Happy Birthday at The CraftStore !

Happy Birthday at The CraftStore !

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s birthday weekend at the CraftStore (was HOCHANDA), so we thought we’d do something special for them, and make some funky Birthday Stamps! The 9am show certainly Happy Birthday rocked! Glad you liked them!

Lisa designed the Happy Birthday stamps…

Cherry Green illustrated the numbers and funky bugs….

I designed the stencils…

And Dave is in charge of the cut outs! Check this out!

Makes such a difference !

And in case you were wondering – yep! Dave’s cut out the Happy Birthday shapes too! Good man!

Jane Telford

So there we have it. Must get back. More demos at 1pm. Hope you can join me. I love these stamps!

Love and hugs – not bugs!

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday at The CraftStore !

  1. Magic shows as always Barbara! Great tips and demos and such good stamps and stencils! So tempting and of course they’re ordered! Have a safe journey home with Dave and looking forward to next week’s SHAC and the Super Clarity Birthday Weekend!

  2. Love Dave’s machine – and the mess on the floor. Looks like mine when I’ve done a lot of die cutting !!!
    Recorded both shows to watch later so I can skip the parts that show those 8 legged creatures. Have placed an order for the stencils and the Happy Birthday set.
    Safe journey home.

  3. These look fab and really useful, I only caught 10 mins of one show so will catch up in a minute. Glad you had a good day after such an early start – bed you’ll have an early night ! X

  4. Enjoyed the shows. Placed a order for the Happy Birthday and Gud Gnomes, safe journey home. Loved the sound of Dave’s wonderful machine, great to see it working in all its glory. xx

  5. Hello Barb, have not watched the complete shows yet, but the stamps are superb, as are the cutouts. The designs on the stencils are so different and really do make fab backgrounds. Love all the samples, tons of inspiration right there. Hope you had a safe trip home. Happy Birthday Craft Store. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  6. Hi Barbara all the artwork is gorgeous. What a lovely thing to do for the Craft Store’s birthday. I can’t believe where those six years have gone. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Gutted couldn’t watch the shows live ( or record them😡😡) as we still have no tv because of the transmitting mast being burned down! I did manage to watch one last night on iPad but not the same. The numbers and happy birthday stamps(& cuts outs) are fabulous and I have ordered them directly from Clarity. Cherry’s designs were awesome too but I do t like bugs! I do like butterflies and dragonflies though. I loved the demo you did in plum on the round stamp board. Beautiful! Looking forward to the birthday weekend although I’m not sure the bank balance will be very healthy afterwards!!! Love and hugs,Alison xx

  8. Love the video of the press. Fascinating.
    What background stamp / stencil is used in the first Happy Birthday card?

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