Hello Autumn…

Hello Autumn…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s definitely colder today. Turned the heating up and dug out the sweater box. We’re in a rain, sun and wind loop. Autumn is here. Did you join in the SHAC yesterday – Thursday? We welcomed Autumn with one of our little poppet Marina Fedotova postcards and a very seasonal border doodle….Still to be completed when I get a mo.

Thoroughly enjoyed this one. I love her artwork. It is just a pleasure to colour in and add to. Here is the link to the 3 for 2 Postcard packs…HERE

And if you fancy watching the 2nd hour where we got together this week in the SHAC SHAC, and actually did this Hello Autumn art frame, then here it is…


Moving on…

All the boxes are ticked for our Sunday TV show on the Craftstore 2-4pm. Brand new stamp, and dies – and a fresh take on our very popular baubles… I do hope you can join me. Dave filled his tank and will drive me up to the studios, which is great. Good man.

And Josie is set to blow the doors off with her fab new circle grids at 6pm this evening. Paul filled his tank and set off early today to the studios, to meet up with Josie and help her. Good man.

So that’ll do donkey. Time to switch off the computer and the lights for a evening, and enjoy Josie, doing what she does so very brilliantly.

I know. I am very lucky to have such talented, loyal people in my life. I know it.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xx

12 thoughts on “Hello Autumn…

  1. Looking absolutely beautiful ! Waiting for Josie now. Sun’s been out here and not as chilly as yesterday, I think it’s rain for next however many days though. Need to catch up with poppet as it was lunch club volunteering last Thurs and hair cut yesterday, will be lunch club again next week ! Oh well, never mind, hurrah for catch up ! X

  2. Having read your blog I had quick look over on the craft store site. Loving the look of everything you have lined up for us especially the winter wreath & new dies. Off to make some more cards whilst waiting for Josie & Paul to start the ODS at 6pm.
    Glad Dave has been able to get fuel for your journey up to the studio.

  3. Definitely colder but it is cardi’s for me when I settle down to save heating until hubby starts to complain thenit will go on for the winter.
    Set up and ready to watch the shows this evening.
    Stay safe.

  4. Hi Barbara I love the doodle around the cute image. At some point I am going to catch up. Life is hectic we are trying to sort out care for my in-laws and I have been stressed. Today I sat and did a little doodling like you taught us and it so calmed me down. I hope all the shows go well you have some gorgeous things on the shows. Have a great evening and safe travels tomorrow. Hugs xxx

  5. I just cannot find my Poppets postcards -they’ve been eaten by my stash!! I sent for some more last week but until they arrive we can’t do the colouring which looked great. I hope we can find the YouTube episodes once they arrive! I’m still not able to do a session all in one but that’s the wonderful thing about Clarity lessons -we can go back as often as we need to and get the job done! Looking forward to the new dies very much, and also any new bauble stamps. I used the present ones to do most of my overseas Christmas cards – posted last week -as well as the London die and coloured parchment and squares border dies. They looked very special.

  6. Hope the Vikings are safe and well, not heard about them for some time….often think about them, so lovely…..it would be lovely to see them again! Please! 😺😸

  7. Need to catch up with the shac, as I’m at work on Thursdays, love this little poppet. The ODS is brilliant, watched the first show, and will be popping the tv on soon for the 8 o’clock show. Loving these new groovi plates. Not put the heating on yet, just wearing a extra layer. Have a lovely evening, and safe journey to the studio. xx

  8. What a great Shac shack. That is something to keep hands and mind occupied. Looking forward to next time. Meanwhile lots to watch this weekend. Many thanks

  9. Hello Barb, looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Glad you have all been able to fill your tanks. Having been past a station this morning and having had an altercation with a very selfish driver who blocked me and would not move out my way, despite the fact I was not even going into the station, and was in fact going straight past(hubby nearly thumped him), I just wish people would have a bit more respect for others and be more considerate and patient. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. Must find my poppet stamps and make some toppers with the frame stamps – they would make a lovely gift for Christmas! Love the parchment samples, but don’t have the patience for Groovi, sadly.

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