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Thanks for popping in! Had fun in the SHAC SHACK this morning, preparing our Christmas Crackers. Well, I did. Have fun, that is. Chuntering away to myself.

In case you’re wondering what I am talking about, here’s the set of printed crackers that we have started decorating. So Güd!

Available as a complete kit HERE

I was showing off some pretty spectacular finished samples that Dee, Elaine and Jane had prepared for us. Let me show you…

Thank you ladies. Beautiful work x

Grace suggested we make some blank ones for folks to stamp up their own, and some finished, ready coloured and printed Güd ones, for people who haven’t got time to colour them all in! Now THAT’s not a daft idea either!! Watch this space!

After the SHAC Session, I went straight to the office, and had back-to-back meetings. But not before I sliced up a raw potato and laid it on top of the salty offering that was chicken fricassé! Did I mention this morning that the lid also came off the Cayenne pepper pot while I was trying to add a little kick to the otherwise quite bland white sauce? Hahahahaha! So not only was it weally weally salty, it also made your eyes water and your throat scream. Anyway, you’ll be pleased to hear that the raw potato actually did the trick – together with another 1/2 pint of milk! It tasted great, to be fair! Dave was very quiet during the eating of said chicken fricassé, but he ate the lot! As I say, grateful eater.

If you missed the Cracker SHAC Shack, then you can watch below or via our YouTube page HERE

Anyway, time to call it a day. I’m REALLY thirsty too! I wonder why….

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xx

16 thoughts on “Crackershack!

  1. Lol. Had to laugh about your dinner. What a good man that is! Glad it all worked out well in the end. Loved the Shack this morning. Thank you. Fantastic art work. Hxx

  2. Love these little Gud people and the crackers are great. Glad you managed to rescue and enjoy the fricasee.

  3. Like the idea of coloured crackers. Don’t want to pressure myself into doing something I might not have time for.

  4. Hiya Barb,
    Glad to hear that you’re meal turned out well in the end.
    I feel like pants today with a chest infection and no voice.😷
    But the Cracker Shac really cheered me up! So I do Thank you! 🙏
    I have spent a lovely afternoon colouring in the Gud folk, just taking my time and losing myself in the moment. Xx

  5. How to turn a culinary disaster into a masterpiece. Well done Barb.
    Didn’t get to watch the Shack this morning as I had too many other jobs to get out of the way while I’m in the mood but I will catch up on YouTube.
    I love these Gnomes, and the artwork above, but I agree with Grace that it would be nice to have blank crackers to stamp ourselves. I’ve had all sorts of ideas on table decoration, different each day over the Christmas and New Year period. Blanks can also be decorated for Easter, birthdays and Anniversaries.
    Must write all these ideas down before I forget them.
    Stay safe.

  6. Really enjoyed the get together this morning. What a good idea Grace. So pleased the chicken dish was saved. Looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks for putting some of the samples the design team did. All beautiful.

  7. I do love a culinary incident story. Most of mine involve too much heat (Korean sauce, scotch bonnets, spicy chorizo) but the best one was having to wash my mum’s net curtains after a squid ink accident!

  8. Loved The SHAC session this morning. Excellent ideas from Grace. Looking forward to A moment of Clarity tomorrow.
    Glad to hear the raw potato worked!!!!
    Take care, keep safe everyone

  9. Enjoyed colouring in the Gud people this morning. Glad you managed to rescue the chicken fricasse – Clarity family to the rescue with the cooking tips !!
    Off to do a little more to my Gud family crackers.

  10. Really enjoyed the SHAC this morning even though I don’t have the crackers or stamps. It’s just a nice place to hang out and very relaxing just to watch the colouring. I can’t colour at the moment anyway due to a poorly arm. So glad your meal turned out alright in the end. Xx

  11. Hi Barb, had to laugh about the salty chicken fricassee, as I did that recently too. Glad yours turned out ok. Love the crackers and the superb artwork as always. Not able to join the SHAC SHACK sessions due to work, but at least I can catch up with the videos. Fab idea Grace, and I am sure one that will fly. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Love the idea of pre coloured crackers. Would also be great for the postcards. Very useful for those of us who are not so good at colouring. How about the Gud family ready coloured on parchment like the Poppets?

    Love your work and that of your team. xxx

  13. Ha ha I once used a whole lot of cayenne pepper instead of paprika on pork cutlets when we lived in Germany. I couldn’t understand why the hubby’s face changed colour when he was eating it. Love the gnomes. I’ve got the stamps and they do stamp brilliantly so will remember the colours for when I do my cards.

  14. Hi Barbara I love those crackers. Grace has some great ideas. Crafting for me is on the back burner at the moment my Mother-in-law is not well and that is where the time is going. So anything pre-coloured is amazing. I am so pleased that you sorted out your meal. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  15. Thanks for a wonderful Friday evening Barbara & Paul. I don’t do Facebook so have to leave my message here. May I suggest the next event is Dave teaching our other halves how to make frames for our artwork please?😂😂
    Have a great weekend everyone xx

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