All that Art!

All that Art!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. And thanks for joining in yesterday evening if you did! I can only speak for myself, but after quite a strenuous week at work, I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the Clarity gang, and putting those Lino Cut Stamps through their paces.

Having played with all three of the Stampsets, I can’t say I have a favourite. All three are really REALLY useful, clever, and easy to make great art with. As I said last night, these are what I consider to be thinking stamps. You have THINK about what you are doing – and that’s a good thing. All the time you are totally focussed, you are in the creative zone. And that, my friends , is what Mindful crafting is all about.

Here are the 3 Pairs of Lino Cut stamps…

And here are a few snapshots of all the artwork we made together yesterday during our LIVE 2 hour session on Facebook and YOUTUBE.

So Much Art!! So much creative potential!

Just single out one little Lino Cut Stamp panel that we made, and set it in a frame that Dave made out of old pallets…so cool. Christmas Presents, here we come!! A perfect bridge to Art.

If you didn’t watch live, here is the video on Youtube. We had a bit of a fiasco on Facebook, so all migrated to Youtube. Mark Zuckerberg, if you‘re reading this ere blog – I feel your pain. You ought to try a bit of stamping – nothing like a cheeky little crafty session to take your mind off the BILLIONS of DOLLARS you just lost this week. Gutted for you. And I thought we were having a rough week!

Everything we used during the crafty session is available in one place over on the Clarity website HERE

Dave and I just sat in the warm sunshine in the garden, eating bacon sandwiches and drinking tea. In the time it took Dave to go get the tomato ketchup, this is what I concluded:

Thinking out loud on paper…

“Life is okay, Barb. Stop worrying about the business; you can’t work any harder than you do. It is what it is. You’re sitting here in the sun, chilling. You‘re not putting a black dress on and going to your son’s funeral (You may think this a very random thought, but actually, Grace’s fella Mark lost his close friend last week. He committed suicided, and they are attending the funeral in Ohio this weekend). No, you’re not putting on a black dress and attending any funeral. And you’re not putting on an unsightly hospital robe, and being wheeled down to the operating theatre for a mastectomy. No, you’re not anywhere near a hospital. So get a grip, lighten up, and get your high brow problems in perspective. ”

And then Dave came back with the ketchup, and I grinned at him. Grateful.

Have a great weekend. Make something!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

27 thoughts on “All that Art!

  1. We have a great deal for which to be grateful. So sorry about Mark’s friend. That’s a tough one. Raining here so enjoy the sunshine. Very impressed by Dave’s frames. Perfect for your artwork. Thank you for last night. Enjoy your weekend, especially your pottery tomorrow. Lots of love. Hxxx

  2. That was such a fabulous 2hours. Thank you Barbara. Defiantly going to try these techniques.
    Hard to detach yourself from life’s problems. Take joy in the little things. You will survive 💕

  3. Hi Barb…really enjoyed watching the craft along..lots of fun as usual…yes lots to be grateful for…your time is one of them…have a great weekend…from a very small rural area in Nova Scotia Canada

  4. Just to say thanks for the blog . The is silent people out there reading your blogs . Might not say anything. But the thought process you put out on your blogs make it life easier for someone. Thank you xxxxx

  5. Good afternoon Barbara!
    I loved your 2 hours of clarity matters last night and as I couldn’t lay my hands on the stamps I made some Christmas cards instead. So time not wasted.
    Today I’ve been an had my hair cut and it’s certainly lightened my mood! Having someone else wash my hair is so relaxing.
    I’m so sorry to read about Mark’s friend. That is so tragic. I’m glad he has your Grace to support him as she has such empathy and love. A real chip of the old block is Grace!
    And guess what I’ve just found whilst getting stamps out for a session of sample making? Yes you’re right! The Linocut ones you used last night. Ah well I know where they are now at least.
    Have a lovely weekend and especially enjoy your pottery tomorrow!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  6. Oh Barb what much needed craft along. Loved it, I forgot all I’m having to cope with at the moment. Thank you so much. Your words of wisdom have made me realise I can get on with my life. No longer waiting for the phone calls, no more hospital or nursing home visits. No more painful moments ranting at life’s cruelty. You are a real tonic. That’s why we all love you ❤ x

  7. When I feel the world closing in on me I tell myself there are those worse off, l am lucky to be alive and have a wonderful if annoying but amusing hubby who loves me.
    Couldn’t watch yesterday as he suddenly decided I should get to grips with some new technology he’s installed on our system. I am no wiser and totally ticked off as it was a waste of crafting time 👹👹👹
    Received several Clarity parcels this week so have lots of new things to play with.
    Thick fog here at crack of dawn this morning but gentle sunshine now. Too cold to sit outside though.
    Stay safe all.

  8. Just want to say thank you so much for the time you spent planning and being with us all last night. I really, really enjoyed it even though I don’t have any of the stamps (pennies aren’t what they used to be😞). It was lovely just watching, listening, learning and chilling out. Seen some lovely artwork being posted following on from it. Well done everyone and hope you have a good weekend.

