Back in the Saddle…

Back in the Saddle…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Having a good day? Having a growing day? I don’t know whether you recall, but a few months ago, I spoke of a dear friend whose husband died suddenly, and without warning. Every day I think of that friend, and her ongoing nightmare rightsizes absolutely ANYTHING going on in my own life.

In deference to that friend, I didn’t divulge her identity – because firstly, it’s not my story to tell, and secondly, she and the kids had to digest what had happened.

She went off the radar totally on social media (it didn’t help that her Facebook account was hacked exactly the same week as her husband Paul died, and that too has taken months to resolve). A proper nightmare. But slowly, gradually, she has been easing her way back into Life. Thing is, it’s quite difficult for her to know where to start again. I suggested to her when we met up in London a couple of weeks ago, to just give me the nod when she was ready to peep over the parapets, and I’d pave a way for her, through this blog.

Well, she gave me the nod at the weekend, that she wants to get back in her art-room, that she wants to get back in touch with her Facebook friends, (she had to open a new Facebook page) and that she would like to gently ease her way back into the Clarity community.

It’s dear Sam Crowe I’m talking about. She has had the year from hell. But rather than sadness and sympathy, she’d rather have your love, support and positivity.

She’s doing okay, one day at a time. When Grace, Sam and I hooked up in London recently, we did have a lovely time. It was great to see her laughing, and getting excited about art at the Olympia Show with the team, too.

Slowly, gently, she will get there. She has a very tight family, and a few close friends who have got her back every step of the way.

The reason for this post? I want to ask you to welcome Sam back into the fold with a smile and a hug. Her new Facebook Page is SAM CROWE

This is the picture to look for:

We have also been planning a TV Show with Leonie (they’re mates too), using superb designs of hers, to give her a lift and offer a little distraction. She had sent us some fabulous artwork long before things went crazy for her. In fact, in true Sam Crowe style, when we sent her the parcel of excellent stamps and stencils and papers etc to play with, guess what she said…

“Did I draw those?” She’s one in a million.

That TV show’s a week today actually. Next Wednesday on Let Leonie Loose on the Craft Store. I think Sam’s spirits will be lifted when she sees the wonderful artwork her fellow teamies have created for her.

Anyway, we have been circling the waggons – and now it’s time to rally the troops, and help Sam get back in the saddle. I’ll leave it there.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

79 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle…

  1. So sorry to hear of Sam’s loss, But so pleased she managed to get to have fun, she has to give herself permission to have more. Just cannot think of anything else to say, no words, except to say I’ve loved her demonstrations at Open Days and have most of her Clarity designs, so keep on keeping on Sam, we care.

  2. Oh Sam welcome back. I was looking at your stamps the other day and thinking I must get them out to play. I’ve been off the radar too with a new pup which prevents any form of crafting at the moment but in the last couple days I’m having to deal with the fact that my brother is on life support in a different country. This has happened in the last 2 days so very difficult. I just wish I could craft to take the pain away. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new ideas and only hope you go from strength to strength. Love and hugs ❤️❤️

    1. Very sorry to read about your brother, sending a virtual hug.
      I too have a new puppy 17 weeks so I understand that impacting your crafty time, take care x

      1. Anne Breach sorry to read about your brother.
        Sending healing prayers for your brother and a big hug to you.
        Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  3. Sending love and hugs to dearest Sam, you’re one of a kind , I’ve always loved watching you demo. Welcome back lovely xxx

  4. Welcome back Sam.
    So sorry for your loss Sam.I and many others are here for you with outstretched arms to give you a big warm, virtual hug. Off now to visit you on Facebook xx

  5. Its so good to have Sam back she’s been missed. One step at a time Sam and the sunshine will be back. Luv ya lots xxxxx

  6. So sorry to hear of Sam’s sad news. You are right Barbara, it puts everything else in perspective. Welcome back Sam. The only way now is up. Be positive and stay strong. We all love you to bits

  7. Aww Sam, so sorry to read Barbara’s blog today but welcome back. I really can’t think what to say and can’t imagine what you and your family have been through/going through. I think I’ve already requested friend to your new page but not approved yet ! I knew you’d been hacked. Can’t wait to see what you have come up with and everyone’s designs. Travel gently. X x

    1. Welcome back Sam, I am so sorry for your loss…..take one day at a time. I so look forward to seeing your wonderful artwork again,……take care xxxx

  8. I’m deeply saddened to hear of Sam’s loss, I cant even imagine what she’s been through. It will be so lovely to see her back again with her fabulous artwork! – I’ve not been anywhere near my craft room for the last month, life has just run away with me. However, I will make myself have the treat of sitting down and watching the show. Something to really look forward to! X

