Designer Parchment Offer

Designer Parchment Offer

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. We went back to the Ginkgo Tree in the SHAC today,


and developed our doodles with designer parchment. Here I have worked on the Toscana Collection…


. You may have seen me stamping onto parchment in the past; this is next level, where you transfer your illustration through the translucent parchment, and then erase the colour at the back…


If you like the look of this kind of art, then NOW would be a great time to treat yourself to a pack (or 6!) of the Designer pads! Half Price, plus your Clarity Craft Club Discounts.



Available HERE

Want to see it in action? Here’s today’s SHAC Video for you.

Stay safe, make something!

Love and Hugs

Barb xx



10 thoughts on “Designer Parchment Offer

  1. Hope you can destress and get your head in a calmer place. You have had so much to cope with for a very long time and still facing many many challenges plus the health issues with your Dave and your Dad. Sunday will be a breeze because you can do it blindfold so whatever you prep will be readily accepted and we always learn from these fantastic two hours you give us. Look after yourself Barbara and you too slow down, breathe. Xxps love these Ginkgo leaves

  2. Well….I’m amazed!! One of our lovely neighbours has a Ginkgo tree in her garden and she kindly brought me lots of it’s leaves yesterday. They are gorgeous and I couldn’t think what to with them – so thanks Barb, now on to colouring them!
    Hope you are all well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS Bendy cat is HATING the fireworks – how are your boys getting on with them?

  3. I loved watching you in action this morning in the Shack. Amazing artwork. Look after yourself, Barb. Lots of love to all of you. Hxxx

  4. Will have to catch up on the video. Need something relaxing to do after a hectic week.
    Take care of yourselves, stay safe.

  5. Enjoyed this morning in the Shac and loved the gingko leaves on the parchment. Had told myself no more spending but alas some designer parchment has fallen into my basket and will soon be on it’s way. Hope your Dad and Dave feel better soon take care and make sure to look after yourself as

  6. Hello Barb, I so need to catch up with the Shac videos, life has just been a bit hectic and stressful lately. I often sit on conference calls and doodle on my notepad, wish I could have Youtube or FB on my work laptop, then I could doodle along with the Shac. Hey ho, we can’t have everything. Please look after yourself, and take time out to slow down and relax. You are a very strong woman, but not superhuman. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  7. Loved the Shac Shac yesterday morning and I hope it calmed you too if only for an hour. Hope you have a calmer weekend and that your Dad and Dave will soon be feeling better, just remember to take of yourself as well.xx

  8. What a brilliant show Barbara, I had to watch on youtube later as was at hospital with husband ,now mega shopping done and both self isolating , thought it easiest if both do it as he is having heart op next week.
    Take care of yourself and Dave, remember to sit and and chill occasionally, I know sometimes easier said than done but a cat on the knee to stroke is the perfect recipe. XXX

  9. I really enjoyed this mornings SHAC session. Its a work in progress but will get it finished for the 18th. Struggling with my eyes at the moment – can only do things for a short time so hopefully will know more after my pre op appointment next Wednesday as to when they are going to do the first op. As you say getting old is not always great.

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