Something very new and Groovi…

Something very new and Groovi…

Hi there

Thanks for popping . There’s something very new and exciting on the horizon for all you lovely Parchers and Groovers! Josie has come up trumps once again. This time she has gone round ! Really clever!

4 fabulous circle grids –

Josie is showcasing them herself on the tomorrow at 6pm. In fact, we thought they were that good, we turned them into a ONE DAY SPECIAL! So that gives Josie 5 whole hours to show you loads of tricks and tips. 6pm 8pm. Then Saturday, 8am 12noon and 4pm. Stock permitting, that is.

Here are some delightful examples and inspiration from our Groovi Design Team…

You’ll notice at once that these circle grids frame so many of our existing designs!

Carol Baker

They actually CAN go square too! Check out Carol’s art sample below…

Carol Baker

This technique is what sells them for me. See how Carole has picot cut the inner parts of the pattern to create clasps for the round Poppet piece? All four of them can do this. So now I’m framing family photos too. Brilliant.

Carole Panksztelo
Frances Knott
Frances Knott

See? Here are those clasps again…

Glynis Whitehead

…and again….

Glynis Whitehead

…and again!!

Glynis Whitehead
Jane Telford
Jane Telford
Karen Jackson

Did I mention you can make clasps to catch centrepieces??

Karen Jackson

You can! Look!!

Maggie Byford

Like a beautiful paper lace doily

Sheila Bradley

I hope you can join Josie on for the launch of these new plates. She designed them, so who better than the lady herself to show us how they work…

Friday 1st October – 6pm & 8pm
Saturday 2nd October – 8am, 12pm & 4pm

  • Also on Freeview and Sky. Sky 673 (24/7)
  • Freesat 817 (24/7)
  • Freeview 85 (7am – 10pm)

Stay safe

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “Something very new and Groovi…

  1. Oh, what are you doing to me? What with gas bills going through the roof and Christmas on the horizon, I promised myself no more craft purchases this year! However, being a Josie’s duet plate addict, resistance is futile. The samples are beautiful and I am so looking forward to seeing Queen Josie demonstrate the plates. Have a good weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  2. Hello Barbara
    Like Annette and Lynne I always buy Josie’s plates so I will definitely be purchasing these.
    Must remember to save some money for when we go to the Retreat, lol.

  3. Oh wow how beautiful well there goes this months budget lol will definitely be in my basket tomorrow cannot wait to see Josie demonstration xx

  4. They look fantastic Barbara, and i thought i would be slowing down with my spending!!!! May just have to check claritystamp out again and they may just pop into my basket, oops!

  5. What are you doing to me???
    Hubby totted up what I spent over the last two months on Clarity goodies so I promised to cut back. Thought these plates were not for me – good start to October methinks. WRONG!!! The artwork shown here really does inspire one to find some pennies to buy Josie’s designs. I look forward to seeing the shows and pleased to see it is a ODS. Think they will be a sell out as they are so different.
    Stay safe.

  6. Lovely designs from Josie again & great samples from the design team so looking forward to the shows. Have put the shows on to record for future reference as no doubt at least one will find its way home to join my ever growing stash.

  7. Hi Barb, Wow, there are many happy crafters out there right now! Love the samples from the DT. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  8. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – my heart goes out to poor Steve who is probably going to be pulling all nighters yet again in order to keep up with the demand. These plates look amazing. Hope everyone at Clarity has their hard hats on for when the doors get blown off. Well done Josie. Xx

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