  9. Oh Barbara this is a very moving story. I am so sorry for Sam’s loss. It is good that she is coming back to crafting. She really does have some very good friends. I wish Sam all the best. Hugs xxx

  10. Welcome back Sam. Have missed you and sending big hugs to you. I had no idea of your loss, and can relate to a sudden loss, albeit it has got better over the past 6 years. If you find yourself feeling down and just wanting to say “S*d everything” then do it. There will be days when you feel like that, and anniversaries will be the worst. (I know I am facing an anniversary this week, followed a few days later the anniversary of Big D’s death- I hate this week, but the family will rally round.) I lose myself in my crafting most days, but sometimes it is just a day of mindless games!
    It does get better honest. Take it one day at a time dear friend. x

  11. I realise that I don’t know you, but it does cone as a bit of a shock when someone dies suddenly. I’m glad you will be back in the fold and shall go and find your own page too. Thankyou Barbara for making us all aware. Hugs all round. X

  12. Welcome back to the fold dear Sam….one day at a time and I look forward to more of your fantastic work…..take care xxx

  13. Oh Sam, I am so sorry for your loss.
    You are a ray of sunshine in the Clarity world. You have been missed and I’m so pleased you are finding your way back. Sending you love and hugs. X

  14. Oh Sam welcome back. I was only thinking about you the other day about if you had managed to sort out the hacking incident. What little I knew. It’s great to have you back xx

  15. So sorry to hear this news. I lost my first husband 30 years ago and still get a twinge now and again. It was a bad time, family were dismissive, and the best support I had was from one of our drivers, our warehouse manager and one of our customers. They were wonderful.
    It does get better with time and Sam is lucky to have a supportive family and good friends. Welcome back Sam, you have been missed. I look forward to seeing you on TV again – love your designs.
    Quite warm and intermittently sunny here today. Managed to get the last of my special cards finished today. It is time to look out some of the unfinished pieces from other hobbies and make some space for Christmas.
    Stay well stay safe. Love to all.

  16. Welcome back our Sam, we have missed you so much teamie! Not a day passes when you are not in my thoughts. Cannot wait for a big Welsh hug! xxx

  17. Hi Sam
    Just wanted to send lots of love and positivity to you. Welcome back to the Clarity team and to crafting. You are too talented not to share it and encourage all of us to be painty and messy!
    Take care

  18. Welcome back Sam, I know to well what you are going through. It is just 12months since I went through it. With your family and Friends near and far you will find the love and strength to carry on. Sending you big Big hugs xxx

  19. So good to have Sam back and really good news that she’ll be on the Craft Store with Leonie. I had the pleasure of meeting both these lovely ladies at a Clarity Open Day, and they both put me right about worrying too much about keeping my crafting area too clean! Can’t wait to see what goodies and magic they have in store for us!
    Take care Sam, big hugs.

  20. Welcome back Sam! So very sorry to read about your loss – as our dear Barb would say – one day at a time and just travel gently. Sending love and hugs xxxx

  21. Greetings fellow Geordie. Love the accent. Bit of home for me living in the south. Good to have your crafty skills back. Take care

  22. It’s great to have you back Sam! One step at a time is the right way to go! And now Barbara has helped get over that next hurdle.
    Lots of love xxxx

  23. Sam, you have been so missed and what a blessing that Barbara is your friend and has your back. One day at a time my friend is the best advice I can give you from one who knows a little of the pain you have been through. Lots of love xx

  24. Sam, I didn’t for one moment think the friend Barb was talking about, was you. Such a terrible thing to happen to you and your family, I send you big hugs. It is so good that you are trying to get back to working again with Barb, it will help you, I am sure. Welcome back, I can’t do it on facebook as I don’t subscribe, but I am sure you will be reading Barb’s blog. Your lovely cheerful face has been missed by all, I hope you can feel some of that cheer again one day. Hugs, Sue x x

  25. Be lovely to have you back Sam, I’m a huge fan of your art and your style, and you’ve always been so warm and approachable at the Open days. Off to FB now to link up again. Sending virtual hugs, positivity and empathy and wishing you gentleness as you find your feet a little.

  26. What a wondrous thing this Clarity community is, doing what it does best and supporting one of its own at her time of need.
    Thank you, Barbara, for enabling us to send love and positive vibes to Sam and her family – travel gently, Sam

  27. So sorry to hear this. Loved Sam’s work and enjoyed watching her at the open days. Wishing her all the best… Just take it a day at at time. Good to hear she has a great support network.

