Journaling – I think I cod bare my sole in a happy plaice…

Journaling – I think I cod bare my sole in a happy plaice…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in.

Here’s a brand new journaling set by our Sam Crowe, that Leonie is showcasing on The Craftstore today (2nd show at 2pm) .

I remember having a long Facetime chat to Sam about these a while ago. Mainly because I couldn’t get my head round the designs! But once she had explained it to me, I was 100% converted. The notelets and list stamps for example.

She said, “aren’t you always writing notes on yellow postits and scraps of paper? ”

I said, “They’re everywhere. On my desk, in my bag, on the fridge. I’m forever writing notes to myself.”

“Precisely,” she said, Well, look at mine” and she started showing me loads of really pretty, funny, colourful, arty notes to herself, and which she had pinned on a board. She had doodled and coloured and stamped all over the notes to herself. It was so cool! And actually enjoyable to see. As opposed to a stark white sheet of paper with a load of instructions on it.

I got it. She had used stencils to brush kookie patterns into the backgrounds too. Her notelets were all little personal works of art! Nice.

Available HERE

See here? Andy is into his journaling too. You can tell. I bet my handwriting would be neater too, if I were writing my To do list on nice lines and paper!

Andy Duggan
Sarah Brennan

Dee. She’s another journaler. Yep. Great pages for a journal…

Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour

The Design Team made some fab cards with the stamps and stencils too. When we were at the big London Stationery Show at Olympia in September, this style, this kind of retro grungy art was very vogue,

Andy Duggan
Jane Telford

These designs are just great for somebody who likes to think outside the box. Linda Spencer is a great one for that…

Linda Spencer

I’ve been thinking a lot about journaling, about keeping a diary, about writing down what is happening around me and even more importantly, what is happening in my head.

I think I am going to start today. One day at a time . One Page at a time.

I think I will start with one of those petite journals we have. Bite size. Not too overwhelming.

And I think I’ll pour Sam Crowe’s arty energy into the pages as I go. I am new to the whole mixed media kind of Journaling movement, but I know how to put pen to paper and stamp. So I shall make it up as I go. My ride, my rules, eh. xx

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

PS. Don’y forget to tune in to Leonie at 2pm xx

11 thoughts on “Journaling – I think I cod bare my sole in a happy plaice…

  1. Like you Barb I’m not into journaling but I watched both shows and thoroughly enjoyed them. My Josie plates arrived today so I’m going to be playing big time 🤣🤣

  2. I don’t do journals but wish I had/did and I have one of those little notebooks doing nothing …. Love Sam’s stuff – I’m not a ‘grunge gal’ but You don’t have to be do you ?! X

  3. I am not in to journaling but I loved the shows. The DT samples were food for thought and Leoni set me thinking of what I could do with the stamps and stencils. Well done Sam, brilliant work very ‘now’.

  4. I don’t do journaling so these are not for me. However I do enjoy seeing what others do. The artwork is interesting and so varied. Be intrigued to see how your journal turns out.
    Received the first of my personalised stamps today, so pleased with them, even the smallest stamps like a dream. So looking forward to getting the others.
    Stay safe.

  5. Beautiful stamps from Sam. Loved the shows with Leonie and didn’t the design team make some great samples. I am not into journals either but appreciate how interesting they can be. Thank you everyone.

  6. I love journaling & can see the potential in these fab stamps. I’ve got a journal for different techniques that include a brief menu & method; one for new stamps and one for just doodling when I’m bored of making cards or clean & simple. What I love most about journaling & Sam’s Stamps is that there’s no rules, no mistakes, but lots of room for art therapy and messy play using every medium in my reach.

  7. |I also don’t do journaling but have kept a daily diary for more years than I care to remember.. Some years ago I threw a few away (I had over 40 then) and now I’m sorry I did that, even though they are mostly just lists of post, phone calls visitors and places I’ve been (I keep a separate book for holiday trips -still a diary but of holidays). I think I’m too old and do too little to bother journaling now, but I’d love to see what others do.

  8. Loved the shows & all of Sam’s new collection. As yet I haven’t got into journaling but that’s not to say I won’t. The DT samples were great & full of inspiration. It is making the initial start on an empty page that is the barrier so perhaps the small journal would be a great place to start – we will see !!

  9. Hello Barb, I would love these sets, not just for journaling, but as the samples show, they make great cards too. Love all the art work. I am sure at some point I will start journaling, but at the moment with the day job, having to make notes on everything we do is putting me off. Leonie is just so inspiring and the pleasure she gets from craft is infectious, loved the shows. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. I have a little journal with my arty mistakes in it, or pieces I have rescued. I make notes about what I would do differently next time, or what to remember not to do! I quite fancy starting an arty gratitude journal too, to do little practice pieces with new stamps or techniques. Right up my street – well done Sam!!! X

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