Feeling Güd!

Feeling Güd!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It was great being back in the SHAC SHAC today! Cor. You don’t realise how much you miss something until you do it again! Well, let me rephrase that! You don’t realise how much you miss SOME things until you do them again! That’s better. Driving the SHAC bus is a güd thing. It feels güd.

As I said, once a week works now, for most of us. But should things change, and should we feel we might benefit from hanging out together more often, then that’s EXACTLY what we’ll do. The SHAC rocks – and so do you!

Do you remember back in December we doodled some amazing little Nordic Gnomes in the SHAC Shack? We did enjoy drawing those, didn’t we!

You can watch again on our YouTube page

8th December – Episode 1 HERE
9th December – Episode 2 HERE
11th December – Episode 3 HERE
14th December – Episode 4 HERE
16th December – Episode 5 HERE
18th December – Episode 6 HERE

Well, so many of you have been asking when we are finally going to bring them out as stamps, so that you can crack on with your Christmas cards, I thought today would be a güd day!

and in Groovi too – for all those Groovers…

Aren’t they lovely?! I will be showcasing these officially in A Moment of Clarity at 3pm on Friday 17th September, but I know that many of you are making a start on your Christmas cards, so they are available to purchase now – Click HERE. And at a great introductory offer too. xx

Have a güd day! See you tomorrow on TheCraftstore.com TV at 9am and 1pm!

Stay safe and travel gently. I am xx

Love always,

Barb xxx

32 thoughts on “Feeling Güd!

  1. That’ll teach me to make Christmas cards in June! I used my last years gnomes for some . Ah well, I can always be prepared for next year!

  2. Was wonderful to be in the Shac , thank you Barbara. Wasn’t going to get anymore Christmas plates this year……can’t resist the Guids though. Stay safe and calm tomorrow x

  3. Really enjoyed this morning’s doodling and will be getting the Groovi Gud gnomes! Good luck for tomorrow. Off to play with my happy post that arrived this morning – rainbow parchment, paper and folders – today IS a good day!

  4. Had a fabulous time in the SHAC this morning and yes it felt gud
    Love the stamps and the plates as I Loved these little characters when we doodled them xx
    Thank you once again

  5. Loved, loved, loved being back in the SHAC this morning I’ve really missed just sitting and chilling for an hour. So glad we have now got the gud stamps and groovi plates. Have a safe journey tomorrow xx

  6. Whilst browsing for item numbers for my list of purchases I came across the gnomes and promptly added them to my order, stamps and Groovi !!!! I am bad……………….
    I was tempted by the 9×9 stencils but none of my folders are wide enough to store them in so left them for now.
    Safe journey to Peterborough.
    Stay safe.

  7. It was so good to be back in the Shac Shack today, loved it thanks Barb. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. X

  8. Great to be back in the Shac Shack again and yes I really did miss it. The gnomes are lovely and did make a few cards with them last year. Have a safe journey tomorrow and will be watching at 9 am.xx

  9. I love these gnomes and like Jen, have already made Christmas cards with my hand drawn versions. It will be obvious to the recipients that I have drawn them, but just in case, I shall have to change my ‘handmade by’ to ‘hand drawn by’, now that the stamps are available. HaHa. I wish! But I so enjoyed the process. Looking forward to watching the SHAC later and the shows tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X

  10. So lovely to be in the shack again and then to see you had brought out the gnomes in stamps and groov made my day. I never got time to follow the shack last year but really loved the pictures of the gnomes on Facebook now I can’t wait to play with them.

  11. Thank you Barbara for a wonderful morning, it was so good to be back on the bus! Love the new gud products.
    Safe journey tomorrow to Peterborough.
    Take care, keep safe everyone

  12. It was great to be back in the SHAC this morning, hadn’t realised how much I had missed the hour of chat & doodling . I have ordered the stamps & plates so I can crack on with my cards so I am hopefully organised for Christmas in plenty of time. I am waiting for a cataract appointment after having my eyes tested recently so some days are better than others. Others have coped with this so I am sure it will be fine but its just the unknown of what will happen.
    Safe journey up to Oundle & back tomorrow.

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed the Shac Shac this morning! Knew I had been missing it but hadn’t realised just how much. Must get the Gud stamps as well. Thanks Barbara. Stay safe. X

  14. Hi Barbara I love those gnomes and I enjoyed drawing them. I will be so nice to have them as stamps and Groovi plates. I am catching up with the Shac Shack right now. Take care. Hugs xxx

  15. I have just watched the SHAC on catch up and it was fantastic. Thank you so much for fitting it into your busy schedule. It is just the tonic that I need at the moment. Safe trip tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X

  16. It was a big surprise for me to see you back in the drivers seat of the Shac bus!!!
    Was too busy last weeks for making the house ready for sale and it has sold in a week!! So now looking for a house to buy and make it our own.
    Looking forwards to the next time with Paul and you Barbara!
    Take care and stay save, Trijntje Huppel

  17. Was good to be back in the SHAC. Barbara’s back :the rainbow parchment is on its way to me and the Guds have been ordered. Enjoying every minute.

  18. I do like the gnomes, even with your guidance my drawing is not good so think these will have to drop in my basket. x

  19. Thank you so much Barbara, so enjoyed being back in the shac Shack. One session a week suits me perfectly with all that’s going on at the moment. I Need to travel slowly for a while! Keep safe, so glad your Dad is doing well.xx

  20. Bea and I were so sorry we couldn’t be live in the Shac this morning but a medical appointment that couldn’t be changed had to prevail. We really look forward to catching up at the weekend. We’ve missed our Shac get-togethers a lot. I’m sure the gnomes will be a big hit too.

  21. Missed the shac today , went to London , had meal and saw Joseph and the teçhnicolour dreamcoat , brilliant afternoon so nice to feel and do something semi normal

  22. How lovely it was to be back in the Shac with you all and our fabulous bus driver. Love the güd family and had to put them straight in my basket, just the inspiration I need to get going with the Christmas cards. I think I’ll use the gnomes for all mine this year! Thanks for the special introductory offer too, what a bonus! xx

  23. Lovely to be back together in the Shac with you this morning. Stamps ordered even though I told myself that I had enough stamps. Thank you.

  24. Loving the gud gnomes. Received my lovely card and voucher today, thank you. I can feel a gud spend coming on, even though I keep telling myself not to buy any more Christmas goodies!
    Hopefully will catch up with todays Shac soon. xx

  25. I know these are going in my basket in the morning. Love these guys, will just make sure to use the mountain of Christmas goodies I’ve been hoarding. 😊

  26. Sadly missed yesterday’s session but good to see the Shac Shack is back. And great I can still catch up on YouTube today. Have a lovely day and weekend. Xx

  27. Hello Barb, love the gnome sets, just watching snippets of the show this morning, and recording to watch later. Must remember to record 1pm too. Need to watch yesterdays Shac on youtube. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  28. I loved drawing these gnomes. They are so sweet. Ordered them before I went to the Shack! Thanks for bringing them out early! Hx

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