  28. So sorry to hear such sad news. Take care of yourself Sam, little steps, one day at a time. It must be a help to have such good friends by your side but you deserve them. Look forward to seeing you creating your own special art again soon. Xx

  29. So sorry to hear about Sams loss, I’m sure she has been taken under your wing Barbara and look forward to seeing more from Sam in the near future! Loved watching her get messy xx

  30. So sorry to hear of Sam’s loss and glad she feels able to come back. Welcome Sam. Take it gently and at your own pace. Look forward to seeing your artwork again. Xx

  31. Hello Barbara and Sam
    Welcome back, Sam. Crafting helps as I have found out over the past 16 months. Different circumstances from you, Sam, but a similar end result.
    Sending love and hugs,

  32. Oh Barbara that wasn’t what I expected to read.
    I can’t imagine what Sam has been going through after the sudden loss of Paul but glad she now feels able to get back to crafting & she has you & the Clarity family to help her. Looking forward to seeing what Leonie has lined up for us with Sam’s new designs.
    Sam – sending you a big virtual hug – one day at a time is the way to go. xxxx

  33. Welcome back Sam, so sorry to hear of your sad news. Travel gently. Looking forward to seeing your new designs. Sending hugs. xxx

  34. Hi Barb,
    Thank you for letting us know about Sams very sad news.
    Sam, so sorry to hear.about your husband. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I always made a beeline for your demos at Leyburn (& Catterick).& learned so much from your demos. I also met you a few times in Crafters Companion at Aycliffe and was so pleased when you gave me various bits of advice. It’s good to know that you are ready to come back into the fold. Take it gradually and as Barb would say one day at a time. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  35. Oh Sam, I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve been going through but it’s wonderful to be able to welcome you back. Looking forward to seeing your fabulous artwork again. I’ve learnt such a lot from you and you’ve inspired me so much. Sending you lots of love.

  36. Hello Sam, so sorry to hear of your loss. Sending you big hugs to say hang in there lovely Lady, and welcome back. Looking forward to seeing your lovely arty creations. Take care everyone. Bx

  37. So very sorry to hear that Sam Crowe was the friend referred to in your blog. My heartfelt sympathy and best wishes go to Sam and her family.
    Thank you Barbara and the Clarity team for being there for this lovely, vibrant lady. She and her family will have needed and will still need such loyal friends around to comfort and support her.
    It’s so nice to hear that she is now able to get back crafting again, something Sam excels at and inspires others to do.

  38. Dear Barbara I knew you had a friend whose Husband had died suddenly but had no idea it was dearest Sam. Sam I’m so, so, sorry for your loss. As many have already commented it’s lovely to be able to help you take those first tentative steps back on the road of life. Slowly and gently one day at a time, good days, bad days and growing days but just remember to be kind to yourself. Sending love to you and your family and looking forward to seeing your new creations. Take care xx

  39. I am sorry to read about your sad loss Sam. We lost my Dad nearly 30 years ago and it still catches me out every now and then but then the good memories come flooding back that leave me smiling and being very grateful for the time we spent as a family, I wish you and your family many happy memories of your own.

  40. Welcome back Sam- sending lots of hugs. You truly have been missed. I always enjoy your videos – I often go back again and again to enjoy your inspiration when I craft using your amazing products – which I love.

  41. Looking forward to seeing more of you Sam. I do feel for you and send healing thoughts.
    I had the same very sudden loss a few years ago, no warning etc. and have been saved by my wonderful caring family and friends. Barbara and Clarity are my second family and are a huge comfort on dark days.
    Be kind to yourself. Love and hugs.xx

  42. So sorry for your loss, Sam. Welcome back. Barbara is a lovely person. You couldn’t have a better friend to help ease you gently back. Much love and prayers.

  43. I know what its like Sam and how important friends are at this difficult time. We don’t know each other personally but I feel I know you a little by you creative work that we all enjoy. So pleased you feel able to get back in the saddle. Much love and hugs xx

  44. Welcome back Sam, you have been missed. So sorry for your loss too. It’ll never go away but things will get better each day as you learn to cope without him being by your side.

    Glad to see you are coming back with new designs for us all to play with.

    Love Zena. Xxx

  45. Dear Sam, I’m sad for you for all that happened to you this year, but so glad you are back now with your friends and your crafting! Certainly looking forward to the Craftstore show on Wednesday. I love all the inspiration you give us — and your nice and friendly smile!

  46. So sad to hear your devastating news Sam, you are such a lovely person with a unique arty style which we all love. So it will be great to see your latest designs and hopefully loads more will come tumbling out of that head of yours. You got me using my gel press and I thank you for that, I was so scared of it but now love it, thanks to you. Sending wishes alongside everyone that you can get stronger and know we will all be thinking of you dearest Sam x

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