencils so I’m seeing more of mine now – one’s I’ve even forgotten! Will miss you in morning as it’s lunch club again and I’ll be peeling potatoes plus other things! will catch up though. My sister has COVID so I’m on ‘looking after Mum’ duty together with my niece so not so much time available at the moment… Still, never mind, one of the grandsons also has it. Luckily both my sis and him are ok so far. Have a good evening (well rest of it !) xx

  5. I love my stencils. Many of them lend themselves to parchment work too. Glad to hear the good news about your lovely Mum and Dad. XXX Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  6. Re-joined all the clubs this morning.
    Pleased to hear your Dad is doing better and Mum is OK too. Hope Dave is improving and doing as he is told.
    Only a few weeks to Christmas now, really looking forward to it.
    Stay safe.

  7. Hello Barb, I love my stencil Club goodies (1 of 3), and so many things to inspire you. Funny enough the Hand/Heart tree is one of my all time favourite stencils to use for anniversaries. Glad to hear Mum and Dad are doing ok. Hope Dave is much better too. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  8. Yes, I have a few club stencils (and a couple of the dies), and what is fantastic about all of the club items is their interchangeability (if that’s a word). After ‘speaking’ with Grace the other night, I have renewed my stamp membership – she is a wonderful ambassador.
    Hope you are all well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  9. I have quite a few stencils but need to make more use of them. There is no excuse really as they come with 2 projects each month. Another thing to add to next years crafting to do list.
    Glad to hear your Dad is improving & that your Mom is ok as well. Likewise I hope Dave continues to improve as well.
    Looking forward to the SHAC Shack this morning for an hour of doodling & then the Christmas Party tomorrow night x

  10. Glad to hear your parents are in good form. I’ve never been in the stencil club but am tempted by some of the back issues for sure! I think I remember the first club stencil (before there was a separate stencil club) – it was a rose heart background to fit with the previous month’s rose heart stamp. I’ve still got it!

  11. I have the stencils but can someone tell me what number they start from as mine seems to be from number 20 ,is that the first or have I missed any please,
    pauline x

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