  9. Loved the demo last night and makes me want to get them now -got so much on my list …. We have a lot to be thankful for. So sorry to hear about Mark’s friend – tragic. Will be thinking about Maria this week and so many positive thoughts for her. Hope the bacon sarnies were good – sure they were ! We’re just sat outside having an ice lolly and feeding the kites from the garage – don’t tell Dave as he’ll say we shouldn’t! X

  10. Had a lovely time last night once I found you on You Tube haven’t got the stamps but loved the techniques which I can use with the stamps that I do have. Busy making crackers have managed to do 2 so far. Raining here at the moment but quite warm. A bacon sandwich would be wonderful right now. Enjoy your weekend and once again thanks for your company last night .xx

  11. Thank you Barbara for a lovely 2 hours spent with friends. Really helped me to forget my problems and keep my mind and hands busy – I know we all have them. Well done to Dave too.

  12. Thanks for a wonderful Friday evening Barbara & Paul. I learnt so much. May I suggest the next event is Dave teaching our other halves how to make frames for our artwork please?😂😂 We also had bacon sarnies in the sunshine today – spooky! Having attended our first ‘virtual funeral’ this week my thoughts are with Grace & Mark. Enjoy your pottery.
    Have a great weekend everyone xx

  13. Couldn’t join in last night but caught up this morning and really enjoyed it up to the point where I mucked up my background stamping because I couldn’t find my dot on sponges so just winged it. Won’t do that again just a tad soggy! Found the sponges in a safe place about an hour later. Have to agree that we sometimes don’t realise how lucky we are not to be experiencing what some other people are going through and I am grateful for all the time and energy you spend in your craft along sessions . Thank you so much and enjoy your pottery

  14. Great party, full of inspiration. Yes we too have a lot to be thankful for. Maybe lost the business. Depressing but we have each other. One day at a time

  15. Loved last night’s session and carried on this morning. Some I liked some not so keen but loved the process. Thanks Barbara – just what I need to take my mind off mum in hospital eating for heart op. Thanks again xx

  16. Thank you so much for the fab-u-lous Moment of Clarity last night. I only had the allium stamps (so far… have already gone & ordered the poppies!!) so played along wiht them I really wasn’t sure about these stamps at first but they are seriously addictive! Thanks also for the timely reminder to count our blessings as well – hope you managed to recharge your batteries today xxx

  17. I can’t craft in the evening but Bea and I are looking forward to catching up during the week. I think we have most of the ingredients (for once!) so we can play along. I love it that the episodes are available on Youtube and easily accessible. Thanks again Barbara for all that you do.

  18. Really enjoyed last night, I have to catch up with the first project as we were later having our tea than originally planned but listened whilst I ate. Loved the frame Dave made for your artwork – if only we hadn’t taken our pallet to the tip !!
    Sorry to hear about Mark’s friend – so sad when under those circumstances. We often have moments when things are not quite going the way we would like or we don’t feel 100% but its at that moment we need to remember that there are many going through far worse things & my thoughts are with those, especially those in our crafting community.
    Thank you to you & Paul for giving us all a great evening.
    Have a great day tomorrow at pottery – perhaps we will get a peek at what you make in the next few weeks.

  19. Thank you Barbara for more of your time although It didn’t go to plan for me. I was keeping up with the craft-along went all went blank, I thought it was just me. I was so cross, I shut the laptop down. I will know next time to try Youtube.
    I am so sad for Mark and Grace . Suicide is so hard to deal with and leaves so many unanswered questions. Grace and Mark will be there for each other and for their friend’s family and friends. May he rest in peace.

  20. I’m a Twitter fan and not on Facebook, never have been, so was well chuffed to ‘accidentally ‘ discover your little shindig on YouTube. Way of the future?
    Take care, with hugs, Sue. x

  21. Hi Barb, so sorry to read about Mark’s friend. It does make you think of how grateful we should be for loving, caring, strong supportive people around us. Love the look of all your artwork, hoping to have time to catch up today via Youtube. Take care everyone, sit in the garden and watch nature and be peaceful. Bx

  22. Dear Barbara, sorry to hear the sad news regarding Mark’s friend. As you say, you work really hard and it’s appreciated by all! – no pat on the back just a fact! If you continue to constantly worry you’ll end up in a grave early than necessary!! My hubby recites to me when I start obsessing on something the following ” it’ll be all right in the end, if it’s not all right, then it’s not the end”. I don’t know where he heard this but it helps.

  23. Thanks Barbara for another amazingly inspirational Moment of Clarity – a really great and much needed couple of hours of crafting companionship. The lino cut stamps are fast becoming my favourites!
    My thoughts are with Grace and Mark for their sad news.
    Family and friends can be so important in troubling times and I am grateful to have mine.
    Enjoy your weekend Barbara whether you’re pottering, walking or just sitting and relaxing with Dave.
    Take care and travel gently, now to open the latest batch of parcels of Clarity goodies!

  24. Thank you Barbara for a fun and fabulous evening. I love watching you and your creative process. I always learn, laugh and relax. I always Larn new techniques, tips and tricks. Thank you to you and your team for your hardwork, anazing products and sharing of wonderful talents, kindness and positivity- truly appreciated.

    Sorry to hear about Mark’s friend.

  25. Thanks.for the craft.along on Friday really enjoyed it ,need the other two stamp sets now 😀 added onto my wish list.

    Take care hugs 🤗

  26. Those frames look brilliant…….pity we can’t buy them, sets off the artwork perfectly. Love these stamps and really tempted! Just received the bauble cutouts ready to start my Christmas cards and the Spring frame so happy bunny xx

  27. So sorry to hear that Mark’s friend died by suicide. I saw a lovely documentary about some young lads in Northern Ireland, who were being taught to ask their friends twice if they were okay. Once for the social response, and the “are you really okay” for the real response. I hope his family and friends get the support they need x

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