Groovi Club Bus – HUGE BUS, window seat with loads of leg room.

Groovi Club Bus – HUGE BUS, window seat with loads of leg room.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. And thanks for joining Thor and myself this morning in the SHAC (hahahaha). Ironically, we are currently doodling onto Designer parchment in the SHAC, so although we associate parchment with parching, in the SHAC it is abundantly clear that parchment has so much more to offer us stampers, doodlers and illustrators. If you missed the hour today, it is always available on Youtube, together with the other 351 hours of SHAC SHAC entertainment! Here’s this morning’s session…

But all aboard the Clarity Craft Club Bus, as we travel on to the next stage of our Clarity journey. It was stamps first, then we introduced stencils, then came the game changer: GROOVI. About 6 years ago. Blew the doors off. Our 3 Laser machines that we bought to make stencils quickly grew to – wait for it – 13 machines! That’s a lot of very expensive kit – and a helluva lot of Groovi plates! My brother Steve is in charge of that department. The Groovi section of our business is the largest. That said, the stamp arm is making a fantastic comeback since we changed our manufacturing process.

But. In keeping with the huge Groovi/Parchment community, our Groovi Project Club is also the one with the most members. The GROOVI past issues are also available in the Half Price Offer. Join the club today for £6 a month and treat yourself to some past projects – you’ll love it!



The Groovi Club is special and different, in that when you join up for the 12 months, we send you not only a folder to store your tutorial chapters and new design plates in, but also a superb little half pint A5 Groovi Plate Mate, to hold your Baby plates while you work. This little Plate Mate is also included in the 2016 Back Issue Collection, the very first year. But we will send it to you as soon as you join too. One thing I will say about the Groovi Club. If you are embarking on your Groovi Journey, it does make sense to invest in those first 12 chapters if you can; they lay down the basics of parching. Sort of take you by the hand and get you started…






Available HERE


Couple of random examples….



Anyway. I must cracker on. Gotta get ready steady go for that Güd Folks Craftalong tomorrow evening!! We need Cracker Jokes! Keep em coming!

Stay safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx


11 thoughts on “Groovi Club Bus – HUGE BUS, window seat with loads of leg room.

  1. It was a lovely, funny morning with you, Barbara. Lifted my spirits no end! Joined the Groovi club earlier this year. I’m still a novice but love watching all that everyone does! Hope some gud jokes come in for tomorrow evening!

  2. I really enjoyed this morning, I caught up with my Ginkgo doodle, just need to add colour but the giggles & chatter was just what I needed to distract me form what else was going on today.
    I have everything I need for tomorrow night including my Christmas PJ’s so all is good. I was late joining the Groovi club so need to check out what I am still missing from that first year.
    Not very good with jokes but will see what I can come up with. I need some that are suitable for all ages !!

  3. I’m sorry to have missed the drawing of the Ginkgo leaves, from what I’ve seen they are spectacular.
    I’ve been a member of the Groovi Club since the beginning and love receiving the projects every month.

  4. Loved this morning so nice to have someone who understands what we are all going through and gets it basically xx even though you have troubles of your own you still have time for everyone xx
    Loving the leaves and the designer parchment game changer xx the taster packs are a fab idea so will be getting some of those xx
    Looking forward to Friday to see what you are doing xx
    Thank you xx

  5. I joined the Groovi Club on Dec last year and shall be joining again this year.
    Here’s a joke for you.
    Why doesn’t Father Christmas have any children?
    Because he only ‘comes’ once a year….. And that’s down the chimney. 🤪
    Oooo sorry that’s a bit naughty x

  6. Thank you for a really chilling out time and such a laugh. When you start giggling it’s so infectious best medicine. Loving this artwork using the designer parchment and again learning new techniques x

  7. Had a fun time in the Shac this morning. I have only ever dabbled with parchment craft did invest in the groove starter set when it first came out but am more of a stamper. However purchased some of the designer parchment after seeing the gingko leaves on parchment and now I can’t stop. See you tomorrow at 7pm.xx

  8. What kind of motorbike does Santa drive? A Holly Davidson 🤣🤣
    Looking forward to the pyjama party tomorrow night xx

  9. Unfortunately I work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have not managed to catch up with the Shac or Groovi Tuesday for several weeks, never seem to get the time just lately, but with them all on Youtube, hopefully I will catch up at some point. I’m a member of all the clubs, lovely to get my happy post every month, great value and wonderful inspiration. And all being well, should be able to join the PJ party tomorrow. Looking forward to it. xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Have been with groovi a while now and throughly enjoy the clean line and no mess 🤣🤣 here’s a couple of jokes knock knock who’s there Isabel. Isabel who Isabel necessary on a bicycle 🚴
    And what do you call a man with leaves on his head Russell. That’s your lot folks 🤣🤣
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  11. Hello Barb, I can just imagine that the Groovi Club is the biggest, because when it was launched, so many people wanting to try Parchment craft were able to do it easier than the traditional methods. I did join for a while, but it was not for me, not my thing, although I do still have a play now and again with what I have. However I decided to opt for the die club instead, alongside the stamp and stencil club, much more me. I do love looking at the beautiful creations that others make though, totally astounding at how creative people get with such great tools. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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